01 November 2009

KingCast and TOUCH Beat 106.1 FM ask: Why are 43% of the Boston Citizen Police Complaints still pending?

KingCast observation: Forty-three per cent of anything is a LOT. That figure jumped out at me while I enjoyed my Trader Joe's crab cake lunch on my back porch so some further inquiry is in order. Are these the more difficult cases or simply the ones that came in later, I wonder? I had a great talk with Boston Community Ombudsman Yola Cabrillana last week and will follow up with Ruth Suber and John O'Brien to see if they could use some more volunteers, funding and other resources before I go on air Wednesday. Listen to the 28 October 2009 show in which I discuss the importance of the Community Ombudsman Oversight Panel. Watch a related movie "Policing the Police" at the Casey Sherman "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" blog entry.

FWIW I am aware of a situation involving certain area LE who are trying to work on this and other community relations situations and they are getting the cold shoulder and run out of a job; no real performance issues but the Thin Blue Line is tripping them up if you catch my drift. That's unfortunate because Bad Cops need to get gone, so that Good Cops can enjoy the benefits of the full measure of respect they are OWED for doing what is arguably the toughest job in the World.

cc: Donovan Slack, Boston Globe.


Christopher King said...

PS: Ms. Cabrillana informs that the report will soon be hosted on the City's Website so everyone can review it.

But for now, you saw it here first.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boston Bob

Christopher King said...

Case No. 08-02S
Serious Misconduct
Finding TBD

Addendum investigative report submitted to D. Hall on 28 April 2009.

Preliminary Finding: Not Fair and Not Thorough.

Violation(s): 102-3 Conduct Unbecoming and 102-9 Respectful treatment.

Summary: Complainants alleged that one officer verbally and physically assaulted them. They also alleged that another officer yelled obscenities and made racial remarks.