15 December 2009

KingCast presents hot off the MCAD presses: Denied on Motion to Compel, Denied on Motion to Strike, move on to MCAD's Discovery process.

I just received notice today that Citibank will not have to produce the video that they initially threatened my lawyer with, and MCAD will not strike whatever materials that Citibank filed regarding me regarding failed attempts at prosecution by NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her pals.

Whether or not MCAD will consider the successful and continued attempts at prosecution by California or Ohio AGs against Citibank, or other evidence of deceit on their part as assisting money laundering noted by the GAO remains to be seen, as Citibank did not move to strike it and there was no written rationale, just an initialed rubber stamp.

I will file a Motion to Reconsider tomorrow morning, with the caveat to Sam Shaulson being that when I worked for Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) they would often deny a claimaint's Motion to Compel, but subsequently seek it in their own discovery process, which has not yet begun. So don't go destroying that video, Counselor ;)

PS: There was no sex involved in this case, but plenty of lies -- all by Citibank -- and videotape. Frankly, I don't think MCAD wants to get involved in the posting of any video so they are going to control that process exclusively for the time being.


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