07 December 2009

KingCast says even in Korea Citibank is "insincere," has no seoul and will discriminate with impunity.

Citibank seems to think that anything I have done or was accused of in the past is somehow relevant to them discriminating against me today. Well then two can play that game, because in the same time span President Obama sued Citibank for unlawful discrimination (see link), Citibank employees passed racist literature and jokes and workers as far away as Seoul, Korea accused Citibank of lying and of unlawful discrimination and took the extraordinary measure of striking to prove it. It's Citibank's corporate culture, folks.

Citibank Workers Strike Over Discrimination Claims

"We have no choice but to strike since the management has been insincere in the past collective bargaining talks," the union said.

And then there is this little gem:
White vice presidents and lower-level employes of Citibank sent racist jokes throughout the megabank's interoffice E-mail, according to a lawsuit filed by enraged black workers.

The E-mail a series of spoofs on the black speech patterns known as Ebonics started at the bank's Wall Street offices and wound up at offices around New York and as far south as Florida.

See I know Citibank is either tacitly or directly working with the haters to get me on anything they can, and they are fighting tooth and nail to keep a video of them mistreating me out of YouTube. But once that video goes up (either with just my witnesses and me or with Manager Carlo Carmanna with or without blue dot) and people see that Citibank was lying:

a) about my composure in the bank

b) about who the Decision Maker was (Carlo Carmanna, a white man)

Things don't look so good for them, they look better for me, especially because Citibank's first line of response to my lawyer was to threaten us with production of the videos. Now they backpedal, see the Motion to Compel and related memoranda.

So Citibank is hoping and praying that MCAD will not release the video to me, simple. See today's MCAD Supplemental Surreply.

Lastly Citibank’s lies about the Decision Maker being black:

The attached job description for Branch Manager proves that only Carlo Carmanna has the authority to be the Decision Maker, and it reads, in pertinent part:

• Resolve escalated customer complaints/issues promptly and effectively.
(Attachment 2)

I asked my friend who knows her, and the teller’s name is Jan**** and she had nothing to do with the Decision, that’s why she never filed a written statement. This material will be forwarded to New York State Bar Counsel today via FEDEX.


Christopher King said...

These haters think they rule the World, but two can play that little game as they are fast finding out.

Christopher King said...


I spoke with Bar Counsel Grievance Committee and forwarded the materials as noted.


Christopher King said...

US Bank Money Laundering -
Enormous By Any Measure
By James Petras
Professor of Sociology, Binghamton University

For example, in the case of Raul Salinas, PB personnel at Citibank helped Salinas transfer $90 to $100 million out of Mexico in a manner that effectively disguised the funds' sources and destination thus breaking the funds' paper trail.

In routine fashion, Citibank set up a dummy offshore corporation, provided Salinas with a secret code name, provided an alias for a third party intermediary who deposited the money in a Citibank account in Mexico and transferred the money in a concentration account to New York where it was then moved to Switzerland and London.

The PICs are designed by the big banks for the purpose of holding and hiding a person's assets. The nominal officers, trustees and shareholder of these shell corporations are themselves shell corporations controlled by the PB. The PIC then becomes the holder of the various bank and investment accounts and the ownership of the private bank clients is buried in the records of so-called jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands.

Private bankers of the big banks like Citibank keep pre-packaged PICs on the shelf awaiting activation when a private bank client wants one. The system works like Russian Matryoshka dolls, shells within shells within shells, which in the end can be impenetrable to a legal process.

The complicity of the state in big bank money laundering is evident when one reviews the historic record. Big bank money laundering has been investigated, audited, criticized and subject to legislation; the banks have written procedures to comply. Yet banks like Citibank and the other big ten banks ignore the procedures and laws and the government ignores the non-compliance.