17 November 2009

LE Bill Christy and Scribd.com removed my accounts without reviewing any of the facts, very interesting.

We all know Bill Christy, he's the guy who wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" to which I actively contributed, as one can see in this post. He's also the one who publicly said "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well," as noted in this post. He also argued that Floyd was in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), now he says he isn't. And we know that he calls blacks he doesn't like "Niggers" and incessantly follows me around, and has been posting most of my SSN number that he found on an obscure document that I accidentally posted 3 years ago because he can't stand the fact that I exposed his Janus-faced nature. Here is is public FaceBook account with his picture.

Well yesterday I get wind of the fact that he lied and told Scribd.com that he was the sole author of the material and that I was in DCMA copyright violation. Scribd.com thus removed "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and my entire account, on a first strike. Not knowing what the heck happened, I posted it back up in another of my Scribd.com accounts, then once Scribd.com told me what happened I apologized and sent them the proof that I had editorial and content input and they initially told me I should write a counter-affidavit, which I said I would do.

As all of my public documents, with thousands and thousands of reads on them were on Scribd.com, I wrote them back when they initially told me I could write a counter-affidavit. They were quite rude and Mr. Bently lied, telling me there was a "zero tolerance" policy on Copyright, but that's not true, read their own website here and here:
"DMCA copyright infringement takedown notification policy

Submitted Feb 13 by Jason Bentley

It is our policy to respond to clear, legally valid notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the criteria established by Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") of 1998. In addition, we terminate without notice the accounts of users that we determine are repeat infringers based on a "three-strikes" policy."

"As an Internet service provider, Scribd must comply with the terms of the DMCA that require us to terminate the accounts of users determined to be "repeat infringers.""

Swift action for policy offenders: On every document upload page, there is a prominent warning message and mandatory check box displayed to help ensure that people understand and comply with Scribd’s Terms of Service. Repeat copyright infringers are banned from Scribd."

But this is at most two strikes, and the second violation (on the same case) came before I received notification from Scribd that I was allegedly in violation, but nonetheless they have removed my ability to file a counter-affidavit. So now I have to sue these guys -- who will not tell me the name of their corporate counsel -- naturally. I'll be down at the ACLU tomorrow, the same ACLU who wrote the Mass SJC briefs for Derrick Gillenwater after I sent him over there as Boston Bob.

Moral of the story: Always keep your emails, never trust Bill Christy -- he's a slippery, slimy sort of LE, kind of like what the folks at MASSCOPS called Marty Dunn: A slime bag.


Christopher King said...

The Internet is an odd place, and some of the people you would most expect to honor policies promoting the vigorous public discourse that the Internet purportedly provides will not honor those policies and need to be sued.

I told them I have friends with scribd accounts so at least some of the recent material I have written will be back up whether they like it or not.

If they take it down there will be more litigation, which I tried to avoid.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Once again you lie and manipulate the facts. After the document was removed you reposted it and blatantly posted you would do as you wanted whether scribd liked it or not.
The same as this comment that you made at 2:31AM
Christopher King said:
"I told them I have friends with scribd accounts so at least some of the recent material I have written will be back up whether they like it or not."

Editing (that is what you claim you did) does not make you a co author or co anything of a document. I repeatedly told you that you were not to use my document and you refused to comply with my request.

I've also filed a formal DMCA complaint (for copyright infringement of my photographs and same document)as well a complaint against you with Google for your eblog site which violates their hate and violence clause based on all your material that promotes hatred toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.

All of which is not allowed on Blogger under their Terms of Service.

You don't try to avoid litigation you live for it and you thrive on it, you have challenged me repeatedly over the last 1 1/2 years to sue you.
You bring litigation against anyone who doesn't agree with you or tries to hold you accountable for your actions, you have a well documented 13 year history of doing so.

Christopher King said...

Hey Jackass I didn't say I would post THAT document, just my others.

Get it straight.

The rest of your comment isn't even worth responding to.

See you in Court Bubba.

-The KingCaster

PS: I don't thrive on litigation but sometimes you just gotta' do it. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't get so emotional about it, dawg.

My nig.

Anonymous said...

