30 November 2009

KingCast sees white woman attack Kelly Ayotte and her husband, but no complaints from Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project, or from Ditmar Kopf.

Read it and weep, guys. What's the matter fellas, cat got your tongues?
By Debbie Schlussel
Today’s USA Today cover has a picture of New Hampshire U.S. Senate Seat candidate Kelly Ayotte . . . along with her Mr. Mom hubby taking care of the kiddies, which is sad in and of itself. (Dude surrendered his man card at the door.) The article is about at-risk Democrats on the defense from Republican candidates in the 2010 mid-term elections. But Ayotte is exactly the kind of Republican we DON’T need.

When I complain about Kelly -- not even dogging on her family like that -- this is what you professional white men say as you call me a "Motherfucker" and a "Nigger."
"Hey KingCast be a man for once in your life. Step up to the plate and drive yourself down here to Delaware, and take me on. I'll hand you your balls and arse on a platter. Big man picking on a white woman.....you coward."


KingCast open letter #2 to Columbus Bar Association and Bruce Campbell, Esq.

Dear Attorney Campbell,

Thirteen months have passed since I asked you for the identity of anonymous complaining parties in New Hampshire, and for the disposition of same. You replied by telling me the file was confidential, then I waived confidentiality pursuant to Disciplinary Counsel v. O'Neill, 75 Ohio St.3d 1479, 664 N.E.2d 532 Ohio 1996 as noted in this post. You held your position.

Therfore I was quite surprised to find the the Columbus Bar Association did indeed forward this very same information to my present adversary in a Civil Rights complaint -- an adversary that has allowed for Spoliation of Evidence I might add.

Can you please explain to me this apparent paradox? Surely Sam Shaulson and Citibank counsel have no more right to the information than I did? Please immediately email me the information that you provided to them because to me this resembles a Due Process/Fairness/Equal Protection issue of the Highest Order.

Caption: Client Michael Isreal, Bruce Campbell, Esq., Julie Davis, Esq., Ivery Forman, Esq. (arms crossed) at "American Lawyer" http://KingCast.net

KingCast presents: Chinese take-away.... at home!

You order.... One garlic ginger lime tiger shrimp with sauteed bok choy and eggplant?

KingCast draws First Blood against Sam Shaulson and Citibank with Motion to Compel in racial discrimination case.

After weeks of Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank playing games with video that they tried to "threaten" my lawyer with, I wrote a Motion to Compel and they said they would forward the video to MCAD "immediately." They don't want me to post any parts of it on YouTube because it will show they were lying about my behavior at the bank. I will not show any customers or any Citibank personnel excepting Carlo Caramanna, and if necessary I will hire a lip reader if we can see him talking, that will firmly establish they lied when they said the Decision Maker was black. That's ridiculous because the purported Decision Maker was only a teller, I know her personally. She would have opened an account for me and that's why there's no written statement from her.

Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank will now face a Motion for Sanctions for Spoliation of Evidence based on clearly applicable Law. From the Motion I hand delivered to MCAD and FEDEX'd to Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis and Citibank.
From the Motion:

Despite clear and repeated warnings, Citibank has allowed for the spoliation of crucial video that would show my behavior at the bank to be exemplary and would show that they knew exactly who JRT is: In those videos one can see her get the paperwork and sit in the offices in order to open an account!

See MacLellan v. Shaw's Supermarket, Inc., 24 Mass. L. Rep. 317 (2008)
Plaintiffs filed a motion for sanctions against the supermarket for spoliation of evidence, alleging a failure to preserve a scissor lift, destruction of a surveillance video, improper documentation of the incident, and inadequate maintenance records……..

The same was true of the video tape. The court noted that the video which might have shown the sequence of events that resulted in the alleged injury was material and relevant evidence.


KingCast tells Ditmar Kopf: I will not come anywhere near you, 'cos I value our friendship and you're my Nig.

View Larger MapDear Ditmar, I thank you so much for all you have done for the Cause of Justice. You publicly stated:
"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

You then helped me figure out how to slam Citibank about Exhibit C, so funny now that they will now produce the requested materials only after I filed a Motion to Compel them to produce missing video that they had threatened my lawyer with in the first place. You will see when I post the video that my behavior at the bank gave them no reason whatsoever to refuse to open an account for me while they opened one for my Caucasian girlfriend.

So really bro' -- my bro'-ham if I may -- I'm like totally grateful for all you've done and I would never snoop around your premises whatsoever. In fact, you know I like Ponemah Bog, just down the road from you, but before my riding nigs (some Caucasian nigs included) and I set out we mapped your place and made sure to avoid cutting by near you. We made an especially wide berth because we didn't know if you had extended your property with the $220K second you took on 22 April, 2004. That's what Good Nigs do, and you have been a Good Nig to me. And your Topix buddies Sam Colt and Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project (listen to him call me a "Motherfucker" here, it's some wild stuff) would say that "Anybody of any color can be a Nig," so welcome in, my Nig.

