05 December 2009

KingCast reminds the dirbag lying scum Topix trolls: Do not misquote me, it makes you look stupid.

Some tool just got caught misrepresenting what I said and the context in which it was delivered. This is what they claim I wrote at Topix:
KingCast wrote:
I don't need to take ownership for my actions, damn you always try to get it twisted or you just cannot understand natural thinking. Also you are one to talk about what is appropriate.

This is what I really wrote and the context in which it was delivered to "Sam Colt" who said on 31 Dec. 2008 he does not regret calling me a "punk-assed bitch" and who said my testicles have not descended and who has a "GOTCHA!" for me with a 180 gr. Bobtail to the face:

It was post #16 I found it cached and you edited out what I really wrote because you are a low-lying scum:
Sam Colt wrote:
quoted text
That is your problemyou can not take owner ship for any of your actions. I'm done talking about this subject and this is not the forum to discuss your inadequacies.

"I don't need to take ownership for my actions, the bank needs to take ownership for its actions, damn you always try to get it twisted or you just cannot understand natural thinking.

Also you are one to talk about what is appropriate, Mr. Ball-Sack poopy-talker that you are. I deem the matter fully appropriate because without our Fine Men and Women in the Armed Forces I would not have the liberties that I have today to be entitled to Equal Protection under the Laws, including but not limited to the Right to Contract, 42 U.S.C.@1981.


Also, good to know that you're done, you were done before you started you just didn't know it."


-The KingCaster

So remember guys if you are going to the authorities on me about Internet speech and I catch you in a fabrication (I already have, I got Bill Christy on one as noted in the DMCA Affidavit linked here) it's not going to look too good for you, just the facts.


Christopher King said...

My Goffstown friend just read this post:

5th December 2009 12:56:07
Exit Link https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=13439084&postID=6310127837808033795

Anonymous said...

Who is misquoting who now? Once again you have to distort and exaggerate to make you look better to your enthralled masses. You might want to change you entry by stating; after you threatened Sam Colt's wife with sexual assault he commented he had your GOTCHA with a 180 gr. bobtail. He never stated anything about to the face or any part of your anatomy. Get it right you sexual predator.

Christopher King said...

I mean, what is it with these guys that they feel they have to hide from what was really said?

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


Didn't see your comment in the queue.

First of all it's

"Who is misquoting whom."

Second, I assumed it to be to the face, my bad so I'm soooo very sorry about those three (3) extra words "to the face." Maybe it was meant to be "to my black ass" that you freaks so desire to be gang-raped in prison, I dunno.

Third, I didn't intentionally delete anything as you and Billy Boy like to do.

Later Haters.


Christopher King said...


Oh wait a minute:

I don't seem to recall any finding of fact or law that I'm a sexual predator, I do remember Billy Boy and Ditmar implying that they know I don't have any penis and all I do is tug my little buddy:

"Your tarbaby would have to have a penis for anyone to envy him, and the April video shows he lacks any balls at all in his diaper, just ask his bi-sexual girlfriend."


Whatever guys, again as Rolls-Royce would say, the power and delivery is "substantially adequate" -- but delivered only to the ladies who like to ride in a mutually-consenting manner thank you.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Chris King said...."I got Bill Christy on one as noted in the DMCA Affidavit linked here it's not going to look too good for you, just the facts."

Talk about misquoting...you never received anything from scribd. that states Billy Boy provided erroneous information. all your claim amounts to is your unsubstantiated allegation.
You didn't get Billy Boy on anything jackass the scribd. case was closed on November 23, after you submitted your counter affidavit to scribd. Scribd's decision still stands. What makes Christopher King look stupid is Christopher King, no one needs to help you. To obsess over someone for over 22 months like you have isn't the behavior of a normal person.

Anonymous said...

Citibank didn't have an EFFing thing to do with anything that SC wrote, neither does a comment made from Dec 08 you don't accept responsibility for any of your actions. Attorney Pope license back King still suspended mired in lack of personal responsibility.
your post #14 that was removed by Topix
KingCast wrote:
I wasn't the one crying. You were crying 'cos you felt that your actions in talking about my ball sack were somehow appropriate in a thread dedicated to honoring Norman Bruce McKay, and that my playful response was a widdle too close to home for you.
I'm not crying about anything, hell I'm All Good, dude, just finished the Citibank Rebuttal in fact:
In which I recall that they called me a "MF" and said "EFF-You" to me on video as well, how about that.
Soon I'm headed out for a ride and a date with the girly-girl, peace.
-The KingCaster

Sam Colt wrote:
That is your problem you can not take owner ship for any of your actions. I'm done talking about this subject and this is not the forum to discuss your inadequacies.

