27 November 2009

KingCast dissects a hater and a Downpressor Man trying to attack First Amendment Rights.

Here's what someone wrote me today:

Perhaps one of us posting is an investigator just engaging you so you keep making your incriminating comments that will cause your final downfall.
KingCast response:
I have no doubt that there are disgruntled LE, the same sort who called the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole-Colored People" (read the comments for the direct quote) lurking about and trying to get me to say or do something illegal. Keep on trying guys, wasting taxpayer monies. If you are implying I've had any downfalls, I know of at least one convicted felon disbarred lawyer who is now of counsel with Shaheen & Gordon. Michael McLaughlin.

Your eblog is filled with disgusting filth, racist hate filled comments and veiled threats of violence, dating back to 2005 when you statred your eblog it began well before Bill Christy ever became "involved" with you. This is just but one of at least 6 different eblogs that you are the author of and all have similar content.

KingCast response: I have several blogs that contain a mix of photography, Civil Rights and whatever else I feel like blogging about that does not violate the First Amendment. Any notion that I am a racist is ludicrous. My first blog entry in June, 2005 was about the Patriot Act and I was correct in my legal opinion on it. I have not threatened anybody, and have never been convicted of doing any such thing, but people have paid me to settle Defamation claims after they accused me of being a "Dangerous Black Man."


Christopher King said...

Now what is interesting is that the only other person I have ever seen call my blog an "eblog" is none other than one Billy Christy.

It's a pretty unique parlance, that word, and having been involved in wireless communications (often installing e911 equipment for LE) for about a decade now I've never even heard anyone else say it.

Interesting, n'est-ce pas?

Now what's funny is one of his henchmen Ditmar Kopf claims I'm stalking Bill Christy, but that claim fails when we look at the raw number of comments issued to my on this blog, and on other chat boards by one Bill Christy over the course of the past couple of years, including entire mass sections of Topix posts that were eventually removed because of the Defamatory content toward me over there.

That's all.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

huckster shows just how ignorant you really are because Googles proper name for the service they provide for sites like yours is eBlog, nothing unique about what Billy Boy calls it. You have no proof that any topix sections were removed because of alleged defamatory comments directed at you. Anyone can look at current Topix discussions and anyone can see the number of posts removed that you have made. WMUR removed the whole comment section that was following the Gregory Floyd interview story because of your comments. You might want to educate yourself on racism and learn that comments you make on a daily basis are indeed both racist,and sexist. I'm not Billy Boy's henchman I'm just one of the many internet people who has been screwed over by you. Settlements you have won for defamation....odd the people I have discussed your tactics with, all used the word "extortion" as the method you use including an insurance company that made a recent payout.

Anonymous said...

huckster you forget that you have made references to members of the NAACP as niggas, and niggers.

Christopher King said...

You have zero proof that WMUR has removed anything because of me you stupid jackass.

But I do have proof that WMUR screwed up a comment section about me and had to retract statements when I caught them.

Also my comments are not sexist but some of you making negative commentary about BBW is decidedly misogynist, oh, yah.

Next up, Bill Christy is the only person who has used eblog in any of this conversation or toward me in 5 years, so it is likely him you idiot.

And lastly, I don't give a flying fart what "everyone who says to you" is "Extortion."

I know what extortion is, and what it isn't. That's why your buddy Kelly Ayotte, Bill Albrecht and Martin Dunn ran away like puppies that peed themselves.

Bottom Line on your "Extortion" claims:

I leave it to registered counsel like Prosauer, Rose et al to determine the validity of what I said or did with Derrick Gillenwater, and being knowledgeable and duly-licensed counsel they filed Supreme Court Memoranda in case no. 2009-SJ-165 Gillenwater v. Barron.

Then the underlying case settled, so accuse Proskauer of Extortion, muuuaaahhhh....

Got it?

Get it?


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

3:48 Ditmar:

I thought you said Bill Christy was better than me, when really he's not, in fact I'm better because you'll never catch me actually calling somebody a motherfucker on tape.

Anyway thanks again for your candid comments in my Franconia video.

You were GREAT!!!


Anonymous said...

Christopher King what do you think the little symbol stands for in front of your name? eBlogger the term refers to Googles hosting service for eBloggers (e)lectronic blogs also known as online diaries. Your narcassistic belief that are smarter than law enforcement personnel who work in High Technology Crime Units, is ludicrous.