Peace out my Nig, even though I still think your uber-quick BMW is a totally generic automobile, anybody can go fast, it's how much style you've got ;)

KingCast quick review of Fox TV story on Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

The bias of the host was patent in the way she says
“Veteran police officer came face to face with the town slacker -- Hippy Kid,”

Never mind the fact that Liko Kenney was happily and gainfully employed at Merrill’s Agway.

Never mind the FACT that Bruce McKay has a horrible complaint history, some of which was never set forth to the general public, including complaints from the town fire department that they were afraid of Bruce McKay. No mention of any of that, of course, but that is the whole point that leads to Casey’s point, as he correctly notes: “police shooter has just as much support as the officer,” and he was good to mention the drug cocktail that Gregory Floyd was on, along with Floyd's disturbing statements “I kill for the government,” and “I’ve killed 43 people….”

You know most of my points have been made in this post from your book opening, and in this post with KingCast YouTube video in the classroom of Randolph Lieutenant George McNeil.

Let’s see that Franconia book signing soon.
Peace Casey.

29 November 2009

KingCast seeks IP address of Topix troll who falsely stated illicit drug use led to termination.

Dear Topix administrators and counsel:

Please provide me the IP address and identity of the anonymous poster who affirmatively stated that I was fired by the Hyatt Greenwich for doing drugs in the bathroom. That assertion is 100% false. Here is the snippet that remains cached on the Internet:
King bash here - Topix... He was fired for snorting or smoking something at the Hyatt Regency; ...

That goes well beyond the acceptable limits of parody, opinion or the hypothetical, as I noted, it is set forth as an AFFIRMATIVE FACT and that runs foul of the principles of Defamation. Therefore you should forward the requested information per John Doe v. Cahill, 884 A.2d 451; 2005 Del. LEXIS 381; 33 Media L. Rep. 2441 (2005) because unlike most of the hate-bashing where people accuse me of not having descended testicles or whatever, this is much more than a matter of opinion: It is actionable.

Also Fuzzy Zoeller sued Wikipedia when someone falsely accused him of drug and alcohol problems one and two.

28 November 2009

Judge Groff and KingCast: Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte can't even follow the Rules of Civil Procedure.

And her bogus case against me was dismissed.

Read Kelly Ayotte's True Legacy here:
Boo. Yah.

I know, I know, Bill Christy would say I'm just picking on a white woman blah blah blah.... but really his beef is with Judge Groff.

Or perhaps he's "got beef" with Ditmar Kopf, you know, the same way the Topix trolls say I allegedly don't have a descended scrotal sack, am a cross-dresser, a eunuch, a nigger, a motherfucker, and whatever else these short-minded people can "think" of. It's truly a shame but perhaps one day they will cross (and stay on) the path of Enlightenment.

Kelly Ayotte lost $110M on the Tuttle/JUA Insurance cases.
09-E-148 & 09-E-151, and this was affirmed on appeal.


KingCast presents: Boo-Yah!!!! The Ghetto Golden Oldie of the Year.


I'll send that out to each and everyone who reads this blog, and you can take it as you like. Some folks think my blog is "despicable" or "Ghetto" and that I'm Ghetto. Whatever that means, after all much of Middle America lives in suburban sprawl Ghettos when you get right down to it, including Ditmar Kopf/LS/Light Shiner/Ghost of Wilhem Canaris -- another racist pig working on Adolph Hitler's Plantation, yah.

The Bright Side: Citibank (defending an MCAD Complaint for unlawful discrimination) and people like Ditmar Kopf raise the issue of Kelly Ayotte's baseless, misguided, failed and feckless attacks on me so now I get to expose the Real Legacy of U.S. Senate hopeful and former NH AG Kelly Ayotte. Even if she wins the stink from her past here in NH will always be a liability, nice. That's my job as a Citizen and investigative journalist and as the Civil Rights Lawyer who beat my old boss, Bloody Betty Montgomery to settle a Monell claim and to secure a finding of Fact and Law that two Hamilton, Ohio cops (Rhodes and Hensley) made Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime. Watch him sing Negro Spirituals when I won the acquittal of Jerry Doyle after a four (4) day trial for a bogus case of Criminal Trespass at the Columbus School Board at the KingCast short film "American Lawyer."



KingCast says Sam Shaulson and Citibank are wrong to make Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte their hero; she's malfeasance on wheels!


