30 November 2009

KingCast sees white woman attack Kelly Ayotte and her husband, but no complaints from Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project, or from Ditmar Kopf.

Read it and weep, guys. What's the matter fellas, cat got your tongues?
By Debbie Schlussel
Today’s USA Today cover has a picture of New Hampshire U.S. Senate Seat candidate Kelly Ayotte . . . along with her Mr. Mom hubby taking care of the kiddies, which is sad in and of itself. (Dude surrendered his man card at the door.) The article is about at-risk Democrats on the defense from Republican candidates in the 2010 mid-term elections. But Ayotte is exactly the kind of Republican we DON’T need.

When I complain about Kelly -- not even dogging on her family like that -- this is what you professional white men say as you call me a "Motherfucker" and a "Nigger."
"Hey KingCast be a man for once in your life. Step up to the plate and drive yourself down here to Delaware, and take me on. I'll hand you your balls and arse on a platter. Big man picking on a white woman.....you coward."



Anonymous said...

You were called a n***** after you threatened to put your shaved black balls in his wife's mouth, and you were called a M*********** after you stole copyrighted material from a Department of State owned website and published it in your blog listing his private home address.

More importantly how many times have you called people n****** and M***********, douchebags, diido suckers and all your other vile terminology in the Topix forums,and in your blog? You claim it's your right to offend people under the first amendment. Guess what then, be man enough to accept others have the same right to use the same terms and direct it at you in return.

Christopher King said...


You can continue to make false allegations all you want to but I never threatened to do any such thing.

I never stole copyrighted material in violation of the Fair Use Doctrine, My Friend.

Whatever makes Bill Call Al Sharpton a nigger and for you to agree with him, that's up to you guys.

As far a vile name calling and potty talk goes, you guys started that whole entire game over at Topix, seems like you can't take it when you get it back atcha'.

Later Hater.

-The KingCaster

PS: Aren't you and Billy Boy concerned about the harsh language this Good White Woman had about this Other Good White Woman?

Or is it permissible for whites to trash talk each other, but not for somebody black to do it?

Anonymous said...

"Hey KingCast be a man for once in your life. Step up to the plate and drive yourself down here to Delaware, and take me on. I'll hand you your balls and arse on a platter. Big man picking on a white woman.....you coward."

The above statement had nothing to do with Kelly Ayotte it had to do with several comments you made about someones wife.

Christopher King said...

8:21 Ditmar.

Oh, really?

First of all there were no threats.

Second, that's funny because you'll first need Billy Boy's wife to be white, which.... she.... isn't.

Later hater.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

It's always everybody else picking on poor misunderstood Christopher King....B******t dude, anyone who doesn't agree with you in Topix gets eviscerated with your vitriol comments. People who have never commented in this blog that you target are subject to the same vile name calling and potty mouth talk from you.

Now according to your own standard you set forth in your own blog you claim it's okay for a black man to call another black man a nigger and equated it to a woman having the "artistic right" to call another woman a bitch...
So using your own guidelines a white woman and whites in general do have the same "artistic rights" that you claim to have as well.

As far as Al Shapton there are plenty of people of all races who think he's a n***** especially people from his own race. His recent terminology in a speech he delivered caused him some serious flack from the black community who was outraged that he would state "Young black fathers need to stop making babies like a bowel movement and then just walking away". There were plenty of blacks who called him exactly what he is.

I see you use the veiled M***** F***** hiding behind the My Friend again.

As far as the copyright infringement, neither Bill Christy or Bill Christy Project © 2006 are public officials. You already are aware of copyright infringement because you have a disclaimer in your dennerlaw blog.

The comment you made about putting your balls on Sam Colts wife's eyelids is still right there in topix. Your comment about your shaved black balls in Cpl. McKay's Friend wife's mouth was printed off and several police officers saw it as well when it was made. Dude you are either in serious denial, or really one messed up dude psychologically.

Christopher King said...

I'm just check with you if it's all right for blacks to rip on whites, you never answered that.

And if Bill's truthfulness -- or lack thereof -- was the same as it was when he edited out what I allegedly wrote and reposted it on Topix as I noted in the DMCA counter Affidavit, God only knows WHAT he showed those police officers about what I allegedly wrote about his wife.

