02 November 2009

KingCast presents: North Country "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" signing and Petition for new and thorough investigation.

Here's the Petition, also set in the comments.


Anyone from anywhere who agrees can copy, print and send a copy to:

Franconia Business Connection
320 Main St
Franconia, NH 03580
North Country Petition


Christopher King said...


I/We the undersigned have reviewed the facts that led up to this tragedy and the facts that have followed. Based on our review we believe:

1. That the town of Franconia did not adequately respond to or diligently investigate the majority of complaints issued against Norman Bruce McKay over a decade.

2. That the town of Franconia and the New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte did not provide any analysis of the propriety of the second traffic stop on 5/11 in light of Standard Operating Procedures attached. Also there was no analysis of clothing and gunshot residue, fingerprints on Liko Kenney’s gun, the windshield bullet in Liko Kenney’s car, the placement of spent casings from Bruce McKay’s gun and whether Gregory Floyd lied during an investigation about his actions on 5/11 given the initial recorded statements of Gregory W. Floyd and his son, Gregory P. Floyd (at AG investigative file pdf p. 745) that the father started shooting at Liko Kenney BEFORE Mr. Kenney’s car struck Bruce McKay.

3. That the office of former New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte withheld critical information about Gregory Floyd’s background and actions on 5/11 while improperly clearing him of any wrongdoing against Liko Kenney or Caleb Macaulay in 24 hours, and we continue to be concerned for our safety when Floyd is eventually released from prison for his current sentences for threatening to shoot his neighbor. We do not know why he was not prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) when he had firearms last year.

4. That New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte has not shown the guidance, leadership or integrity necessary to become a United States Senator as witnessed through this case and many others.

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ProGuns AZ said...

Liko Kenny is a cop killer. He would have gotten a needle in his arm.

McKay was a ball buster cop who took his authority to the top.

Floyd was a guy with a spotty past doing the right thing. You make it sound like Floyd was waiting at that exact spot for Kenny to come by so he could have the chance to murder someone. I'm glad you are not the AG in NH.

Lets recap.
Liko = Cop killer
McKay = Fallen Officer
Floyd = Hero

Christopher King said...

No, let's recap for you:

Liko Kenney would have had manslaughter and self-defense arguments and given McKay's background up there, he would have done some time at worst, no execution.

Kelly Ayotte lied about Floyd's actions and covered up things about McKay's actions.

I never said that there was a conspiracy between Floyd and McKay, only that Floyd murdered Liko Kenney and that the events most definitely DID NOT happen the way that Kelly Ayotte said they did, witness the spent casings I have shown you repeatedly.

AGs have been disbarred for these types of lies.

Floyd, a hero?

All set. Just ask his neighbor, against whom he was convicted of threatening with a gun, My Friend.

-The KingCaster

ProGuns AZ said...

Manslaughter? Have you even watched the dash cam footage of McKay in his prior stops... Like I said, he was a ball buster but every situation is the same. People are given *LAWFUL* orders by a police officer and chose to argue.

Don't argue on the side of roads with cops. Take them to court or file complaints.

As for Floyd, all he needed to do was prove his actions were intended to assist McKay. He just witnessed Liko Kenny have complete disregard for human life. Do you believe he should have ordered Liko out of the car? Let's remember, liko just put 4/7 rounds into a police officer. So what's to stop liko from putting the rest into Floyd.

As for Floyd's background... You are putting to much weight into it. Your basis on Floyd's guilt in this matter is, "He is a felon that can't possess a gun, he must have had intent on that day to murder someone given the opportunity"

Even more, you blamed the victim for Liko's acts. That is complete bullshit. I don't care if he violated 1 or 1 billion chase policies, Liko had NO right to shoot him in the back.

So lets recap again.

Liko is a cop killer and died as a result of his actions against McKay.

McKay is a ball buster cop who turned his back on the wrong person. I wish I could go back in time and hand him a taser. This whole situation would be avoided. (Except you would be bitching about him using excessive force)

Floyd is a man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time but did the right thing. Even if he did shoot at Liko prior to their car hitting McKay doesn't change the fact he was acting in assistance to a fallen officer. All Floyd needed to believe is his actions could possibly help save McKay which he clearly states.

Christopher King said...

Let's recap:

Going to the complaint process never worked for anybody against McKay.

McKay and other cops violated Liko's and other youth Civil Rights at Fox Hill Park, and McKay got away with giving Liko a beat down.

McKay violated SOPs designed to de-escalate the situation, and as usual, he escalated the situation.

That's why former Sugar Hill/Franconia LE Brad Whipple had told Franconia to fire Bruce McKay, or did you somehow miss that, or you have some disdainful remarks about Brad even though he NEVER had ANY professional problems?

Floyd was not offering McKay any protection because as you and others have stated, Liko was trying to flee -- not run over McKay.

Kelly Ayotte lied about the material aspects of the case, and you think that's permissible.

All set.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

3 assholes, 2 died, end of story!
Bruce McKay did not deserve to die and Greg Floyd immediately taking action to stop Liko Kenney as McKay was stuck under his car with four bullets in him - still alive! saved the taxpayers of New Hampshire millions! Liko's 2003 McKay arrest which can be seen on Youtube shows he was ticking time bomb with no regard for consequences. That kid was nuts, the cop was nuts for turning his back after spraying Liko with OC pepper (50 times hotter than Habanero) and man this guy Greg Floyd fits right in there with NH folk as by far the most messed up craziest lunatic in the world, live free of die, dont F*ck with that guy! Persuing him is another ticking time bomb - the point is -leave people alone.

Christopher King said...

10:04 Well one thing about Liko in 2003 he was correct to tell Bruce McKay "you cannot keep me here without Good Cause," but Brucie did it anyway.

That's why the other cases from Fox Hill Park were thrown out, you know that right?

4th Amendment violations.

-The KingCaster