And you know what else?

The more Citibank fights this the more I get to expose what REALLY happened in NH to the MCAD office of lawyers, with Citibank hero Kelly Ayotte showing her true malfeasance.

She lost $110M on the Tuttle/JUA Insurance cases.
09-E-148 & 09-E-151

Here's her Right-to-Know Ethics violations; she never even saw to it that a 2006 Annual Report was issued, just the facts.

She violated Rules of Civil Procedure in her case against me, which was DISMISSED.

She ignored my Ethics complaint when someone forged a mortgage with my name on it as Title Insurance Producer.

Remember the Unconstitutional juvenile DNA reporting that got rescinded last year after the ACLU busted on her? I was the first to report that, BTW because the boy's father wrote me on it.

And remember Vericomm/MBF Leasing scam that many Attorney Generals were fighting? The Class Action FRAUD case in New York continues watch the video and read the Decision in Pludeman v. Northern Leasing Systems, 2008 NY Slip Op 04183 (2008). The class was certified on 24 April 2009, 2009 NY Slip Op 51290U read the comments. But Kelly Ayotte ignored my complaint on that, of course. It wouldn't surprise me if Sam Shaulson worked on the defense of those crooks too, it's right in his backyard!

Read Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte's true legacy here.

Franconia, Liko Kenney
Nashua, Michael Paulhus
Nashua, Christopher King
Jaffrey, Aaron Deboisbriand
Dalton, Diane Lyon
Hooksett, Gerard Beloin
Statewide: Carey Carlberg/Trooper's mediation
Statewide: Same-sex marriage
National, Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood (imploded on remand and Judge Di Clerico awarded attorney fees a coupla' weeks ago hahahahaha they kept that out of most major press but KingCast don't play that).
Lisbon, names and circumstances withheld at present

Old School: The Dow Murders, which I asked Kelly to reinvestigate. The cop totally killed his family, I am friends with his subsequent fiancee and boy did she scatter when she figured it out.

cc: MCAD

27 November 2009

KingCast and the iPhone present: A pretty flower.

With so many people writing in here with their negativity and lies to try to keep me busy, I figured it was time to share a nice little piece of art that a friend of mine had in the window. A Good Evening to All, nighty-night catch you on the 'morrow!

KingCast dissects a hater and a Downpressor Man trying to attack First Amendment Rights.

Here's what someone wrote me today:

Perhaps one of us posting is an investigator just engaging you so you keep making your incriminating comments that will cause your final downfall.
KingCast response:
I have no doubt that there are disgruntled LE, the same sort who called the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole-Colored People" (read the comments for the direct quote) lurking about and trying to get me to say or do something illegal. Keep on trying guys, wasting taxpayer monies. If you are implying I've had any downfalls, I know of at least one convicted felon disbarred lawyer who is now of counsel with Shaheen & Gordon. Michael McLaughlin.

Your eblog is filled with disgusting filth, racist hate filled comments and veiled threats of violence, dating back to 2005 when you statred your eblog it began well before Bill Christy ever became "involved" with you. This is just but one of at least 6 different eblogs that you are the author of and all have similar content.

KingCast response: I have several blogs that contain a mix of photography, Civil Rights and whatever else I feel like blogging about that does not violate the First Amendment. Any notion that I am a racist is ludicrous. My first blog entry in June, 2005 was about the Patriot Act and I was correct in my legal opinion on it. I have not threatened anybody, and have never been convicted of doing any such thing, but people have paid me to settle Defamation claims after they accused me of being a "Dangerous Black Man."

Ditmar Kopf helps KingCast show how Sam Shaulson, Esq. and Citibank are lying about Exhibit C.

Through vigorous discourse consonant with the First Amendment that our so-called Founding Fathers envisioned, Ditmar Kopf brought about a small epiphany that shows how deceitful Citibank really is.

Therefore I'll be amending my Reply Memoranda to note that not only can one read the name one the back of the canceled check, banks scan images as a virtual signature; that's how they check signatures. Therefore the bank is fully aware that they opened a bank account for "JRT" and Attorney Shaulson should be summarily sanctioned for yet another deceitful and dilatory (in)action.

This in addition to the fact that they could have checked their own records for the day date and time in question and sorted that out in minutes.

Query, what if we really were dangerous people or terrorists, does Respondent hold the position that they would not be able to provide any information about the identity of "JRT" and whether they opened an account for her?

Citibank's position is 100% Sanctionable.
As for Ditmar he has shown signs of intelligence, listen to him in the KingCast YouTube video when he says
"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

KingCast replies to Sam Shaulson and Citibank on Motion to Compel and Motion to Strike.

