16 November 2009

KingCast presents: Format for Bridgewater College Criminal Justice "Bad Blood"/Franconia shooting program with visiting lecturer George M. McNeil.

George McNeil is an interesting man with compelling and solid Law Enforcement credentials. He is a visiting lecturer at Bridgewater, whose mission is as noted on their website:
Criminal Justice

The department provides a rigorous discipline-specific curriculum aimed at developing well-rounded graduates with strong critical thinking abilities.

While we have not me in person, we have a rich and interesting dialogue in place regarding the Franconia shooting tragedy, the events that led to it and the events that have followed. Some -- but by no means all -- of these events have been discussed in Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

One thing I know that Casey did not discuss was the fact that respected and untainted Sugar Hill/Franconia retire LE Brad Whipple had told Franconia to fire Bruce McKay 5 years before the tragedy occurred. Watch Brad, Casey and me in the videos at the bottom of the Bad Blood launch party blog entry a couple of weeks ago.

As a former Assistant Attorney General myself, I am honored to present at Mr. McNeil's classes on Wednesday, 18 November 2009.

I. Brief intro by George
II. I will show this clip and ask if anyone has any informal opinions about what they see.

III. I will show what Ayotte AG's office left out with respect to:
A. Floyd background.
B. McKay background.
C. Day/date/time in question, Kelly Ayotte Deviations from norm.
D. Focus on that second microphone.

IV. Take more questions.

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