11 November 2009

KingCast salutes Veterans and other local heros like Charise Lewis.

Charise Lewis -- unlike the irresponsible MBTA drivers who drink and drug on the job and have accidents -- is a heads-up professional whose attentiveness and quick reflexes saved the life of an unidentified woman who stumbled and fell onto the Orange Line Track.

I respect those who serve in our armed forces including my Uncle Joe but not Gregory Floyd because Floyd lied about being in Viet Nam. As long as they are not violating human rights or as long as they are not lying about their service, I give mad respect to the men and women who risk their lives every day, even if I don't agree with the wars that they choose to fight. He never left the base dude except when he was AWOL, LOL.

Also I'm friends with Herb -- the fella' who runs the Nashua Veterans Day Parade and we both agree that Gregory Floyd is a turd, a liar and a murderer, staining the name of good civil servicemen just as Bruce McKay stains the name of good policemen.

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the Vets who fought an died so that I, the great-grandson of sharecroppers, could ride my motorcycle around, use my law degree and the First Amendment in ways never before imagined, and expose the Truth about corrupt government activity and Bad State Actors.

Life is indeed great in America!


Melissa said...

Ditto Chris - I miss seeing you around Nashua. When are you going to be around?

Also, did you see my pic on the front page of the UL on Tuesday?!

Christopher King said...

No Melissa I didn't see it can you send me a linky?

I'm in Nashua often hell shoot me an email too.