08 November 2009

KingCast joins the Army!

Well, the Moped Army, LOL. These cats were out in force yesterday, it was awesome seeing all of the scoots of my yoot, still holding steady. Well, sort of. As I trailed them up Mass Ave for a bit I heard the cry of "Who lost a pedal... is it worth going back for?!?!?!"
They navigate through traffic so fast I barely had time to get a picture! I'm going to stash the 650R away for the winter in about a month (or whenever the first Big Snow and salt come) so I've been thinking about getting an old Puch or Tomos instead of driving the cage and unnecessarily burning up all kinds of fuel.

Also old and anything but fuel efficient: The Chevy Bel Air I also rode past on Columbuia Ave, nice.

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