You have called people MF'rs (my friend) all over the Internet. Your claim no one will ever catch you calling someone a Motherfucker on tape?

You did call the Citi-bank manager a MOTHERFUCKER which you admitted to doing. That fact is stated on a Boston Police department 911 call and was on the follow up print out of the call, which you posted.

You have no proof that I am not in possession of any documents explaining why the comment section was removed from the WMUR story about Gregory Floyd.

Christopher King said...

I am aware that nobody in my travels other than Bill Christy uses the phrase "eblog" so that's what I said, yep.

Motherfucker on tape, yes true that -- only AFTER the act of discrimination.

And they called me a Motherfucker too, so there you go. Perhaps the Jury will determine who said it best.

As to WMUR they have proven they cannot be trusted, not only did I make them correct something earlier, I have documented proof of them cutting other comments from people in North Country even though said comments did not violate TOS.

Good evening, Sir.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

You sir threatened to put your shaved balls in Mr. Christy's wifes mouth only AFTER that did he call you a nigger. You later went into the State of Delaware's Department of the State Performing Artist website and stole personal information including his mailing address and phone number which is copyright protected and published it in your blog site, only AFTER that did he call you a mother fucker.

Christopher King said...

Well now I see you are believing what Bill Christy wrote, even though I have proved that he materially alters documents. Don't be silly if I really threatened to do that he would have had a TRO on me immediately and rightfully so.

But I didn't say that, and Bill is a documented liar:


Bill's version (he calls this extortion):

And Bill,

Let me explain that the more you wrestle with me the more this will come out on the Internet, fool.

Or you can go back to Scribd and tell them you're sorry and to put my posts back up and I'll withdraw my Chilling Effects Petition, not go to the ACLU today and not report you to your Bar Association.

Suit yourself, N*****.

-The KingCaster
5:14 AM

The real version:

Suit yourself, Nigger.

(That's what you called me and other blacks you don't like, so hey like brothers, that's what I will call you).

-The KingCaster
5:14 AM


I didn't steal any of his information from the public website, I posted it pursuant to lawful criticism of his actions and not for commercial gain so my activities there are protected by the Fair Use Doctrine.

I was operating within the law but Bill Christy still saw fit to call me a "Motherfucker," nice.

After seeing the crap that Bill has pulled no Jury is going to find for him on anything, thank you.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Posting Mr. Christy's mailing address has nothing to do with any "lawful" criticism of his alleged actions. If that is the case then you should have no problem with Mr. Christy publishing your prvate information either. The website where you took the information from is copyright protected and you had no "lawful" right to use any information from within the web site. Your reason for posting the information was to interfere with his income and that of his band members by defaming him and that is an unlawful act. You also made reference to sexually assaulting another forum members wife in Topix you threatened to put yout testicles on her eyelids. Once again you justify your actions using the defense someone caused you to respond in the manner you do, but when someone else uses the same defense you dismiss it.

You may think that the statements you posted are merely an expression of your opinion and you cannot be liable. If so, you are mistaken.
Opinions are actionable if they imply that defamatory facts exist to support the statement. West v. Thomson Newspapers, 872 P.2d 999 (Utah 1994).

Christopher King said...

Once again, you can say I sexually threatened someone until you are blue in the face but saying it won't make it true. If I had done so there would have been a TRO issued IMMEDIATELY so quit the crap.

How is posting Bill Christy's information held on a State-owned public site going to reduce his income when put next to the words that come out of his own mouth or keyboard?

If anything it's free advertising if he stands by what he says in public fora, and he himself signed up to Topix with a Bill Christy Project tag so I dunno what your issue is.

In fact, what I did by putting his name out there is akin to unjust enrichment, but I won't send him an invoice because I'm a nice guy, you know I'm THAT type of "N*****."

And your cited case is bunk, I ran it, look at the outcome fool:

OUTCOME: "The court reversed the decision of the appellate court and held that plaintiff mayor had not stated a claim for defamation against defendants, local newspaper and employees. The court held that the manipulation statement was not defamatory under the common law. Further, that the defamation-by-implication statement was protected by the expression of opinion privilege of the Utah Constitution."


You're working much too hard, pulling obscure cases from Utah. If you want some REAL Defamation on a local front, you could have gone on over to WMUR and watched them allow that jackass to post that I am a "white collar Internet criminal."

