24 November 2009

JAG Attorney and Bill Christy Project leader says "nigger this nigger that, Motherfucker this Motherfucker that," and Ditmar Kopf is scared of NH LE.

KingCast say: You can only really judge a Man by his words and actions. Bill Christy likes to call black people he does not like "niggers," and "motherfuckers." Really professional, wonder how much longer black folks will actually pay to hear music by this hate monger once they know this. I know he tried to FaceBook friend my friend, a fantastic guitarist named Trent Berry, but Trent kicked him to the curb like the $2 trick that he is. Meanwhile, Ditmar Kopf says
"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

Now of course the Fun Part comes as these two men writhe about, substantially and materially changing their positions on the essence of the Franconia shooting tragedy, trying to blame me for all of their prior opinions, including Bill Christy saying
"I would have shot Bruce McKay as well, and I don't say this lightly."
In point of fact they had the entire mass media system and their free minds at work. But then again given what I have seen lately from these guys, I'm not exactly sure how much actual cranial activity is really going on with them, they seem more like horizontal bop buddies.

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Anonymous said...

huckster spewing more of your lies I see yeah Billy Boy called you (one black person) a N***** one time, guess what puppy pee'r dude that is his first amendment right irregardless of how reprehensible you find it which can't be much because you use the word all the time. How many times and women have you called a douchebag or any of the other terms you use. As far as Trent you didn't even know Billy Boy and he were friends until Billy Boy told you. Then you started all your crap in Trents facebook page. Not only do blacks pay to see Billy Boy play, Billy Boy is asked to play with black professional musicians all over the country. Billy Boy also has many black professional friends all over the world he just doesn't associate with blacks like you.you dumb bunny jackass leg peeing puppy

Christopher King said...

No Ditmar there you go again with your revisionist history. Bill called more blacks than me a nigger, and he then edited out that passage where I described why I called him a nigger -- AFTER he called me one.

You guys are pathetic.


Also Ditmar did you say what you meant in the video or not?

It's a yes or no question, you dumb bunny jackass.

Trent Berry dropped Billy Boy of his own volition, and Trent (whom I have known for 17 years) told me he only friended Bill because he thought Bill was a friend of mine. As soon as he read more about Bill he dropped him like a $2 trick.

You are a douchebag and so is Bill whether he has some black friends and audiences is irrelevant.

As for your other buddy Sam Colt coming to Billy Cwissy's defense ("niggers come in all colours") I've yet to see Bill, Sam, you or anyone else on Topix call somebody white "A Nigger" so piss off.


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


Douchebag vs. Motherfucker,

Come now one is a physical instrument that your mother should have used immediately after sex to prevent your birth, the other is a swear word and profane, just like Billy Cwissy.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

huckster really he has called other blacks the N word you mean Al Sharpton and Marion Berry when he compared you to them. That's 3 MF now lets see how many you have Gloria Timmons, all the NAACP members in Ohio and NH, the black Supreme Court jurists who suspened you law license. Then don't forget in all the MF'rs you have used in your blog since 2005 and all the other internet forums sure enough seems you suck at math as much as you do at law mah man...

Christopher King said...


Show me where I wrote that someone was a motherfucker.

Show me where I called anyone connected with the court system in Ohio a nigger.

Besides, this isn't about me, you always want to try to make things be about me, when really this is about Bill Cwissy.


I see you failed to answer the simple yes or no question.

What's the matter, you couldn't remember to answer that -- some of the Floyd PCP mix done GOTCHA?

Christopher King said...

Also Billy let me help you out with your English skills because all you seem to be able to do is curse.

Your website reads:

"The Bill Christy Project

Bill's Delaware based band is comprised of some of the regions finest musicians."


It's "composed of" you idiot.

KingCast: I'm here to help.

Anonymous said...

huckster, go look in your photobucket account and your other mindless ramblings,there are a number of black people you have called mother fuckers and niggers as far as Billy Boys english skills he didn't write it dumb bunny jackass leg peeing puppy the state of Delaware did.

Christopher King said...

Ditmar (DUMB)Kopf:

So you're telling me the State of Delaware wrote Bill Christy's personal website?

You're getting confused My Friend. The state of Delaware has a different website where you can find Bill Cwissy's home address though.

As to your other allegations post the links to what you allege, just as I do when I make a claim.

And put down the crack pipe dude.

Anonymous said...

As far as Billy Boys "comprised of" it is completely acceptable according to current lingustics like always your argument is just more p/o on your part. To clarify the link you provided isn't his "personal" web site either it is his bands web site and the name of the band is Bill Christy Project not "The" Bill Christy Project so if you want to get into technicalities and splitting hairs off you shaved black balls you are incorrect on several key points MF

Christopher King said...

Current linguistics have polluted the English language.

Also "his bands web site" you left off the possessive apostrophe on "band's" -- probably permissible by current linguistics as well.

Again, everything I needed from you I've already got:

"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."


My the temperature is an absolutely balmy 49 degrees, time for a spin on the 650R!

Peace out, Bro.

Christopher King said...

And boy oh boy was Gregory Floyd a threat to children meeting the Statutory exception for CORI publication. But don't take my word for it:

Take into account the words of Police Chief Robert Every:

"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon..."


Then try Bret J. Beausoliel, you know the LE whom I got a picture of Floyd attacking on 15 April 2008.

I show that picture in my classroom lecture at Bridgewater in case you missed it, fool.