Christopher King said...


First off, who wants to be "normal?"

Why settle for that when you can really make a difference in the World, exposing haters on YouTube videos like this one that still stands.

Second, I have the emails from Scribd that prove they closed the case BEFORE I submitted my counter affidavit.

Third, Bill Christy did indeed falsify information on the Internet that I noted in my counter affidavit, thanks for reminding me to post exactly where he lied:

Bill's version (he calls this extortion):

And Bill,

Let me explain that the more you wrestle with me the more this will come out on the Internet, fool.

Or you can go back to Scribd and tell them you're sorry and to put my posts back up and I'll withdraw my Chilling Effects Petition, not go to the ACLU today and not report you to your Bar Association.

Suit yourself, N*****.

-The KingCaster
5:14 AM

The real version:

Suit yourself, Nigger.

(That's what you called me and other blacks you don't like, so hey like brothers, that's what I will call you).

-The KingCaster
5:14 AM

Christopher King said...


Focus. I never said Citibank had anything to do with the fact that I have AGAIN caught you tools fabricating statements that I allegedly made.

I went back and took out the offending three words that I had in my post "to the face" so that you can't even accuse me of practicing the sort of white-out deception you practice with regularity.

See how easy that was?

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

PS: YouTube video still going strong, with Billy Christy of the Bill Christy Project losing it (as he says I do) and calling me a "Motherfucker"

Still permitted to criticize Bill Christy as Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project, seeing as he publicly registered at Topix under that name when he set out to bash me at King Bash one and two, indeed.

Billy won so far on Scribd.

I've won so far on YouTube.

I've won so far on Blogger.

Not bad for a suspended attorney who allegedly doesn't know what he's doing.

Details at 11.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Hey jackass..... Billy Boy never registered using billchristyprojectSM/TM©2006 at Topix when he registered as Lower Slower Delaware, he used a private email address. When he set out to bash you? You were the one posting all your lies about him, thats why he finally addessed you using his name, instead of Lower Slower Delaware. btw he never registered at all when he used his name Bill Christy, just like you never registered as KingCast either. When you get proof positive of how Billy Boy registered call him a liar and run your fat trap until then you are just a pathological liar. You have not shown one post that has his Lower Slower Delaware, Bill Christy or Cpl. Bruce McLays friend user names chached or otherwise with the tagline billchristyproject SM/TM © 2006 included in the post with an actual URL link. I can post plenty of URL links which will prove there was no reference to billchristyproject SM/TM©2006 anywhere in Lower Slower Delawares profile or in his any of his posts, under the Bill Christy name either. http://www.topix.com/forum/city/franconia-nh/TSH6924SVCL9INOAJ
so now I challenge you post an acutal Topix URL link that clearly shows the term billchristyproject©2006 as part of the post made by Billy Boy.

Christopher King said...


Well first of all don't forget that Billy Boy posted Avatar of himself with BB King, an association related directly to what?

The Bill Christy Project.




And there's no actual link, stupid, and whether or not he's gone back in and changed his registration he obviously registered that way because when I copied his post it's in the code so when I cut and pasted DIRECTLY FROM TOPIX this is what appeared, it was in the coding/software and note that it is from APRIL 2008 -- 7 months AFTER he joined Topix and had plenty of time to review all kinds of information about the case from every source known to man:


Lower Slower Delaware
“ bill christy project © 2006”

Joined: Sep 21, 2007

Comments: 1744


Reply »
|Report Abuse |Judge it! |#306 Apr 21, 2008

There were formal complaints filed and both Chris and I have addressed that with you ad naseum. There were formal complaints from private citizens as well as other safety officials Chief of Police from neighboring town, fire officials, emergency responders and NH state Police.

NONE of the complaints were ever acted upon by anyone on the Franconia Police Department or the Franconia Board of Selectman. WMUR had to threaten suit to get the complaints released.
Nobody is taking crap about a dead officer!

What we are talking about are well documented events of police abuse of power, and use of excessive force.

We are talking about a coverup by local officials who knew about a cop who was out of control and were aware of the complaints and did NOTHING!