Complainant's Reply Memorandum on my Motion to Compel:
The Documents are combined in one here at wepaper, I will embed later.

"Despite clear and repeated warnings, Citibank has allowed for the spoliation of crucial video that would show my behavior at the bank to be exemplary and would show that they knew exactly who JRT is: In those videos one can see her get the paperwork and sit in the offices in order to open an account!

See MacLellan v. Shaw's Supermarket, Inc., 24 Mass. L. Rep. 317 (2008)

Plaintiffs filed a motion for sanctions against the supermarket for spoliation of evidence, alleging a failure to preserve a scissor lift, destruction of a surveillance video, improper documentation of the incident, and inadequate maintenance records……..

The same was true of the video tape. The court noted that the video which might have shown the sequence of events that resulted in the alleged injury was material and relevant evidence.

Despite clear and continual warnings to maintain video from all visits to the bank – including the time when their staff called me a “motherfucker” and extended their index fingers -- Citibank’s niggardly response is now to provide Respondent claims that I am “playing games” with the legal system for not providing them the full name of my girlfriend, the allegedly “unidentified woman” for whom Citibank most definitely opened a bank account. That is ludicrous as I provided her initials, and Citibank knows when she was at the bank (with Derrick Gillenwater and me) and it is a simple matter for them to see that they did indeed open a bank account for her.

From the Reply Memorandum on my Motion to Strike.

"...All grievances were DISMISSED. Even more interesting is that the Columbus Bar Association seems to be giving the Respondent more information than they gave me: When I asked for the information and disposition of anonymous complaints that came in from New Hampshire they refused to tell me who it was, only now I come to find out that the Columbus Bar Association freely shared that information with Respondent.

I never got the identity of the accusers that the Bar Association provided to Respondent at will. Fascinating." See Attachment 1.


KingCast says "Hey Bill Christy I said you wrote the lion's share of Try Gregory Floyd for Murder, you just didn't write all of it you flim-flam man."

This is what he wrote that shows you he views everything as racial, and that he is violent by nature: "Hey KingCast be a man for once in your life. Step up to the plate and drive yourself down here to Delaware, and take me on. I'll hand you your balls and arse on a platter. Big man picking on a white woman.....you coward."

But look what he wrote before he got cold feet. And look what he wrote me on at 5:56pm 23 Jan 2008
RE: Another blow to NH Prosecutors.
Thought you would get a chuckle out of this as well. Seems they are getting their asses handed to them pretty hard (and it ain't on a silver platter)

Now we see why he calls me a "Motherfucker" as you can hear in the video, it's because I document his flim-flam nature. From this Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains/Chronicle post.
Meanwhile there is a man who is a former JAG, and ostensibly an intelligent being, who wrote the lions' share of "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" who has since lost his mind and fancies Bruce McKay and Gregory Floyd as heroes.

Here again is my DMCA Affidavit proving that I provided crucial substantive text, which certainly gives me a claim to joint/shared copyright, which does not -- contrary to Bill's wishful thinking -- require 50-50% writing shares. I actually wrote more than what I noted in the Affidavit, I wrote the bit about Caleb and the gun pointing at them "before they even got on the road" as well. Notably, Bill says to the NH Statesmen
"I believe you will arrive at the same conclusion we did."
Who is "we" Bill, you mean you and me, the principal authors of the piece, Lynne had a couple of comments too. Remember I have all of the emails Billy Boy.

Eventually I will get a chance to read the Affidavit that Bill sent in to Topix to see if he misrepresented anything; I am sending my Affidavit about William F. Christy to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel of the Delaware Bar Association today. At least that's what he said his name was in a 19 January 2008 email to "Snowy" and me.

Here is another Topix comment
from Bill Christy -- who now goes my the name "Corporal McKay's friend" of the Bill Christy Project. Let's see what he wrote about Bruce McKay and of his own problems with LE:
I was forced out by a dirty cop and a dirty police department, because I feared for my safety and my families.

As far as the complaints against McKay there were many made before the Liko Kenney incident, and before McKay was cop in NH. Just because the man had a badge doesn't make him above reproach.

"The information I have about McKay before he moved to NH is verified."

Also Straight from Topix from the flim-flam man:

Lower Slower Delaware
“ bill christy project © 2006”
Joined: Sep 21, 2007
Comments: 1744

Reply »
|Report Abuse |Judge it! |#306 Apr 21, 2008

There were formal complaints filed and both Chris and I have addressed that with you ad naseum(sic) There were formal complaints from private citizens as well as other safety officials Chief of Police from neighboring town, fire officials, emergency responders and NH state Police.

NONE of the complaints were ever acted upon by anyone on the Franconia Police Department or the Franconia Board of Selectman......

