22 December 2009

Forecast is snowy in Boston: KingCast and TOUCH 106.1 FM see cocaine rear its ugly head in Greater Boston men of accountability. Again.

I didn't realize -- nor was it widely publicized -- that John Forbes' dance with the DEA also involves cocaine. You see, not only was Mayor Menino's baby-faced East Boston liason dealing with Oxycontin and Marijuana, he was dealing with some scarfaces (Boston Herald) as well:
Last Wednesday, just prior to his arrest, Forbes, fearful he was under surveillance, arranged for the DEA informant to buy 10 ounces of cocaine from (his co-Defendant) Taylor.

Moreover, Anthony Cristallo is a convicted murderer and drug dealer (Universal Hub) whose family has a lot of money. He is another of Forbes' alleged accomplices whose Benzo was spotted in Forbes' back yard recently. He is a fugitive at present, something about some problems in Vegas.

In April 2009
(Team 5 Investigates) Mayor Menino dealt with the fact that the jake who was driving the ladder truck with negligently-repaired brakes in Mission Hill when Kevin Kelly was killed (TOUCH FM Disorder in the Court) had in fact been court martialed for blowing rails while he was on an a drug interdiction tour for the Massachusetts Air National Guard in Curacao in 2008 and didn't tell anybody. Raw video.
According to military court documents obtained by Team 5 Investigates, Robert B. O’Neill “purchased cocaine from a local civilian and snorted the cocaine in his hotel room” on March 21, 2008.

And in December, 2009 the authorities informed us that cocaine was involved in the Quincy "road rage" shooting involving Robert O'Connell, Joseph Fasano and Jennifer Bynarowicz that needs to be investigated in this 5-step manner (TOUCH FM Policework for Dummies) or as the case may be, in Five Easy Pieces, folks riding the fast lane on the road to nowhere.

Sing with me: Oh, the weather inside is frightful.... but the highs, are so delightful.... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

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Christopher King said...

No, I do not believe that cocaine played any role in the ladder crash nor do I believe it played any role in the deaths of firefighters Payne and Cahill as I said many months ago.

It's just sad that people we trust with our safety are doing the Devil's Drug of Choice and not getting the help that they need.

Mandatory and truly random testing could help weed out those who really want the help from those who are going to continue to place themselves and others in peril.

That's what I'm saying.