28 November 2009

KingCast presents: Boo-Yah!!!! The Ghetto Golden Oldie of the Year.


I'll send that out to each and everyone who reads this blog, and you can take it as you like. Some folks think my blog is "despicable" or "Ghetto" and that I'm Ghetto. Whatever that means, after all much of Middle America lives in suburban sprawl Ghettos when you get right down to it, including Ditmar Kopf/LS/Light Shiner/Ghost of Wilhem Canaris -- another racist pig working on Adolph Hitler's Plantation, yah.

The Bright Side: Citibank (defending an MCAD Complaint for unlawful discrimination) and people like Ditmar Kopf raise the issue of Kelly Ayotte's baseless, misguided, failed and feckless attacks on me so now I get to expose the Real Legacy of U.S. Senate hopeful and former NH AG Kelly Ayotte. Even if she wins the stink from her past here in NH will always be a liability, nice. That's my job as a Citizen and investigative journalist and as the Civil Rights Lawyer who beat my old boss, Bloody Betty Montgomery to settle a Monell claim and to secure a finding of Fact and Law that two Hamilton, Ohio cops (Rhodes and Hensley) made Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime. Watch him sing Negro Spirituals when I won the acquittal of Jerry Doyle after a four (4) day trial for a bogus case of Criminal Trespass at the Columbus School Board at the KingCast short film "American Lawyer."



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Christopher King said...

And to you newbies coming in, I've got video of the bogus trial against Mr. Isreal where the cops threw the book at him but I beat Prosecutor, Sam Borst because:

"You brought more honey than vinegar"

.....said the Foreman of the all-white Jury, relative to my client, who was racially profiled in front of his mother's Civic Award-winning garden because he had a Cadillac North Star.

They choked him at the Station House and gave him a bogus ticket that didn't even have the damn code sections on it, like they can treat a black man any kind of way and get away with it.

Coincidentally, it happened on April Fool's day, 1996, and it took more than two years to close everything out when I won (on Appeal) to the Ohio Court of Claims but hey Justice takes time.

V96-61481 I believe is the case number but y'all can holler at the Court of Claims and they'll send you the file, yah.

The haters want to show up here and keep me so distracted I don't get to talk about that, but I make a lil' extra special effort to set the Record Straight, yah.

-The KingCaster