25 November 2009

KingCast asks, "Are BIll Christy and Ditmar Kopf Down Low brothers?"

Something has repeatedly struck me as interesting about these two men, the way they back each other up now that they have switch-hit on the Franconia shooting tragedy to proclaim that Bruce McKay and Gregory Floyd are heroes. They write about wishing I would be raped in prison, like Kelly Ayotte's friend Martin Dunn had hoped for, that's gross. Anyway, my lady friend -- who has a gay brother -- suggested it would make for a fitting conclusion about two men who found love on the Internet, Brokeback Mountain, Down Low style. I don't know if they are having relations but I do know that their Klan might not be gay but it sure seems incestuous.

Here's a related KingCast YouTube post about these men, with Bill Christy calling me a "Motherfucker."

24 November 2009

KingCast sees reporter get CORI info from police on a political vendetta, publish it and not get indicted.

D'OH! Here's a case some of you jarheads should read. Lazo v. Town of Southbridge, 5 Mass. L. Rep. 419 (1996)

In February 1990 plaintiff Scott Lazo was a member of the Town Council for the Town of Southbridge. He had recently declared his candidacy for state representative. Lazo had had bitter disagreements in the past with a political rival, one Bernard Haggerty. Haggerty was actively supporting Lazo's opponent in the campaign for state representative.

Haggerty's [*2] son, Brian Haggerty, was an officer on the Town's police force. On the evening of February 18, 1990, Brian Haggerty requested Officer Duane Ledoux to use the department's computer to access and print CORI information pertaining to Lazo. Ledoux did so, and gave the printout to Officer Haggerty. Sometime thereafter, Bernard Haggerty saw a record pertaining to Lazo's docket numbers and dispositions.

On the evening of February 20, 1990, reporter Harold Gushue of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette was shown a list of court docket numbers. The individual who showed this list to Gushue requested that Gushue not divulge his identity.

The next day, Gushue gave the docket numbers to a fellow reporter, Richard Nangle, who went to Dudley District Court and looked up the case files with those docket numbers. From those files, Nangle obtained details of two criminal cases from the early 1980's in which Lazo had been found guilty of assault and battery.

On February 23, 1990, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette ran an article that recited Lazo's criminal history. The article did not identify the person who had provided the paper with the docket numbers for Lazo's cases, but did state that [*3] "information about Lazo's record was given to the Telegram & Gazette by a local political adversary on condition of anonymity."
No charges. No Indictments. And they weren't even trying to protect children.
And that's all I need to say about that.
-Forest Gump

KingCast says Sam Shaulson blog is moving up on the Google hits!

Take a look. Not much he or anybody else is going to do about it, either because I know my First Amendment Law and the Fair Use Doctrine. I know my Civil Rights Law as well.

JAG Attorney and Bill Christy Project leader says "nigger this nigger that, Motherfucker this Motherfucker that," and Ditmar Kopf is scared of NH LE.

KingCast say: You can only really judge a Man by his words and actions. Bill Christy likes to call black people he does not like "niggers," and "motherfuckers." Really professional, wonder how much longer black folks will actually pay to hear music by this hate monger once they know this. I know he tried to FaceBook friend my friend, a fantastic guitarist named Trent Berry, but Trent kicked him to the curb like the $2 trick that he is. Meanwhile, Ditmar Kopf says
"Seems to me the State wanted to close the chapter on this and declare the officer and Mr. Floyd as heroes and try to paint Liko as some sort of serial killer. I don't feel protected by the Police, I feel intimidated by the Police."

Now of course the Fun Part comes as these two men writhe about, substantially and materially changing their positions on the essence of the Franconia shooting tragedy, trying to blame me for all of their prior opinions, including Bill Christy saying
"I would have shot Bruce McKay as well, and I don't say this lightly."
In point of fact they had the entire mass media system and their free minds at work. But then again given what I have seen lately from these guys, I'm not exactly sure how much actual cranial activity is really going on with them, they seem more like horizontal bop buddies.

Related post:
DMCA Counter-Affidavit against Bill Christy/Scribd.com

23 November 2009

KingCast says "Did you know Bill Christy punked out because he has a pending lawsuit against NH LE?"

Talk about integrity, huh. Here's the DMCA counter Affidavit on "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" that Scribd has already ignored, failing to provide me the name of their counsel. No worries, we'll get there fellas, we will get there.

RE: Blog
Wednesday, September 5, 2007 5:51 PM
"SlowerinDE@aol.com" SlowerinDE@aol.com

I explained to you why I had moved from where we were living. I also still have elderly family that lives in the Franconia area. Nobody that I don't trust with my life and my families life knows exactly where I am located and I want it to stay that way.

