12 November 2009

KingCast, the 650R and the iPhone present: Evening ride.


Christopher King said...

One thing you miss when you start driving your car more in the winter is the fact that you can pay for the gas for your bike with the change from your beer stein on the corner of your desk.


Anonymous said...

If you really earned the $35.00 hour 70K a year as you b/s'd about 2 weeks ago you wouldn't need to worry about chump change.

Christopher King said...

I'm not worried, it's just fun :)

You want me to post a pay stub you stupid jackass?

Of course you will claim that it was altered, as you said about the envelope from the Columbus Bar Association in which they appropriately refer to me as "Christopher King, Esq."

See how stupid you sound?

-The KingCaster