02 November 2009

KingCast and TOUCH 106.1FM see Black Political Task Force endorse Flaherty/Yoon.

Here at studio a few moments ago Lloyd King and James Cofield said they were "disgusted" with Mayor Menino's performance in several areas, most notably schools and minority hiring. For his part on upcoming KingCast YouTube video, Councilor Flaherty promised earnest commitment toward placing qualified minority candidates at upper echelon positions in his cabinet and within the Boston Police Department. He has repeatedly stated
"My cabinet will resemble the City of Boston."
today he added:
"The Mayor's cabinet is more reflective of 1909 than 2009."
He also committed to adhere to the Boston Residency Jobs policy and promised sanctions for contractors and subcontractors who don't follow it. By sanctions I hope and assume that he means non-monetary default and no continued business.


Anonymous said...

Councilman Flaherty would be equally "disgusted" when he sees the well documented evidence about the duplicitous actions of Christopher King

Christopher King said...

Actually Bill Christy, if anyone cares enough to even read whatever you claim to be forwarding they will more likely laugh in your face.

More about Bill Christy:

Try Gregory Floyd for Murder.

Lying about what critically-acclaimed author Casey Sherman says when he agrees with KingCast.

That's just for starters, Bill. Your pattern of unfounded nasty accusations against me I have well-documented. Vicodin and car accidents, please.

You need mental help, Son.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


To the extent that every time you question the government you are using the First Amendment, yah I'm duplicitous.

Have you seen the name of the blog?

Such big words for you, better get yourself a thee-oh-sore-us in order to use them wisely.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

When the story of Tom Menino’s 20 -or 24, or 28 - years as mayor is finally written, will anyone remember that Michael Flaherty once came within 15 points of unseating him?


BWWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA loser! btw the Local 7 boys would love to talk to you about your b/s thoughts.

Christopher King said...


Nobody's crying here pal.

We're just going to work with the Mayor to make certain he is accountable to the standards put in place during his tenure, like the Boston Jobs Policy.

If that means going to the EEOC and the DOJ, then so be it.

BWAHWAHWAWA to you, My Friend ;)

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

why don't you get real a job instead of trying to put other people out of work and out of their homes

Christopher King said...

I have several "real jobs" one of which is investigative reporting.

If people are committing Civil Rights violations they deserve to be out of a job.

Thanks for checking in.

-The KingCaster