06 November 2009

Hey KingCast why do the Topix forums about you keep getting the heave-ho?

The answer is in my email response to an anonymous person, or set of people:

PS: Why do you think they keep taking down the topix forums about me?

This is the 3rd time.

Someone suggested that it's not so much because they give a damn about the Defamation against me, rather it's that random people are reading my responses in light of Casey Sherman's new book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" and coming to the conclusion that Kelly Ayotte is a scumbag lying Prosecutor who should be disbarred as is Mike Nifong, that's why. I never even asked topix to remove the threads, and furthermore I had a blog dedicated to Kelly Ayotte before:
The blog just up'n disappeared, so I recreated part of it for y'all:

KingCast: No bullshit spoken, hence the seven (7) older and continuing attempts to unlawfully restrict my speech, even though I am purportedly irrelevant.

I don't think so.

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