One has to wonder what could McKay possibly have on town officials that no one had the intestinal fortitude to put a stop to McKay's reign of terror.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

first off jackass you register to topix with an email address, not a website name. nothing has ever been changed in Billy Boys his registration since he joined on Sep 21, 2007 you really don't have a clue what you are writing about and you are coming across well beyond stupid. so you don't accuse of being misquoted

"Well first of all don't forget that Billy Boy posted Avatar of himself with BB King, an association related directly to what?

The Bill Christy Project.



Ahem...now let me splain somthin to you willis..... Tool. The picture of Bill Christy and Mr. BB King is not related directly or indirectly in association with the band called Bill Christy Project SM/TM ©2006 jackass, nor has Billy Boy ever implied it was. The band called Bill Christy Project SM/TM ©2006 never came into existence until 2 years after the picture was taken. It was taken in 2004 when Billy Boy was an invited guest guitarist with the opening act. At the time Billy Boy was still playing with his old band which was not called Bill Christy Project SM/TM ©2006. The new band did not come into existence until Billy Boy moved to Delaware.
The picture of Bill Christy and BB King is covered under the copyright protection of his current web site, and nothing was ever implied or stated otherwise.
There certainly are URL links and I'll flood your blog with Lower Slower Delaware's posts none ever had any reference “ bill christy project © 2006”, in his posts, you gleeped it and just pasted it in. Later hater n quit yer bitchin n lyin.

Christopher King said...


I'll do 'splainin' Willis:

The cut and paste yielded the result as noted, I did not add a damn thing.

Or subtract a damn thing, as Bill and others like to do.

Let's see how the Copyright issue ends up. Bill (or you) have your claims and I have mine. Obviously YouTube and Google/Blogger are in no hurry to remove the postings.

I had a great night, hope you did as well.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Hey Goffstown hater, you need to quit reading this post:

6th December 2009 09:44:38

Exit Link


....and move on to the new one detailing Kelly Ayotte and Gregory Floyd's legacy of lies.

Anonymous said...

nah dude your full of dookie, because the " Â " before the copyright symbol is never there. Move on heed your own advice instead of dragging Billy Boy into every subject you write about and google bombin again.

Anonymous said...

willis it tain't a copyright ish it's a servicemark trademark ish try learnin the diff homs befo runnin yer mouth.

Christopher King said...

7:27 and 7:30

Dude I don't even know how to make those characters myself, they were in the code, bro.






As to the Service Mark that's a distinction without difference, sorry.

That's why Google/Blogger/YouTube haven't granted Bill Christy's requested relief.


The Topix trolls started that with KingBash one and two, I'm just continuing in the same spirited tradition.

Have yourself a fine, fine day.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

google bomb waz da term you used wid ms martha n ms Kelly ...when it happens to ck ....you runz an be cryin foul... jus keepz da playin fieldz lev ma man if yu can't take da heat stay away from da fire... da letter was never in da code ma man, and what you claim was in da man's topix registration never was

Anonymous said...

you should feel impressed google search images or bill christy project the first page has 18 photos total. 10 are Bill Christy Project of those 10 total 6 are linked to your blog, presenting Bill in a negative way.

4 are linked to Bill Christy Project directly or one of his endorsers.

There's your extortion google bomb results at work.

Maybe when he shuts his website down you will finally be happy....and send him some more insincere well wishes. You'll still be a liar, a mentally disturbed indvidual, completely untrustworthy and a suspended attorney, tyin to run the same hater scams.

Christopher King said...


Nobody's crying foul except Bill Christy, his cries thus far have fallen on deaf ears.

And it sure as hell WAS in the code, I would never have thought to make up something like that you tool.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Your false dialect be needin' some hep.

Christopher King said...

Martha McLeod, oh, her.

She's just as dishonest and threatening as Kelly Ayotte.

Good thing she didn't make Senate.

-Just the Facts.

Christopher King said...


Extortion, excuse me but I don't recall any convictions for that, or any pending claims of that.

Bill Christy said what he said, so now if you think his own words are putting him in a negative light, shit he should have thought about that before he said what he said.

How many posts has he put up placing me in a negative light, saying I may have been a victim of child abuse, a sociopath, no penis in my diaper, etc. etc.

He's a grown man, big enough to own up to what he wrote and STAND BY IT.

Hell I should charge him for helping to put his Word out.

But I won't, because I'm a Good Nig like that, a real chill brotha'

-I'm Peacin' Out Dawg.

Christopher King said...

What Trent said about Bill Christy:

19 Nov:

Good luck with this guy and hope you get reinstated with the scrib crew!

Peace, Trent