I can assure you I did not write anything like what you say I did, that's why there is no such screen shot.

You're not just My Friend, you're My Nig, Man, so relax, take it Easy.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Really Billy boys wife isn't white? You really are an idiot her mother is Italian and her father is Swedish, by the way both those nationalities are Caucasian.
Care to explain how you allegedly felt threatened when the reference to handing you your balls and arse on a platter were made yet you don't think your statement about sexually assaulting someones wife by placing you balls on their eyelds or in their mouth is a threat. You really need to brush up on the law because it's how the reasonable person the comment is directed at perceives the comments made that matters. Us old time Yankees have a couple sayings you would do well to think about "A fish wouldn't get caught if it didn't open it's mouth" and "Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove you are one"

Christopher King said...

Furthermore Ditmar,

How distasteful of that Good White Woman to go after Kelly Ayotte's family, right?


And Kelly didn't even start off against this Good White Woman by trash-talking her sexual organs or saying she was a eunuch or a cross dresser or whatever, 'nothin like that.


I mean, nope, nothing like that.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

The police officers viewed the Topix forum site themselves before the topic threads were removed. Topix had nothing to do with the DMCA complaint filed against you. And you wrote right in your own blog that scribd.com would not let you file a counter complaint affidavit All Billy Boy did was reference your own blog links dating back over a year where you repeatedly stated he wrote the document "This beautiful intelligent man wrote Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" as well as links to TOPIX where you attepted to eviscerate him by continually referencing the document "that he wrote and was now flip flopping about". Your own writings were used no lies were needed nor were any told, and you can't coerce or extort him into changing his claim. You should really move on, and leave him out of your blog.

Christopher King said...


First off, Billy Boy told me his wife was something else so there you go, another set of lies.

Second, I didn't say I felt threatened because I am not planning on being stupid enough to go to Bill Christy's house for anything. If you compare the sentence structure (something you know nothing about, sadly) and the context of what I said versus what he wrote, neither one is an imminent threat of any sort, but Bill's comment is clearly an invocation to a fight.

Got it?


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Well Ditmar here's the thing:

The police officers may have viewed something I wrote after you idiots started the testicle talk, but whatever they read was not a threat, duh.

Also, Bill was dishonest in what he wrote about that I allegedly wrote when I called him a nigger in response to him calling me a nigger so it's entirely possible he misrepresented the Truth to Scribd in an Affidavit.

Sometimes I have credited him with being the author and other times I have said primary author, the point of it all is whether I submitted substantive text on key issues, nothing more nothing less.

After all, if Billy Boy can flip-flop on 100% of his analysis of the Franconia shooting tragedy that he made 7 months after joining Topix, I can sure as hell move to define what happened in the writing and editing process, duh.

-The KingCaster.

PS: You seem to be operating as Bill's liason. If he wants a truce I will give him one.

Christopher King said...


You never answered:

Can blacks rip on whites or is that impermissible.

I mean, you and Bill Christy can determine who's a nigger or not, so why can't I determine that Kelly Ayotte was a horrible AG -- regardless of her race?

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Sam Colt's comment is of course more threatening in nature than any other comment:


I got a warning by Topix maybe my language was too crude, but if that was teh case you should be banned from here.

I got your GOTCHA in a 180 gr. bobtail.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

8:15 dildo suckers?

That's Quiet Man and you guys rolling with that in the "King Bash" Topix forum that was taken down, don't get it twisted Ditmar:

racist-white.html - Cached -
King bash here - Topix
This isn't about me this is about Christopher King/Kingcast.net nice try BOY. The Quiet Man .... In not so many words, King is a dildo for some BBW. ...
www.topix.com/forum/city/franconia-nh/TFLTMLCE0D84IPRN7/p89 -

Anonymous said...

Threatening to put put your ball-sack on Sam Colt wife's face, which is a threat of sexual assault. NH RSA; a person can use deadly force to prevent a rape. Sam Colt referenced a 180 gr. bobtail, which I'm assuming you think is a bullet. How is that any greater of a threat than to sexually assault his wife. Which he could use deadly force to prevent. Once again you can make all the innuendos, threats or insults, but when somebody throws a jab back at you, you start saying you were threatened. Boo boo everybody is picking on poor me.