"This writer is aware of the fact through other investigations that employees of the Franconia Elementary School have also been threatened by FLOYD. This writer intends to make Judge CYR aware of these concerns...."


-The KingCaster

PS: Floyd is another pottymouth like your buddy Billy Christy, he called Judge Cyr a "fucking asshole."

But hey, he's your new hero, and that's why you got them scuff marks on your knees from standing before him to pay your respects before he gives you your just desserts ;)

PPS: And how did Gregory Floyd get a Massachusetts gun permit?

Interesting indeed, he is protected on some level a Made Man.

Christopher King said...

You mean the one who was selling dope with the Kenneys, according to Floyd?

Is that the one you mean My Friend?

Meanwhile on that CORI tip you had better read Lazo v. Southbridge, 5 Mass. L. Rep. 419 (1996) fool.

Aryan wannabe intellectually smoked by a "nigger" as his friend Bill Christy would say.

He's gotta hate that.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

A few comments from this post

Blogger Christopher King said...

It is clear over the course of time that somebody took this boy (and that Ditmar Kopf boy) out to the woodshed and gave them a good talking to and told them this kind of published thought is not permissible in America:


Lower Slower Delaware
“ bill christy project © 2006”
Joined: Sep 21, 2007
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Reply »
|Report Abuse |Judge it! |#306 Apr 21, 2008

There were formal complaints filed and both Chris and I have addressed that with you ad naseum(sic) There were formal complaints from private citizens as well as other safety officials Chief of Police from neighboring town, fire officials, emergency responders and NH state Police.

NONE of the complaints were ever acted upon by anyone on the Franconia Police Department or the Franconia Board of Selectman. WMUR had to threaten suit to get the complaints released.
Nobody is taking crap about a dead officer!

What we are talking about are well documented events of police abuse of power, and use of excessive force.

We are talking about a coverup by local officials who knew about a cop who was out of control and were aware of the complaints and did NOTHING!

One has to wonder what could McKay possibly have on town officials that no one had the intestinal fortitude to put a stop to McKay's reign of terror.


Blogger Christopher King said...

And last for today, keep in mind this is well into 2008 so Bill has had eight (8) months to think about this case:

RE: Liko's gun
Monday, January 21, 2008 9:55 AM
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I know where you are going with this theory and I think you could be right.

Did the state turn over all the photos from the crime scene? There are several responders who stated they took pictures of the weapons (I will look for specific pgs for you) .

The police narrative about the weapons being secured should have some reference as well (i.e. gun was jammed; gun had 1 round chambered/ 3 in the clip) OR
The officer who cleared the jam SHOULD and WOULD HAVE noted that very important fact, in HIS narrative.

The fact that Floyd removed the gun from Kenney's hands removed the most crucial evidence for a possible way to prove the AG's ruling to be wrong. Assuming Liko was right handed he would have been holding the gun in his right hand with his left hand over the top of the slide palm side down. This is the most effective way to un-jam a semi automatic handgun. Floyd claims the gun was jammed when he shot Liko.

If photos show the gun un jammed and the officers found it that way, that should be reason enough to request the case be reopened.

From Me:

Here's how I think the events played out after the OC spray:

Liko Shoots McKay stops shooting because his gun jammed on the 5th round ( I believe the clean through shot to the forearm was caused by one of the same bullets that struck his torso, the only recovered 4 bullets)

In a panic Liko tries to flee the scene and blinded by the OC spray hits Cpl McKay

Liko backs up car knowing he has hit something.....but he is blinded by the OC spray still

Floyd picks up McKay's firearm shoots first shot at Liko's windshield

Liko realizing someone is shooting immediately stops his car and starts to try to un jam his gun

Floyd looks in the passenger window sees what Liko is doing and at point blank range fired 2 shots killing him.

4:44 AM

Christopher King said...

But Ditmar was wrong about the Patric McCarthy case when he wrote this more than a year ago with his buddy Snowy/JMO/Lynn/Sasquatch:


Snowy White wrote:
"Patric McCarthy--Another NH LE Coverup"
The title of this thread, as submitted by "Detective Columbo" is not a statement of fact.
The premise is merely his opinion, and is very amateurish.

More fevered speculation by you-know-who. There is no story, just another attempt to generate publicity for a chance at fame and riches.

But it will never happen here. Probably not anywhere.

......The problem is, the Massachusetts Prosecutors, the Lieutenant Governor and many other respected LE disagree with that analysis and argue in favor of re-opening the investigation:


... Evidence has been brought forward that raises new questions concerning the case," Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray wrote in an Oct. 5 letter. "The United States Attorney's office in Massachusetts, as well as the McCarthy family, have found substantial evidence to revisit whether or not foul play was involved and to warrant a new look at the case by your office."


Then he wrote this:

To the conspiracy theorists, these statistics will constitute ironclad PROOF that the FBI, union leader, and CQ press are allied with the conspirators at Daily Kos, the state AGs office, the CIA, and various corporations with real estate holdings in the state.

You can't argue rationally with whackos. They are best just watched and utilized for amusement purposes, IMO.

....Which shows his ignorance because right about then the FBI was most definitely still reeling from a proved conspiracy in Boston, what a whacko idiot for not knowing that.

They framed Joe Salvati, read the last paragraph.

"Massive Payout" (BBC Coverage)

So Ditmar next time you open your wannabe proud Aryan mouth take time to see if you know WTF you're talking about. The only time I've heard you say something intelligent I captured it on video, in my KingCast short film that you helped fund, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

KingCast: Just keepin' it real.