15 December 2009

Hey KingCast I'm confused: What are the best two songs on Big Brother & the Holding Company's "Cheap Thrills?"

Well that's easy. The intro takes you right there in a certain way, it's so damn jaunty with its strident riffs and over-the-top orchestration, it's a Total Grin, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!..... And then Ball and Chain takes you somewhere else, but they both punctuate the thing so well it's uncanny. And of course Mr. Big Booty himself, Mr. Crumb penning one of the best album covers known to man. Janis, Janis, Janis......

That reminds me I haven't seen Koko Taylor in a while, must check up on her, see if she's still touring. Update: She left us this summer I didn't even hear about it. I'm sure Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project is a great guitarist as well, it sure would be cool if he got together with Trent Berry (another great guitarist), Quiet Man and me for a coupla' cold ones or a nice Martini...... with Olives, Bill, OLIVES get it? Here's my buddy Haris from Sabur Restaurant with a nice dirty one for me, he's the Man. Quite the chess player, I wouldn't want to mess with him. Been there done that he-heh. I think he's a Master but he won't say so. Whatever, I haven't see him lose to often over the past 8 years.


Anonymous said...

KoKo Taylor died June 3, 2009.

Christopher King said...

Yah I saw that last night after I posted. Looks like folks like Shemekia Copeland will have to carry the Torch.

I have seen Ms. Copeland here in Boston at the OLD House of Blues and she was wonderful!