13 December 2009

KingCast Golden Oldie: The business cards that allegedly implied I was a practicing attorney.

Yah, shoor.... All the cards mention is "Your right to speak, your right to be heard... a new Civil Rights paradigm."

The feature-length movie is still in the making, Money-laundering thieves and hucksters Citibank (according to the GAO, California AG Brown and Ohio AG Dann) will most definitely be featured :)

PS: CIA operatives at Daily Kos definitely ran me off the Internet but read "9/11 and the Negative Space," heralded as "very thought provoking."

PPS: But ha-ha-ha, there's someone at Daily Kos saying the same exact thing that I just said about scum sucking rats at Citibank and their TARP loans:
They know exactly what they're doing. (8+ / 0-)
Failure and irresponsible behavior are profitable to them. This behavior on a gigantic scale makes it necessary for the taxpayer to bail them out. The system of reckless behavior and corrupt, senseless investment is working for them.

by Linda Wood on Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 10:37:46 AM PST


Christopher King said...

And why was I run off of Daily Kos in the first place?

Because I was exposing the NAACP as lying Under Oath and failing to live up to its Mission Statement, which was subsequently changed and substantially watered down.

They said I should take a plea bargain in the ridiculous retaliatory indictment I got when I was NAACP Legal Chair of Southern NH.

The Kosmonaughts were proved wrong when the State ran away from my case like a puppy that peed itself.

And the Police Chief was fired and the Prosecutor ran away under an Ethics Investigation.

KingCast: We go the distance.

Christopher King said...

Bill downloaded the business cards

14th December 2009 08:38:29

....just as he downloaded the picture of my lunch with the girly-girl.

6th December 2009 18:54:48