06 December 2009

KingCast says hey Bill Christy, you keep on documenting stuff and so will I.

Here's Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project and Topix' Quiet Man conjecturing that Liko Kenney and I were victims of child abuse, that I hate women and all matter of false, hateful diatribe, etc. etc. Take a look.

Now he's getting his nose out of joint because I posted him calling me a "Motherfucker" and reference him calling me a "nigger."

How lame. Stand by what you say Bill, stand proud. Hell I'm doing you a favor my not charging you for the extra publicity and exposure you're getting to air your viewpoint. It's kind of like "unjust enrichment" but because I'm chill I'll let it slide gratis, 'bro but if the hits keep on rising I'll have to start charging you -- no more freeloaders okay? I know how much you and Nazi sympathizer "Ghost of Wilhelm Canaris" Ditmar Kopf hate freeloaders.


Christopher King said...

An interesting comment from another post, Bill go ahead and print this one out while you're busy reviewing your file on me.


Dear Chris: Thank you for your most excellent and continuing hard work on behalf of the entire community. It is making a huge difference and is an example of courage and consistency in the face of so many adversarial slams and targetted nonsense as in the anemic and mocking posts above.

In addition to the ground breaking civil rights work in the best tradition of American jurisprudence,
you are actually quite a teacher and excellent example to communities everywhere in the level headed and creative way you stay on point with these important efforts, and very many are so grateful for your leadership.

I should also thank the detractors and trolls, as it is getting so easy to identify and track them, even when they cling to the anonymity as they try to malign you by using the freedom of expression you provide for every and anyone here.

m.a. for example, came into this blog with an affected 'semi-concern' for the facts, and rapidly showed his or her true colors with consistent mockery rather than substantive responses or comments. Similarly, the various 'anonymous' posters always have a mocking taunting tonality to their contributions, showing a deep fear for your continuing level-headedness in your fight for the truth.

They don't realize how silly their obvious attempts at distraction and disruption are.

In spite of a flurry of mocking silliness they/he can sometimes achieve, they define them as enemies of truth, and their taunting tactics are so easily recognizable that I am compiling them for my political science students in a comparative analysis context.

So I must thank them as teachers also, as their attempts at confusions really serve to bring clarity to their position as ineffectual tacticians.

I was talking with my friends last night about the commonality in their short taunting disingenuous displays of fear and mockery, and we started to chart this out for curriculum inclusion this Fall.

It will helpl my students to see that attacks, not even thinly disguised as serious refutation of the facts and mounds of discovery in evidence here, can easily be distinguished from serious or relevant criticism.

Keep up the good (and groundbreaking work) all of you here, and thank you.

Chris, you are making a tremendous difference and giving considerable comfort to the untold thousands of citizens you continue to empower and inspire.

Your law school instructors must have had quite a delightful time with you in class, and should be duly proud of the way you become the teacher at large for so many under constant political pressures and mockery that would have made most mere mortals fold long ago.

Your analogies are delightful and creative and it is instructive and amusing to watch you bat away the flies every day with iconoclastic irreverence and great cohesion of thought and analysis.

Very many citizens would rather not join in the political squabbling here, but do silently observe the action and filings, and you stand out as an important and fearless. How you do this with such good humor is inspiring. You teach as well as achieve, and deserve many thanks for your continuing, and impressive, body of work.

By Anonymous, at 7:41 AM

Christopher King said...

Remember Bill,

I gave you an Olive Branch to have Trent and Quiet Man you and me get together over a beer and some music.

The choice is yours my brother.


Christopher King said...

I see Bill was over here at the Citibank page viewing this entry.

Note as you read the entry that Citibank is still fighting production of the video even though I agreed to a Stipulated Dismissal if I post a portion of the video in contravention of MCAD Order.

Any parts of the video with me or my witnesses in it alone of course is fair game for YouTube, and I believe that I would be entitled to show the decision maker Carlo Carmanna at least with a blue dot.

We will see.

I know Citibank is working hard, either tacitly or directly with the haters to get me on something -- anything -- but once that video goes up and people see that Citibank was lying

a) about my behavior in the bank

b) about who the Decision Maker was

Things don't look so good for them, they look better for me.

So Citibank is hoping and praying that MCAD will not release the video to me.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Not to mention if Bill plans on being a witness I don't think a Jury is going to find him too compelling now that I've documented him calling me a nigger and a motherfucker -- the same EXACT kind of potty mouth activity that he accuses me of.

Similar issues with all the rest of the Topix trolls.

Pot calls kettle black.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Bill's checking in, same ol' Verizon Philadelphia IP addy.

7th December 2009 08:56:05

Exit Link


I offered the guy an Olive Branch but I guess he wants no part of that.