19 November 2009

KingCast says WMUR coverage shows what a terror Gregory Floyd really is; he already said he never spoke to Liko Kenney.

The story. Floyd now says he shot Liko before his car even struck McKay, which would be murder
"That kid needed to be stopped." "I could have let him shoot me," Floyd said. "Or I could have let him continue with his extremely dangerous behavior until some woman or child was killed."

The shooting was later ruled justified.
(Yah, later THAT DAY)
Read the lies that Gregory Floyd told after he first told Sgt. West what he really did, right here.

19:45 – “Did you say anything before you fired?” “No I didn’t."
48:40 – “I walked up and probably within 4 seconds I shot the driver.”
49:00 – “Did you say anything?” “No. Didn’t say a word.”
1:06:05 – I was telling the driver to stop… I’m screaming either put it down our you’re gonna’ die… told him whatever came into my mind….”

Remember Liko called his Uncle Mike 3 times at the first stop, that's not somebody who is in the frame of mind to start killing people now, is it? Of course not, and that's why we cannot trust Kelly Ayotte as Senator. She couldn't shine my shoes.
Floyd initially admitted he shot without talking and the windshield bullet proves that he shot before he could have allegedly seen Liko Kenney with a gun in his hand. Of course Liko might have been trying to reload after Floyd shot his car, otherwise he was trying to leave the area, which does NOT grant Gregory Floyd a license to kill. Watch Brad Whipple, Casey Sherman and me discuss this in the KingCast YouTube videos at the bottom of this post.

Here comes the BS now, set for Prime Time TV: They don't even show the SOP violations on the Tahoe Bash and OC Spray. Anyway, interviews like this will only embolden Gregory Floyd to commit more crimes. Here is his rap sheet and here is his son's.

It has been said that anything WMUR can do to protect Kelly Ayotte now that Casey Sherman's book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" is out, they will do, but if that is the case this one backfired. Meanwhile I know for FACT that the townspeople want to hear a protection plan set forth for when Gregory Floyd slinks his way out of Prison.

BTW Denise Herthel, on your email to Kelly Ayotte about me, you knew not of what you spoke, I did not unlawfully release any records even though Kelly was licking her chops, hoping...
Fitch, Orville 'Bud'
From: Ayotte, Kelly
Sent: July 08, 2007 3:17 PM
To: Fitch, Orville 'Bud'
Subject: Fw: More disbarment material against NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

But that's not all. Gregory Floyd, in addition to being convicted of three (3) felonies in Georgia, also went on a bit of a terror streak in Massachusetts under SSN 26*.84.838_. This is all oral but the docs are on their way. I can't believe this dirtbag was born on my birthday. Ewwwww......

Clinton District Court:
20 August 1984
Docket #82342
Assault & Battery w/Dangerous Weapons

Lowell District Court:
10 July 1987
Docket # 87CR-1342A/1343A/1343B
Assault w/Dangerous Weapons

Ayer District Court:
17 Sept. 1996
Docket # 9648CR-0929A
Disorderly Person N/G
Disturbing the Peace Guilty

Grafton Superior Court
1 July 1998
Criminal Threatening Guilty

Franconia School District
Year uncertain file not in front of me.
Affidavit on file in 07-E-268, Floyd threatened to send someone home in a body bag, "I know where you live and I know the route you take home, and if you're not careful they'll send you home in a body bag."

Grafton Superior Court
28 December 2007
Permanent Restraining Order
Download/Listen to Audio here.


Christopher King said...

Cpl McKays friend I've been beat with a baseball bat, stabbed 5 different times,shot at and hit. I've died twice and been brought back to life.

Whatever Floyd did prior to and after May 11, 2007 doesn't mean squat it's how he reacted in that split second that he had to make life and death choices.

Given the choice of Gregory Floyd standing by my side or some of the other cowards in this forum who have passed judgement on his actions I'll take Gregory Floyd any day of the week.


Whatever Floyd did in the past doesn't mean squat but what I did does.



N***** (Cos' that's what you called me, even though I caught you removing that part when you posted earlier you disingenuous jackass punk liarhead).

All caught right here and proving your penchant for outright dishonesty and fabrication, reflects poorly on what little credibility you never had.

