22 November 2009

KingCast presents: DMCA counter-Affidavit -- Bill Christy said Bruce McKay “Had the look of a smug school yard bully ready to beat someone senseless.”

Read it and weep, Billy Boy. You got some 'splainin' to do. Meanwhile, I'm cold cold chillin' on the 650R. You really should have taken me up on a ride with your Harley, my friends ride Harleys and we could have hashed this out. Oh, well, we will leave it to the Courts and relevant disciplinary forums to sort it out but anybody who reads this will question your apparently schizoid behaviors, and no you can't blame it all on the nigger" (that would be me, you remember you called me a nigger and stuff even though you like to edit that out -- but I explain all of that in the Affidavit My Friend).

PS: You're a real garden variety tool.



Christopher King said...

Well come on now Billy Boy, I made my Affidavit public, you should do the same. Well eventually it will be public whether you like it or not, that's the thing of it.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

huckster you never verify any of your sources, you can not clearly state who Billy Boy is. You can not state what he did or may still do for a living. Other than the Bill Christy Project, which has absolutely nothing to do with any of your nonsense, you know nothing about him.

Christopher King said...

More from Billy Boy, written AFTER he had seen the video and read the relevant documents:


"The sworn statements are so different it is a travesty to the NH judicial system. Mr. Floyd is a 2 time convicted felon, and a liar he claims to have served in VietNam as an "agent" and killed 42 men, he was only 16-17 when Viet Nam ended in 1975. He never served in the Marines until 1976 and was discharged in 1979 (I have seen his partial military records). There are plenty of complaints that were filed against officer McKay,( all public record) he had a history of bullying the elderly, young adults and females. Eight ( 8 ) complaints of excessive force were filed against him. Hardly what I would call a stellar record."


"The look in Officer McKay's eyes and his facial expression that can be clearly seen on the dash cam is one of " I have you now you little f***er (sorry for the language). He had the look of a smug school yard bully ready to beat someone senseless. That's why he turned and walked away, and NO ONE will convince me otherwise. At best if Liko Kenny had lived he would have been charged with 2nd degree murder, and good lawyer probably could have had the charges reduced even further."

Christopher King said...


Yepper, all I can go by is what Lower Slower and Billy Boy wrote in their emails to me that I have preserved.

We don't really know too much about him, other than the FACT that he wrote me that he has litigation pending against the police.

Who really knows with this sorta whack job, you are correct for once Ditmar Kopf.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

PS: And of course some of the sources are from Topix as I've linked as necessary.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

huckster and you are credible???? puhhhhhhlease you keep pulling up comments made by Billy Boy from 2 1/2 years ago he made. Are yuo claiming he has no right to change his mind and you do you called him "a beautiful intelligent man" just over a year ago in your own blog.

Christopher King said...

2:27 Douchebag Ditmar Kopf:

Bill Christy or whatever his name really is made those statements of his own free will and educated volition after reviewing the video and many news sources including WMUR, Union Leader, etc. etc.

That fact that you try to dismiss those thoughts now is simply asinine.

Look at you, so apparently hyped-up on PCP primos Like Floyd is convicted of selling.

Later Hater.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

PS You stupid dirtbag:

If you think I fabricated any of Bill Christy's statements in the Affidavit you HAVE BEEN smoking Floyd's product.

Bill Christy, as noted, DID HOWEVER fabricate something I allegedly wrote.

Just the facts.

Christopher King said...

PPS: And you can't even spell properly, what a dumb bunny jackass you are, dumber than the turkey you're about to eat.

-Just my $.02

Anonymous said...

so when Billy Boy or anyone else changes their viewpoint it is asinine...... but when you do it's not. we all know who the hater is what are you hyped up on these days kenney kona
oh yeah floyd never got popped by the dea the kenneys did..and they didn't do a thing to help their punk ass murderer son when he cried out for help and you posted the proof of that too pickle popper

Anonymous said...

In hucksters civil rights justice system there are two sets of people: hucksters who are dope smokin haters who fight the system, and those who don't make excuses for their own mistakes and own up to them. These are the stories of a dope smokin huckster hater who wouldn't know what civil rights meant if it hit him right between his eyes. . Blink-Blink.

Christopher King said...

Then there is this, Bill Christy sold out because of his pending litigation with NH LE.... or was he lying about that as well?

What a douchebag either way.

RE: Blog
Wednesday, September 5, 2007 5:51 PM
"SlowerinDE@aol.com" SlowerinDE@aol.com

I explained to you why I had moved from where we were living. I also still have elderly family that lives in the Franconia area. Nobody that I don't trust with my life and my families life knows exactly where I am located and I want it to stay that way.