I don't need or want the police department whom I have a pending federal case against to happen upon your site and start putting the pieces together. Several of the officers from that department, in fact do live in NH.

22 November 2009

KingCast presents: DMCA counter-Affidavit -- Bill Christy said Bruce McKay “Had the look of a smug school yard bully ready to beat someone senseless.”

Read it and weep, Billy Boy. You got some 'splainin' to do. Meanwhile, I'm cold cold chillin' on the 650R. You really should have taken me up on a ride with your Harley, my friends ride Harleys and we could have hashed this out. Oh, well, we will leave it to the Courts and relevant disciplinary forums to sort it out but anybody who reads this will question your apparently schizoid behaviors, and no you can't blame it all on the nigger" (that would be me, you remember you called me a nigger and stuff even though you like to edit that out -- but I explain all of that in the Affidavit My Friend).

PS: You're a real garden variety tool.


KingCast presents Bill Christy (Lower Slower Delaware) proclaiming Greg Floyd in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

KingCast wages a Civil Rights war against a flaming douchebag.
Lower Slower Delaware wrote:


I'm digging and pouring over case laws for you, brother.

I'm curious how did the NH AG circumvent Federal Law:

Federal law is much stricter. It generally prohibits a person convicted of a crime "punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year" from possessing a firearm. The test is the length of possible punishment, not whether the crime is called a misdemeanor or a felony. No exception is made for having a firearm at the home, no matter how long ago the conviction. 18 U.S.C.§ 922(g).
He also wrote: (well, read the comments to see what Bill Christy also wrote about Liko Kenney)
PS: All of this of course ties in with U.S. Attorney Roy Chabra, Vice President Biden and Yours Truly.

21 November 2009

KingCast prepares a DMCA Affidavit for Billy Boy Christy, Scribd.com and Delaware Bar Ass'n.

Here is one interesting paragraph that proves my argument has substantial girth:

Note that Christy has complained to Blogger/Google because I have posted the same exact material on by Blog, “Chris King’s 1st Amendment Page” and they have NOT removed it.

Bill Christy (possibly not his real name but I provide you pages of his website so that you can investigate further) has recently gone as far as to edit out a very important parenthetical pertaining to the fact that he has called me a nigger:

Bill's version (he calls this extortion):

And Bill,

Let me explain that the more you wrestle with me the more this will come out on the Internet, fool.

Or you can go back to Scribd and tell them you're sorry and to put my posts back up and I'll withdraw my Chilling Effects Petition, not go to the ACLU today and not report you to your Bar Association.

Suit yourself, N*****.

-The KingCaster
5:14 AM

The real version:

Suit yourself, Nigger.

(That's what you called me and other blacks you don't like, so hey like brothers, that's what I will call you).

-The KingCaster
5:14 AM

19 November 2009

KingCast says WMUR coverage shows what a terror Gregory Floyd really is; he already said he never spoke to Liko Kenney.

The story. Floyd now says he shot Liko before his car even struck McKay, which would be murder
"That kid needed to be stopped." "I could have let him shoot me," Floyd said. "Or I could have let him continue with his extremely dangerous behavior until some woman or child was killed."

The shooting was later ruled justified.
(Yah, later THAT DAY)
Read the lies that Gregory Floyd told after he first told Sgt. West what he really did, right here.

19:45 – “Did you say anything before you fired?” “No I didn’t."
48:40 – “I walked up and probably within 4 seconds I shot the driver.”
49:00 – “Did you say anything?” “No. Didn’t say a word.”
1:06:05 – I was telling the driver to stop… I’m screaming either put it down our you’re gonna’ die… told him whatever came into my mind….”

Remember Liko called his Uncle Mike 3 times at the first stop, that's not somebody who is in the frame of mind to start killing people now, is it? Of course not, and that's why we cannot trust Kelly Ayotte as Senator. She couldn't shine my shoes.
Floyd initially admitted he shot without talking and the windshield bullet proves that he shot before he could have allegedly seen Liko Kenney with a gun in his hand. Of course Liko might have been trying to reload after Floyd shot his car, otherwise he was trying to leave the area, which does NOT grant Gregory Floyd a license to kill. Watch Brad Whipple, Casey Sherman and me discuss this in the KingCast YouTube videos at the bottom of this post.

Here comes the BS now, set for Prime Time TV: They don't even show the SOP violations on the Tahoe Bash and OC Spray. Anyway, interviews like this will only embolden Gregory Floyd to commit more crimes. Here is his rap sheet and here is his son's.