See you in court.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

I like the

"He's gonna sue the State" part.

Why? They made him a Hero.

They let him slide through a loophole on his weapons possession charges years ago.

They refuse to prosecute over the recent 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violation, violations that none other than Bill Christy pointed out in emails to me last year.

KingCast: It's All Good.

Christopher King said...

Here's my comment on WMUR along with some others, let's see how long mine remains. I took a snapshot of it, yah.



You guys there is more to this story than meets the eye. Greg Floyd shot Liko Kenney as he was trying to drive away, there is a bullet hole in the lower windshield/cowling area. Then, and only then did Liko's car strike McKay. Floyd's own son said so. I have the photographs from the official investigation at Chris King's 1st Amendment Page or KingCast dot net, and have been speaking to Criminal Justice classes at Bridgewater about it. As a former Assistant Attorney General I am appalled at what Kelly Ayotte did, even withholding documents that proved Floyd even lied about his military background, he was never in Vietnam. Unreal.

Nov. 20, 2009 1:41am EST | from KingCast
NH -- He is in prison on charges unrelated to the shooting. The shooting was ruled justified.

Nov. 20, 2009 1:02am EST | from Strana1
I'm a little confused also! The gunman had to be stopped...he (Floyd) stepped in and probably prevented more deaths with his actions!

Nov. 20, 2009 12:08am EST | from Ladyx66
i just watched this interview. that guy very well may be crazy, but he was right in what he did.

Nov. 20, 2009 12:00am EST | from NativeNHguy
OK why is this man in prison if he came to the aid of a police officer who was being shot?? I don't get it.

Nov. 19, 2009 11:34pm EST | from NH

Christopher King said...

To that I added:

Not to mention that Bruce McKay violated 7 or 8 distinct policies on OC Spray and pursuit, all designed to diffuse potentially violent reactions. You think that might be important in a situation like this, I dunno. In fact, none of us know because there was never ANY evaluation of the propriety of the traffic stop, which Visiting Lecturer and Randolph MA Lieutenant George McNeil and I agree raises Constitutional and Monell issues for municipal liability. I know because I have represented, sued and settled with police officers over the years. And I was an investigative reporter before that. Dig Deeper, that is all I will say.

Anonymous said...

the man explained more in that video then you have lied about in the 2 1/2 years that you've been tryin to get even with the old nh attorney general. you weren't there you sure as heck ain't no expert on any of the murder of the cop.

Christopher King said...


The man continued to lie and the facts of this case, including the windshield bullet and the spent casings 30 feet away from Liko's car are there for all to see that the AG lied, whether or not the AG brought bogus charges against me before, can you handle that or is that a widdle too complex for you?

I just figured this out:

Remember the guy in the KingCast video who said "I no longer feel protected by the Police.... I feel intimidated by the Police..."

That guy was you, Ditmar, you phony sellout punk.


The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Cwissy has been busy, you feel you are losing your audience. So you decide to beat them with continuous posting on WMUR. People are tired of your game, very transparent.

Christopher King said...

And let's not forget Ms. B's ignored complaint against Bruce McKay after the knife incident near her privates:.....

"My husband was a police officer and his friends at the Attorney General's office suggested I write a complaint."....

"I recommended he be sent to a certified psychologist for cognitive testing for communication and control issues...

this could cause serious problems for officer McKay or Franconia."....

"I said that ambiguity in policy and procedures makes Bruce McKay a dangerous person."....."

I said I am not writing to retaliate and said this should serve as an instrument to warn Franconia of a dangerous situation."....

I said that consideration of assessment information as well as citizen reports should determine his ability to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer."

Christopher King said...


Also, Billy Boy, Quiet Man and all of you Topix Trolls who fear the Truth coming out are hammering away at Topix and in WMUR, how interesting.

And all of you were PUBLICLY invited to attend Lt. McNeil's class and you ALL punked out.

-Just the facts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble I'm not posting in WMUR and I'm not fearful of any "truth" coming out because nothing you have been spewing for 2 1/2 years has proved a damn thing. You just can't handle the truth or rejection because people are sick of your bullshit lies, libelous allegations, and a "dangerous black man" who in reality is a enuch and a cyberbully.
Billy Boy

Anonymous said...

