17 November 2009

KingCast, the 650R, the 1200 Sportster and the iPhone present: Ponemah Bog, fall, 2009.

It was a beautiful day for a couple of rides, so I got up with my Nashua crew and did just that yesterday and today. I might post up some video but I really should buy a tank mount for the camera, not happy with the results. Anyway, the Ponemah Bog Sanctuary story is interesting and you can read it for yourself in the photo, and here is the website. The tree lights are courtesy Penuche's Ale House.

BTW that's my friend Pat, she has a 100-year Anniversary 1200 Sportster, a great bike even though yah, it leaks. It's a Harley whaddya' want! It was her birthday 2 years ago when I posted up about what someone noted about Norman Bruce McKay:
"He was such a ridiculous hard-ass for no reason. 'Your light's too bright', or whatever he had a hair across his ass about, they gave him carte blanche up there."

"Wow," I said.

"And one time I saw him get 22 people kicked out for no reason, just a family there with young kids, no Harleys or nothing. I hate to say he should have been killed, but........"

Just the facts.

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