I don't need or want the police department whom I have a pending federal case against to happen upon your site and start putting the pieces together. Several of the officers from that department, in fact do live in NH.



Anonymous said...

huckster hate to break it to you, everyone where Billy Boy used to live knows exactly where he lives including the police, he even stopped in and saw the police where he used to live in September when he went back to bury his Great Aunt. Billy Boy was right when he said you can't be trusted and you are a hater go smoke another kenney kona fattie

Anonymous said...

huckster maybe I'll tell Billy Boy he should start calling your family members you know your beautiful little nieces...I know he won't though because he has more class then you ever will. Heck of a nice guy we met in September when he was up here.

Christopher King said...

Looks like marriage lies ahead for Ditmar Kopf and Billy Cwissy, I wonder if they've been some DL brothers since they met on the Topix smut rooms.

And you can go ahead and do that now in NH, even though Kelly Ayotte didn't have a clue.

Concord Monitor, 3 June 2008

Two days later, Ayotte changed her mind and withdrew from the case. Her office issued a terse statement and made no one available to discuss the decision.

Turns out, state legislators had already thought through this dilemma, addressing it in New Hampshire's five-month-old civil unions law. If a gay couple has the opportunity to get married elsewhere, their marriage will be treated as a civil union by the state of New Hampshire. The same goes for couples granted civil unions elsewhere. The language is clear and unambiguous.

Ayotte joined with states whose voters or elected officials have come to a contrary position on this issue - explicitly banning gay marriage. In joining an effort to delay California's landmark ruling, she would have sought to deny, rather than expand, the rights of individual New Hampshire citizens. That's a curious priority indeed for the attorney general of a state whose civil union law has put it proudly at the forefront of the gay rights movement.


Your tax dollars hard at work, just as they were hard at work when Kelly Ayotte wasted all that time, money and other resources on a fishing expedition with me Back in the Day.


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

As emailed this evening:

Dear Delaware Artists Roster:

You need to read about Billy Christy, he's got some serious integrity issues, read this DMCA Affidavit.



He also said that he would have shot Corporal Bruce McKay, now he says he would not have shot Bruce McKay:


He seems to be perhaps clinically imbalanced or not capable of understanding natural thinking.

Shady, very shady.

Christopher King said...

To contact Billy Cwissy so he can jam out on his guitar find him at:


Peace, Bill sorry about the confusion that led you to call me a Motherfucker on the phone just now, I was really only trying to help you out, dude, sheeshus.

Your Brother,

-The KingCaster

PS: Remember Billy Boy the document I accidentally posted online with my SSN is also copyrighted, "Doh!"

Christopher King said...

But that's how it is with Billy Boy, it's always "nigger this, motherfucker that," -- such a potty-mouth kind of fella' could use a course in charm school I say.


Christopher King said...

But Ditmar was wrong about the Patric McCarthy case when he wrote this more than a year ago with his buddy Snowy/JMO/Lynn/Sasquatch:


Snowy White wrote:
"Patric McCarthy--Another NH LE Coverup"
The title of this thread, as submitted by "Detective Columbo" is not a statement of fact.
The premise is merely his opinion, and is very amateurish.

More fevered speculation by you-know-who. There is no story, just another attempt to generate publicity for a chance at fame and riches.

But it will never happen here. Probably not anywhere.

......The problem is, the Massachusetts Prosecutors, the Lieutenant Governor and many other respected LE disagree with that analysis and argue in favor of re-opening the investigation:


... Evidence has been brought forward that raises new questions concerning the case," Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray wrote in an Oct. 5 letter. "The United States Attorney's office in Massachusetts, as well as the McCarthy family, have found substantial evidence to revisit whether or not foul play was involved and to warrant a new look at the case by your office."


Then he wrote this:

To the conspiracy theorists, these statistics will constitute ironclad PROOF that the FBI, union leader, and CQ press are allied with the conspirators at Daily Kos, the state AGs office, the CIA, and various corporations with real estate holdings in the state.

You can't argue rationally with whackos. They are best just watched and utilized for amusement purposes, IMO.

....Which shows his ignorance because right about then the FBI was most definitely still reeling from a proved conspiracy in Boston, what a whacko idiot for not knowing that.

They framed Joe Salvati, read the last paragraph.

"Massive Payout" (BBC Coverage)

So Ditmar next time you open your wannabe proud Aryan mouth take time to see if you know WTF you're talking about. The only time I've heard you say something intelligent I captured it on video, in my KingCast short film that you helped fund, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

KingCast: Just keepin' it real.