05 December 2009

KingCast and Caught.net remind Ditmar Kopf that attorney sex with a client is per se unethical -- especially if the attorney is married.

One can draw public censure for that in RI even without specific Code of Ethics on it.
'Rule 1.8 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct says, in part, “A lawyer shall not have sexual relations with a client unless a consensual sexual relationship existed between them when the client-lawyer relationship commenced.”

You see Ditmar, Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project and their posse are making a run at me. Thing is, it appears that one of the attorneys in a situation that Ditmar claims to be friends with -- and whom I have purportedly aggrieved -- has some relevant dirt (read: splooge or other DNA) in the background too, you bet so don't come my way with the holier-than-thou stuff guys.

But of course you can keep on calling me dirty names and I can keep on making YouTube videos about it.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly who is this Bill Christy and why did he move to Delaware? Is he known for harassing people?