Door prizes on the left.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Ditmar wrote:

"I'm not Billy Boy's henchman I'm just one of the many internet people who has been screwed over by you."

KingCast says:

Exactly how did I allegedly do that? You provided $700 towards a video and you got your money's worth, and you are even in the video, expressing your legitimate feelings that you held and contemplated before making an intelligent comment. You came to me upset about NH LE pulling guns on you and you got a chance to vent and you helped people in Franconia say what was on their minds.

What's the problem here Ditmar, or as your Topix handle was, "Ghost of William Canaris."

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

But Ditmar was wrong about the Patric McCarthy case when he wrote this more than a year ago with his buddy Snowy/JMO/Lynn/Sasquatch:


Snowy White wrote:
"Patric McCarthy--Another NH LE Coverup"
The title of this thread, as submitted by "Detective Columbo" is not a statement of fact.
The premise is merely his opinion, and is very amateurish.

More fevered speculation by you-know-who. There is no story, just another attempt to generate publicity for a chance at fame and riches.

But it will never happen here. Probably not anywhere.

......The problem is, the Massachusetts Prosecutors, the Lieutenant Governor and many other respected LE disagree with that analysis and argue in favor of re-opening the investigation:


... Evidence has been brought forward that raises new questions concerning the case," Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray wrote in an Oct. 5 letter. "The United States Attorney's office in Massachusetts, as well as the McCarthy family, have found substantial evidence to revisit whether or not foul play was involved and to warrant a new look at the case by your office."


Then he wrote this:

To the conspiracy theorists, these statistics will constitute ironclad PROOF that the FBI, union leader, and CQ press are allied with the conspirators at Daily Kos, the state AGs office, the CIA, and various corporations with real estate holdings in the state.

You can't argue rationally with whackos. They are best just watched and utilized for amusement purposes, IMO.

....Which shows his ignorance because right about then the FBI was most definitely still reeling from a proved conspiracy in Boston, what a whacko idiot for not knowing that.

They framed Joe Salvati, read the last paragraph.

"Massive Payout" (BBC Coverage)

So Ditmar next time you open your wannabe proud Aryan mouth take time to see if you know WTF you're talking about. The only time I've heard you say something intelligent I captured it on video, in my KingCast short film that you helped fund, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

KingCast: Just keepin' it real.

Christopher King said...

And what did Bill Christy say at Topix after he researched matter but before he peed his pants and ran home?


Bill Christy/Lower Slower Delaware (yet another alias of his) wrote:

"The sworn statements are so different it is a travesty to the NH judicial system. Mr. Floyd is a 2 time convicted felon, and a liar he claims to have served in VietNam as an "agent" and killed 42 men, he was only 16-17 when Viet Nam ended in 1975. He never served in the Marines until 1976 and was discharged in 1979 (I have seen his partial military records). There are plenty of complaints that were filed against officer McKay,( all public record) he had a history of bullying the elderly, young adults and females. Eight ( 8 ) complaints of excessive force were filed against him. Hardly what I would call a stellar record."


"The look in Officer McKay's eyes and his facial expression that can be clearly seen on the dash cam is one of " I have you now you little f***er (sorry for the language). He had the look of a smug school yard bully ready to beat someone senseless. That's why he turned and walked away, and NO ONE will convince me otherwise. At best if Liko Kenny had lived he would have been charged with 2nd degree murder, and good lawyer probably could have had the charges reduced even further."

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah...I don't think Billy Boy is running anywhere your the one peeing your pants because Billy Boy, Casey, Lt. McNeil, and everyone else knows what a huckster you really are

Christopher King said...


I see, nothing of substance from you as usual. I'm cool with Lieutenant McNeil and our conversations remain private.

Meanwhile shut up and read the new post about Citibank's reliance on Kelly Ayotte, the MCAD Attorneys will see right through Citibank's nonsense.


28 November 2009
KingCast says Sam Shaulson and Citibank are wrong to make Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte their hero; she's malfeasance on wheels!

And you know what else?

The more Citibank fights this the more I get to expose what REALLY happened in NH to the MCAD office of lawyers, with Citibank hero Kelly Ayotte showing her true malfeasance.

Here's her Right-to-Know Ethics violations; she never even saw to it that a 2006 Annual Report was issued, just the facts.

