17 December 2009

KingCast applauds as Quincy Chief Paul Keenan swears he will check for cocaine use in road rage shooting.

Listen to me express the concerns of Massachusetts and World residents when I called today (twice) to speak to Chief Paul Keenan, who appears quite professional in his demeanor, but who has yet to do or say anything about the cocaine issue. Failure to test any of the principals or the witness would be a travesty of justice because it would be an incomplete investigation. If the principals Ronald O'Connell or Joseph Fasano (who has a history of domestic violence and substance abuse) are high on cocaine that goes to motive and a whole lot of other things. If the witness was high on cocaine it goes to her ability to perceive, recollect, bias, etc. etc. Related post: "Disorder in the Court" at KingCast and at TOUCH 106.1 FM Blog.

UPDATE: Joseph Fasano was probably coked up:
"Authorities have said Fasano had cocaine on his face when rescue workers arrived and traces of the drug were also found in the Jeep he was driving. Bynarowicz, 34, of Quincy, who owns the Jeep, told police the cocaine was hers."

As a former Assistant Attorney General and someone who has successfully sued and represented Law Enforcement Officers and rank and file, I am glad that the Chief will conduct a full, thorough and impartial investigation. Chief Keenan swore to uphold the Law and the Constitution, and we at TOUCH 106.1 FM are here to support him in that endeavor any way we can. Same goes for KingCast.net.

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