You most ertainly did specifically state you would repost the Try Gregory Floyd for Murder when you reposted it as Try Gregory Floyd for Murder II. Your commentary before it stated it had been removed and you didn't care what scribd said or decided.

Christopher King said...

BTW Bill don't actually believe that you're friends with my law school friend and guitarist Trent Berry, who played with Robert Lockwood every Friday evening at Fatfish Blue.

Here is his email to me an hour ago:


my favorite line: "If you want to play like this then I guess we have to play like this"-

who and what is this Bill Christy guy? I accepted his request on Facebook because I thought it was someone you knew...didn't realize it was like this LOL...as always, play to WIN sir!


Christopher King said...

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Christopher King kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com wrote:

All right then Mr. Bentley,

I take this to mean that you think it's appropriate to disrespect my simple request for the name of your counsel.

You've made yourself several mistakes, so your lawyer is going to have to focus on these three sentences:

I repeat: Years of multiple accounts with no infractions.

Lastly, I most certainly DID NOT thumb my nose at you -- at the time I reposted the work that I had in part manufactured, you had not yet notified me that you had taken the action of removing my ENTIRE ACCOUNT over ONE Copyright infringement:

I wrote you first, thinking that there had been someone hijacked my posts, and that can readily be proved in court. If you had your act together "because you take these things seriously" so you should have notified me instead of having me read that "user" removed the files.

I'll see you in Court. I'll also be notifying Congressman Capuano and his staff about this matter. In point of fact they are cc'd on this email and I will be discussing this case at TOUCH 106.1 FM and wherever else I deem appropriate.

And if Bill Christy lied in his Affidavit and said I had no active input into the document, he had better be prepared to defend a Perjury charges. If that's something you want to be involved in, suit yourself.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

Darrell Jones said...

And Bill when it comes to significant others and negative commentary about sex don't you dare try to play the high road.

I save your comments just as you save mine.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


I have the exact quote preserved in my emails and I note that you have failed to post it because you're a liar and misrepresenting what I wrote.

You just better hope you didn't lie in your Affidavit My Friend.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Hey Bill you still FB friends with Trent Berry?

I doubt it.

KingCast: Just keepin' it Real.

Christopher King said...

Cpl McKays friend (Billy Boy)

I've been beat with a baseball bat, stabbed 5 different times,shot at and hit. I've died twice and been brought back to life.

Whatever Floyd did prior to and after May 11, 2007 doesn't mean squat it's how he reacted in that split second that he had to make life and death choices.

Given the choice of Gregory Floyd standing by my side or some of the other cowards in this forum who have passed judgement on his actions I'll take Gregory Floyd any day of the week.


Whatever Floyd did in the past doesn't mean squat but what I did does.



N***** (Cos' that's what you called me, even though I caught you removing that part when you posted earlier you disingenuous jackass punk liarhead).

All caught right here and proving your penchant for outright dishonesty and fabrication, reflects poorly on what little credibility you never had.

See you in court.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

22 November 2009
KingCast presents: DMCA counter-Affidavit -- Bill Christy said Bruce McKay “Had the look of a smug school yard bully ready to beat someone senseless.”

Read it and weep, Billy Boy. You got some 'splainin' to do. Meanwhile, I'm cold cold chillin' on the 650R. You really should have taken me up on a ride with your Harley, my friends ride Harleys and we could have hashed this out. Oh, well, we will leave it to the Courts and relevant disciplinary forums to sort it out but anybody who reads this will question your apparently schizoid behaviors, and no you can't blame it all on the nigger" (that would be me, you remember you called me a nigger and stuff even though you like to edit that out -- but I explain all of that in the Affidavit My Friend).

PS: You're a real garden variety tool.


Christopher King said...

To contact Billy Cwissy so he can jam out on his guitar find him at:


Peace, Bill sorry about the confusion that led you to call me a Motherfucker on the phone just now, I was really only trying to help you out, dude, sheeshus.

Your Brother,

-The KingCaster

PS: Remember Billy Boy the document I accidentally posted online with my SSN is also copyrighted, "Doh!"

Christopher King said...

But that's how it is with Billy Boy, it's always "nigger this, motherfucker that," -- such a potty-mouth kind of fella' could use a course in charm school I say.