14 December 2009

KingCast says Citibank's Vikram Pandit must be happy now to return to the days of reckless bonuses and other banking corporate greed and theft.

Actually, I warned you that the continued TARP bailout would include the cheap Citibank shares for public consumption a couple of days ago. Now it has come to pass although it certainly isn't being widely mentioned.

Caveat emptor.

That's what the SEC, GAO and at least two Attorneys General and Common Sense already told you in case you don't want to hear it from KingCast. I said it today on Air and I will say it every time it occurs to me:

Boycott Citibank for its history of money-laundering, client theft and deception and its scum-sucking thieving rat pig ways, in general.

PS: The banks in this Country help to ruin life for the little people and then the evidence too often disappears from the Internet. Remember my friend Milan Kohut and the nooses he allegedly "criminally peddled" (background) as he was protesting the banking industry's role in the mortgage crises? Now I have to dig into my old emails to find the pictures because none of them even appear in a Google search. I know his story -- he was a heavy in the Czech Velvet Revolution -- was featured in the Boston Phoenix, but try a Google search on that. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Interesting, n'est-ce pas? But I had a copy and I did also locate a picture of him in Court though, he-heh-heh.

The Internet my friends, is a dangerous and slippery place, remember that. And to the haters, the knife cuts both ways.


Christopher King said...

Vikram the victor.... America the loser.

Anonymous said...

the US Government will profit 5.7 Billion dollars when it sells it's shares of Citi-bank not to bad for return on money invested in a bank that is allegedly corrupt as you claim.

Christopher King said...


Just because you make money doesn't mean you're not corrupt you dumb ass.

I'm sure Citibank made lots of money on the money laundering operations in Mexico and Russia as well.

Next time learn your possessive pronouns vs. contractions before you bother wasting more bandwidth.

Save your cries for the AGs in Ohio, California, GOA and SEC -- because THEY are the ones calling Citibank corrupt, fool.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

I mean, really, what a tool.

Slavery was immensely profitable, therefore there was no corruption then.

Gotta' wonder is this idiot's family tree a trifle too linear.


Anonymous said...

good for AGs in Ohio, California, GOA and SEC calling Citi-bank corrupt it still doesn't detract from the fact the US Government supports Citibank, invested in Citibank and made substantial profits from their investment.

Christopher King said...


If the bottom line is all that matters to you perhaps we can go back to the days of slavery then, solid.

See the U.S. Government is fascinating in and of itself, condemning the actions of Citibank on one hand and profiting from them on the other, total hypocrites.

You got anything else?


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Citibank is reading earnestly and downloading Milan's pictures.
ISP Citicorp Global Information Network

15th December 2009
09:16:44 Page View
No referring link

15th December 2009 09:16:59 Download
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_PQbVMfpHJBg/SycBblBuY7I/AAAAAAAABw0/p0_RxbDoqlo/s1600-h/Milan Kohout.jpg

15th December 2009
Page View
No referring link


Christopher King said...


Let me help you out, if you don't care then that's fine with me we can agree to disagree. But I'll bet you're one of those tools who always wants to hold me up to the law and make sure I'm doing right but you don't give a damn about Citibank because you too, are a complete and utter hypocrite.

US Bank Money Laundering -
Enormous By Any Measure
By James Petras
Professor of Sociology, Binghamton University

For example, in the case of Raul Salinas, PB personnel at Citibank helped Salinas transfer $90 to $100 million out of Mexico in a manner that effectively disguised the funds' sources and destination thus breaking the funds' paper trail.

In routine fashion, Citibank set up a dummy offshore corporation, provided Salinas with a secret code name, provided an alias for a third party intermediary who deposited the money in a Citibank account in Mexico and transferred the money in a concentration account to New York where it was then moved to Switzerland and London.

The PICs are designed by the big banks for the purpose of holding and hiding a person's assets. The nominal officers, trustees and shareholder of these shell corporations are themselves shell corporations controlled by the PB. The PIC then becomes the holder of the various bank and investment accounts and the ownership of the private bank clients is buried in the records of so-called jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands.

Private bankers of the big banks like Citibank keep pre-packaged PICs on the shelf awaiting activation when a private bank client wants one. The system works like Russian Matryoshka dolls, shells within shells within shells, which in the end can be impenetrable to a legal process.

The complicity of the state in big bank money laundering is evident when one reviews the historic record. Big bank money laundering has been investigated, audited, criticized and subject to legislation; the banks have written procedures to comply. Yet banks like Citibank and the other big ten banks ignore the procedures and laws and the government ignores the non-compliance.

Christopher King said...

Oh no wonder the person is full of dookie, it's just Bill Christy of the Bill Christy project, live from his IP addy in Philadelphia.

15th December 2009 11:22:52
Exit Link

Bill when are we going to have that Olive Branch with Trent Berry and Quiet Man?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you haven't made reference to this day in history. 1791 The Bill of Rights become official.

Christopher King said...


True that true that.

I do cover historical events though, such as the passage of the Civil Rights Act with my Main Man Hubert Humphrey on the microphone.


Christopher King said...

Also Bill, you are a hypocrite, totally.

You go 'round bragging about who and whom you have communicated stuff about me, yet you get your nose out of joint when I do the same about you.

You say I'm abusive toward women and having a negative attitude abot women, which is complete crap, but you and only you are the one talking about -- and I quote DIRECTLY and fully:

"Wednesday, September 26, 2007 12:10 PM
Hey Chris,
This bitch is going to go down hard, and when she does it's going hurt. She is going to be in for a real rude awakening......

Then you want to support Daily Kos for banning me, yet you ignore Daily Kos when they write, with substantial comment approvals:

"They know exactly what they're doing. (8+ / 0-)

Failure and irresponsible behavior are profitable to them. This behavior on a gigantic scale makes it necessary for the taxpayer to bail them out. The system of reckless behavior and corrupt, senseless investment is working for them."

by Linda Wood on Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 10:37:46 AM PST

And of course you support an AG who brought a busted case on me while ignoring two other AGs who are bringing and/or settled cases in the millions for Citibank THEFT.

Yessir, you said you were gathering documents and other surveillance to bring a case against me, and you have repeatedly threatened as much so I'm just documenting you in return, as I'm sure you have intentions on being a witness to whatever it is you hope to accomplish.


Have a Good Night, and the Olive Branch with Trent -- whom you say was friends with you -- is still OPEN.

-Christopher King, J.D.