It has been said that anything WMUR can do to protect Kelly Ayotte now that Casey Sherman's book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" is out, they will do, but if that is the case this one backfired. Meanwhile I know for FACT that the townspeople want to hear a protection plan set forth for when Gregory Floyd slinks his way out of Prison.

BTW Denise Herthel, on your email to Kelly Ayotte about me, you knew not of what you spoke, I did not unlawfully release any records even though Kelly was licking her chops, hoping...
Fitch, Orville 'Bud'
From: Ayotte, Kelly
Sent: July 08, 2007 3:17 PM
To: Fitch, Orville 'Bud'
Subject: Fw: More disbarment material against NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

But that's not all. Gregory Floyd, in addition to being convicted of three (3) felonies in Georgia, also went on a bit of a terror streak in Massachusetts under SSN 26*.84.838_. This is all oral but the docs are on their way. I can't believe this dirtbag was born on my birthday. Ewwwww......

Clinton District Court:
20 August 1984
Docket #82342
Assault & Battery w/Dangerous Weapons

Lowell District Court:
10 July 1987
Docket # 87CR-1342A/1343A/1343B
Assault w/Dangerous Weapons

Ayer District Court:
17 Sept. 1996
Docket # 9648CR-0929A
Disorderly Person N/G
Disturbing the Peace Guilty

Grafton Superior Court
1 July 1998
Criminal Threatening Guilty

Franconia School District
Year uncertain file not in front of me.
Affidavit on file in 07-E-268, Floyd threatened to send someone home in a body bag, "I know where you live and I know the route you take home, and if you're not careful they'll send you home in a body bag."

Grafton Superior Court
28 December 2007
Permanent Restraining Order
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KingCast goes to ACLU and Chilling Effects Clearing House because JAG Attorney Bill Christy lied in his affidavit to Scribd.com and they know it.

Y'all know Bill, he's the guy that can't keep the Nigger bomb from falling out his mouth. Here is is public FaceBook account with his picture.

Chilling Effects NoticeID 30728.

Jason Bentley and Bullshit Bill Christy (public website link) are in a World of Trouble for submitting and accepting a false DCMA Affidavit look here and look here.

Look at this phrase it is directly in the final copy:

Re: What do you think ...Saturday, February 2, 2008 1:49 PM

From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
One key change: What Liko Kenney did appears wrong, but we know from Caleb Macaulay's contemporaneous statements that he was genuinely in fear of Bruce McKay, which most likely renders his act no more than manslaughter.

Scribd is aware of this because I sent it to them in an email and I told them I am going to Chilling Effects and to the ACLU about this.

cc: Jeffrey L. Kosiba, Esq.

18 November 2009

KingCast joins Lieutenant George McNeil as guest lecturer at Bridgewater Criminal Justice classes!

A YouTube/memory card video upload problem made me shoot the video again with it playing on the laptop. I give a tutorial of this new video, using actual crime scene photos that show Kelly Ayotte's lies and coverups.

"Casey Sherman was riding a fine line to get that book published," was the first comment out of one student's mouth this morning, a feeling that was echoed by several in attendance at today's KingCast discussion on the Franconia shooting tragedy and Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains

"I know and that's why retired Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple was not interviewed in Casey's book because he would have ripped Franconia a new one for its years of abuse and willful ignorance (benevolent despotism) of Bruce McKay's transgressions."

"What would have happened if Liko Kenney had not shot Bruce McKay,"
wondered my host and visiting Lecturer, Randolph Lieutenant George McNeil. "I mean, unless he planned on throwing that dash cam film away he just committed career suicide, look at all of the violations and the Fourth Amendment Unlawful Seizure issues his actions raised...."

Anyway things worked out so well the I'm invited back on behalf of KingCast and TOUCH 106.1 FM to present to a class on ethics. The Professor of that class is working her thesis on hate crimes, so we will be discussing the Jason Vassell case, in which the High Court Single Justice ordered Prosecutor Scheibel to hand over five (5) years of allegedly racist prosecution files at UMASS Amherst.

PS: To you newbies, doubters and haters -- I have been bringing cameras into courtrooms since the mid 1990's when I was busy successfully defending the First Amendment against lying State's witness, watch the new YouTube videos from my old VHS tapes right here.

17 November 2009

KingCast and the iPhone present: 1969 Deuce and a Quarter.

It was cool because I knew the year: "Wow man what you got going on here a '69?" "Yep." "What's under the hood?" "An original 430." The Buick Electra.


LE Bill Christy and Scribd.com removed my accounts without reviewing any of the facts, very interesting.