Christopher King said...

Well Ditmar,

Too bad you can try all you like but what I said -- even devoid of full context -- is not a threat. As you know I make special arrangements not to be anywhere near your home or anybody else's home who has a beef with me.

I love how you guys want me Eunuch, Erkel and wimpy yet still dangerous and threatening.


-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Well then maybe the 180 gr. bobtail comment was banter also. You can't have it both ways. Either they are all salty comments or they are not. So if you want to construed Sam Colt's comment as a threat, I'll construe your comments as a threat to sexually assault an individual.

Christopher King said...


First of all I can't believe you took "Salty" to mean something about my balls. You are a sick man.

Anyway, you stole my phrase from another post where I already done tole you that you can't have it both ways, harmless Urkel Eunuch and dangerous threatening black man sexual predator on the other.

Then you get your panties in a bunch when I call you kinda' Aryan even though you identified yourself in open forums as one "William Canaris' Ghost."

What you think I don't know Western Civ. History you hop head jackass?

You really sound so totally stupid, dude.

But you're still My Nig, you gave me everything I needed:

"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

Boo-Yah! My Nig.

Let's have dinner sometime, I'll cook for your wife. You guys like Chinese? I'll make it an Olive Branch.

Or you would call me a nigger and say it's a threat that I bet I can out cook you in front of your woman then she'll drop her drawers and we'll be workin' on the Nappy Dugout -- you know I only say that to live up to Bill's expectations that I'm a "ghetto nigger" and that.

Anyway it's All About the Nigger and the Scrotal Sack for you guys, you STARTED IT AT "KING BASH HERE" and now you run around like a bunch of sally-asses, peeing yourselves like so many puppies.

Okay, I admit it.

I stole THAT line from Quiet Man.

KingCast: Just the facts.

Alert the authorities.

Anonymous said...

Ok you said we can't have it both ways but you want Sam Colt's comment to be taken as a threat, but you threatening to sexually assault a woman not a threat. You claim to have escalated the banter, I think Sam Colt's banter one upped you and now you are claiming it as a threat. If we can't have it both ways you can't either.

Christopher King said...

What a stupid game you play.

Nobody has threatened anybody enough to warrant a TRO, that's my entire point.

You guys started with the name-calling, the sexual innuendo and OVERT sexual banter (eunuch, cross dresser, shaves her legs, testicles not descended, cwissy, etc. etc.) at Topix and that information is indelibly etched into their servers.

Now you have a problem when I playfully reply back and tell a couple of tools that my scrotal sack is indeed descended enough to fit in their wive's faces. It's all good because obviously they are not serious nor am I.

Keep wasting bandwidth if you like, our door prizes are piling up.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Plus Ditmar you took exception to "salty" as if that had some sexual connotation that is really sick man. My folks are from down South and that's what they say, that's what I often say.

You Aryan sortas' say other stuff.

Get over it.

Christopher King said...

02 December 2009
KingCast tells the haters, "For every finger you point at me, three come back at you."

The war is on, complete and replete with varying levels of Institutionalized racism, ignorance and reactionary politics. You haters have your posse and I've got mine.

One of my posse members (albeit a hostile, very hostile witness) is Ditmar Kopf, he acknowledged the following quote you can hear in the KingCast YouTube video.

"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

By the way Ditmar you say you have many lawyer friends. I'm sure they are all ethical and would never sleep with their active clients, especially if the Lawyer is married, No Sir. But to be sure, before you enter the war you had better check up on that and that's all I'm going to say at this point.

Christopher King said...

Hey Ditmar:

You say Bill Christy's wife is Caucasian:

Really Billy boys wife isn't white? You really are an idiot her mother is Italian and her father is Swedish, by the way both those nationalities are Caucasian.


But Bill Christy told me this about his wife you little hater boy:

For you information jackass my wife is of Latin ethnic heritage as are my 2 step children you ignorant fool.

By Anonymous at 3:37 PM


The question is, who the hell are you people and what do you really stand for?

Oppression is the name of the game.

You jackasses will make terrific witnesses in any proceeding. Not.


-The KingCaster.