31 December 2009

Did KingCast and Monty Python prematurely accept the niggardly Sam Shaulson Holy Grail gift?

Funny how I wrote two days ago that purportedly-damaging video was on its way, but MCAD tells me this morning that it has not arrived, but that they are checking the mail and will give a holler when it arrives.

Here's the rub: Every other time these lying bigot hater-bags sent something when they thought they had me in a corner they sent it FEDEX, I wish I had saved the envelopes for a KingCast picture. I'll keep calling MCAD to see when the Moment of Truth has arrived.

Warning: There better not be any editing going on, I might bring my film maker along with me to look for any splicing. Plus, with multiple cameras there had better be the exchange between Carlo Caramanna and me, you betcha'.

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