It wasn't your seminar to be inviting anyone to in the first place no more than it was your document that you are now trying to claim that you co-authored. If you had truly given my name to Mr. McNeil as you said you did he could have easily contacted me himself and he didn't. You insert yourself and make claims about situations that you have no right to.
Nice to see you dissed Casey Sherman once again, since you have your new person you have latched on to.

Christopher King said...


Let me set you straight Billy Boy.

It was my forum to invite anybody I wanted to. I invited you.

George had no need to contact you, but all you needed to do was RSVP with him or me and that was that.


But then again accuracy and truth mean nothing to you, because I caught you deleting part of the phrase where I called you a nigger because that's what you called me.

You then posted my comment as if I never referenced the FACT that you called me a nigger FIRST.

The Devil is in the Details My Friend, and you have shown yourself to be a complete liar.

As Bruce McKay's personal license plate read:


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

enuch and a cyberbully!!!

Wow, damn you're really hurting me Billy Boy.

What's the matter, somebody toss off in your Cheerios this morning?

Or more accurately did someone fail to toss off in your Cheerios this morning, LOL.



Billy Christy, who "would have shot Bruce McKay himself," until his LE buddies got wind of his statements and took him out for a lil' waterboarding session.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

huckster you better go back and review every blog, every comment you made over the last 18 months. at least 4 times you dropped the "n" bomb on billy boy long before he ever called you one. your comment "I'll give you a 3rd eye like Floyd threatened to do" is still in there somewhere have fun. you got spanked good in wmur

Christopher King said...

5:57 Ditmar:

That's bullsh*t and you know it.

You have no credibility whatsoever given that Billy Boy has even posted comments on Topix where he eliminated key parts of my comments to him where I called him nigger in response to him calling me nigger.

He still ain't called nobody white a nigger, perhaps you will be the first!

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

huckster you using the word credibility? dude your credibility has more holes in it than a pound of swiss cheese and the stench is worse than limburger Billy Boy didn't need to post the n word you post it enough for everyone beside he wasn't pointing that out he was pointing out how your trying to use extortion and coercion to get your way because you are incapable of composing any documents worth reading you were only a guest who offered his time to discuss the franconia tragedy for free. typical huckster style the class somehow became your forum you had no right to invite who ever you wanted you and you huckstered everyone including the Randolph cop ewwwwwww i can't believe my lips touched anything that yours were on including the fattie we shared ewwwwwwwwww

Christopher King said...


All the Credibility I need is right here, Ditmar Kopf.

Later Hater.

-The KingCaster

PS: That was good of you in my video at KingCast: "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," where you stated "I no longer feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

Anonymous said...

huckster no ethics invites for you bridgewater and the police officer are done with you i hear you suffer from little man syndrome and casey sherman called you the urkel and don king of the north in his book oh yah roll yerself another one home boy

Christopher King said...


Looks like you've been smoking some of Gregory Floyd's Georgia mix of PCP and Marijuana. Casey Sherman said some people have referred to me as the Don King of North Country.

Here's what he wrote that is actually important, though:

P. 203

"...one cannot deny that he has had his share of success. King was responsible for uploading the Sarah E. arrest video onto YouTube and he also released many of the Liko-Kenney--McKay case documents on his Web site. He has been spurned by many so-called legitimate reporters, but Chris King has been a tenacious advocate for the Kenney family and a major thorn in the side of New Hampshire law enforcement."

Christopher King said...

22 November 2009
KingCast presents: DMCA counter-Affidavit -- Bill Christy said Bruce McKay “Had the look of a smug school yard bully ready to beat someone senseless.”

Read it and weep, Billy Boy. You got some 'splainin' to do. Meanwhile, I'm cold cold chillin' on the 650R. You really should have taken me up on a ride with your Harley, my friends ride Harleys and we could have hashed this out. Oh, well, we will leave it to the Courts and relevant disciplinary forums to sort it out but anybody who reads this will question your apparently schizoid behaviors, and no you can't blame it all on the nigger" (that would be me, you remember you called me a nigger and stuff even though you like to edit that out -- but I explain all of that in the Affidavit My Friend).

PS: You're a real garden variety tool.