She violated Rules of Civil Procedure in her case against me, which was DISMISSED.

She ignored my Ethics complaint when someone forged a mortgage with my name on it as Title Insurance Producer.

Read her true legacy here.

Franconia, Liko Kenney
Nashua, Michael Paulhus
Nashua, Christopher King
Jaffrey, Aaron Deboisbriand
Dalton, Diane Lyon
Hooksett, Gerard Beloin
Statewide: Carey Carlberg/Trooper's mediation
Statewide: Same-sex marriage
National, Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood (imploded on remand and Judge Di Clerico awarded attorney fees a coupla' weeks ago hahahahaha they kept that out of most major press but KingCast don't play that).
Lisbon, names and circumstances withheld at present

Old School: The Dow Murders, which I asked Kelly to reinvestigate. The cop totally killed his family, I am friends with his subsequent fiancee and boy did she scatter when she figured it out.

cc: MCAD

Christopher King said...

See now what's funny is the Topix trolls who think they can say and do anything without recourse, here is Defamation per se, it was removed but it's still on the Topix servers, no doubt:


King bash here - Topix
KingCast sends Huckster's bullsh*t right back at him, with a vengeance. .... He was fired for snorting or smoking something at the Hyatt Regency; ...


And another lying Topix asshat wrote this publicly that I have preserved in my blog.

"even amidst several firings for doing coke in a restsricted bathroom at the Hyatt. Check with the kitchen help. Many of us already have."


That is a complete and utter lie (and contains a misspelling). Wonder if an LE wrote that bullshit, there are ways to find out if it ever comes down to it.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

So you can post your lies, innuendos and assumptions about others, but when others make posts about you; you have a problem with it. Very hypocritical of you.

Christopher King said...


Show me where I made an affirmative statement that somebody does drugs or was caught for doing drugs and fired.


-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

I don't play your games or extortion and blackmail. I don't make a screen shot of every post you make that I find offensive. You have made several innuendos of LE making comments or doing some action. Where you have no proof who made such comment or did such action.

Christopher King said...


Innuendo, satire, sarcasm, criticism, all permissible pursuant to the First Amendment.

Hell I don't need innuendo to make Bruce McKay look like a Bad Cop, Ms. B and the penis-shaped knife to her privates Affidavit did that in one fell swoop.

How would Ditmar Kopf feel if Bruce McKay had done this to M.A. Kopf?


"He said my lights weren't on but they were.... I was just trying to get to a lighted area but he was still upset with me, yelling at me because I didn't stop right away but it was snowing and cold and dark out."

"The knife was shaped like a penis, the top was like a spade on a card."

"What are you doing... I asked him 3 times."
Editor: Note Liko Kenney's last words on this Earth.

"He did NOT even try to unbuckle the seatbelt."

"Bruce lied at the ALS appeal and said that I was not upset about the original arrest and the knife but the issue was never raised at that time because my lawyer thought it best not to antagonize the situation, and we won in front of Judge Cyr, who was obviously annoyed with McKay and told him "there's a quantum leap between probable cause and a DUI."

"He said that I said regarding the DUI test, 'why don't I just BLOW,' implying that I was being less than a lady, but (part-time Franconia officer) Joel Peabody said I was a lady at all times."

"I went to Chief Montminy directly with my concerns and he asked me to put them in writing so I wrote the 13 page complaint, to which I never received any response. I told him my credentials include a BS in Criminal Justice, a teaching certificate and being an elected public commissioner."

"After the stop, but before I wrote the complaint McKay stopped us to scare us and he knew I was not driving because of my ALS and knew my daughter was driving because he saw us get in the car. I told my daughter 'don't roll down your window this guy is nuts....' and said to McKay, 'Bruce you know I wasn't driving you saw us get in the car...."

"My husband was a police officer and his friends at the Attorney General's office suggested I write a complaint."

"I recommended he be sent to a certified psychologist for cognitive testing for communication and control issues... this could cause serious problems for officer McKay or Franconia."

"I said that ambiguity in policy and procedures makes Bruce McKay a dangerous person."

"I said I am not writing to retaliate and said this should serve as an instrument to warn Franconia of a dangerous situation."

I said that consideration of assessment information as well as citizen reports should determine his ability to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer."

Funny, that's exactly what I wrote to NH State Rep. Martha McLeod in the KingCast 10 July 2007 letter.