04 December 2009

KingCast explains what the U.S. Department of Justice is reading about his TOUCH 106.1 FM Blog on shady, lying prosecutors.

On 2 December 2009 someone at the U.S. Justice Department was seeking information on U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf from the Massachusetts District. When the U.S. DOJ did that, they took a 6-minute read of this Harrington High Court case and related cases in Boston involving prosecutors who manufactured or hid vital exculpatory evidence, Suzanne Sullivan and Daniel Ford.

Elizabeth Scheibel is under Order to provide YEARS of empirical racial information because her office has been railroading black men with impunity when they defend themselves against white attackers.

Anyway, something has to happen to these prosecutors because Judge Wolf (who has not yet punished Suzanne Sullivan) wrote Attorney Holder on this:
[Judge] Wolf wrote last month to Eric H. Holder Jr., the US attorney general, asking him to crack down on prosecutors who fail to disclose information that could clear defendants, and repeated his past assessment that the Boston office has a "dismal history of intentional and inadvertent violations." Similar entreaties he made to Holder's predecessors in recent years achieved little, Wolf wrote.
Here's what happened the last time I went to the DOJ and DOL:

$290,000.00 fine (errrr.... "Settlement") with American Tower that benefitted employees of all races, ethnicity, color, sex, age, religion..... and that's important because once prosecutors are compelled to start towing the line and to stop lying, that will all inure to the benefit of the Cause of Justice. For everyone. You see, while we at TOUCH 106.1 FM are a black-owned and black priority station we care about issues that affect the entire community and the World in which we live.

Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project wrote me once to tell me I did not have a clue to the pulse of any community be it white Plum Island or black Boston. But then again he's just one of those white guys who thinks they can put me in the same camp with Reverend Al Sharpton on all issues and label us both "niggers and Motherfuckers." At least that what he says in this YouTube video.


Anonymous said...

from topix
KingCast wrote:
I don't need to take ownership for my actions, damn you always try to get it twisted or you just cannot understand natural thinking.
Also you are one to talk about what is appropriate.

Who are you to pass judgement on anyone when you make statements like you made above? Bill never referred to Al Sharpton as a MF'r just you. It's the same term you have repeatedly directed and Bill and many others almost daily.

Christopher King said...


You're right.

Sharpton he only called a nigger.

My bad on that one, sorry.

As to the vitriol that came my way, initiated by Topix Haters, that is well documented.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Plus you lying scumbag it was not directed at a woman, unless Sam Colt is a woman:

It was post #16 I found it cached and you edited out what I really wrote because you are a low-lying scum:

Sam Colt wrote:
quoted text
That is your problemyou can not take owner ship for any of your actions. I'm done talking about this subject and this is not the forum to discuss your inadequacies.

I don't need to take ownership for my actions, the bank needs to take ownership for its actions, damn you always try to get it twisted or you just cannot understand natural thinking.

Also you are one to talk about what is appropriate, Mr. Ball-Sack poopy-talker that you are. I deem the matter fully appropriate because without our Fine Men and Women in the Armed Forces I would not have the liberties that I have today to be entitled to Equal Protection under the Laws, including but not limited to the Right to Contract, 42 U.S.C.@1981.


Also, good to know that you're done, you were done before you started you just didn't know it.


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

In fact I've put up a new post about this lie.

-The KingCaster.