We all know Bill Christy, he's the guy who wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" to which I actively contributed, as one can see in this post. He's also the one who publicly said "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well," as noted in this post. He also argued that Floyd was in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), now he says he isn't. And we know that he calls blacks he doesn't like "Niggers" and incessantly follows me around, and has been posting most of my SSN number that he found on an obscure document that I accidentally posted 3 years ago because he can't stand the fact that I exposed his Janus-faced nature. Here is is public FaceBook account with his picture.

Well yesterday I get wind of the fact that he lied and told Scribd.com that he was the sole author of the material and that I was in DCMA copyright violation. Scribd.com thus removed "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and my entire account, on a first strike. Not knowing what the heck happened, I posted it back up in another of my Scribd.com accounts, then once Scribd.com told me what happened I apologized and sent them the proof that I had editorial and content input and they initially told me I should write a counter-affidavit, which I said I would do.

As all of my public documents, with thousands and thousands of reads on them were on Scribd.com, I wrote them back when they initially told me I could write a counter-affidavit. They were quite rude and Mr. Bently lied, telling me there was a "zero tolerance" policy on Copyright, but that's not true, read their own website here and here:
"DMCA copyright infringement takedown notification policy

Submitted Feb 13 by Jason Bentley

It is our policy to respond to clear, legally valid notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the criteria established by Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") of 1998. In addition, we terminate without notice the accounts of users that we determine are repeat infringers based on a "three-strikes" policy."

"As an Internet service provider, Scribd must comply with the terms of the DMCA that require us to terminate the accounts of users determined to be "repeat infringers.""

Swift action for policy offenders: On every document upload page, there is a prominent warning message and mandatory check box displayed to help ensure that people understand and comply with Scribd’s Terms of Service. Repeat copyright infringers are banned from Scribd."

But this is at most two strikes, and the second violation (on the same case) came before I received notification from Scribd that I was allegedly in violation, but nonetheless they have removed my ability to file a counter-affidavit. So now I have to sue these guys -- who will not tell me the name of their corporate counsel -- naturally. I'll be down at the ACLU tomorrow, the same ACLU who wrote the Mass SJC briefs for Derrick Gillenwater after I sent him over there as Boston Bob.

Moral of the story: Always keep your emails, never trust Bill Christy -- he's a slippery, slimy sort of LE, kind of like what the folks at MASSCOPS called Marty Dunn: A slime bag.

Hey KingCast, you got yourself an outline for tomorrow's Criminal Justice presentation at Bridgewater College?

Well praise be the Glory, yessum, I shawl do!

Got me some audio-visual materials too ;)

KingCast Bridgewater

KingCast presents: Rule 3.3 Ethics Complaint against Attorney Sam Shaulson

Rule_3.3_Ethics_Complaint_on_Sam_Shaulson He brought the bullshit, I'll bring the pain. But hey, it's not so bad, no doubt he will bill his clients for the time it takes to respond.

KingCast reads retired JAG Attorney Bill Christy's words carefully: "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well."

Bill Christy (public website link) is a little testy about having his real face published next to his words so I have now put a new face to him so he feels a little better about himself. Here is is public FaceBook account with his picture. Read it all right here, folks.

"The second time he stopped he had the window down all the way, so he wasn't being combative he was being compliant.

Based on past interactions with Officer McKay (some which have been made public, some not) personally I truly believe Liko Kenny was in fear for his life. He all but was begging for McKay to stop ramming his car, and he was ignored.

Based on the information that is public about this whole situation and its history, had it been me who had gone through the same experience, I would have shot McKay as well. I don't say that lightly...."

"Why is it people accept the tarnishing the memory of Liko Kenney, and accept all the stories about him "after the fact" yet they feel it is wrong to tarnish the memory of McKay and try to discredit the stories about him coming to light "after the fact" ?
If the answer is because he was a cop,sorry that doesn't wash with me.

Just because he was a cop doesn't mean he didn't circumvent the laws he was sworn to uphold. Nor does a badge automatically mean the guy was of sound mind without any issues."

KingCast says Sam Shaulson has the look of a liar because he is a liar in defending racist pigs at Boston Citibank.

I wonder if the other Partners at Morgan Lewis & Bocklus condone the sort of lies that have led me to file the Motion to Compel the relevant Video and Audio that his scumbag client threatened my lawyer with. He-heh, now that Attorney Shaulson knows that the first Citibank lawyer (Benjamin Velella) was just blowing smoke, Shaulson doesn't even address the damning video and audio that will show his client to be an absolute liar. The Motion to Compel will flush it out, and flush out all of his crap at the same time.

Read the Sam Shaulson Morgan Lewis blog for the full story on this clown, thinking he can throw his big bad corporate law firm weight around to intimidate me or to fool the folks at MCAD.

Landmark screens wasn't fooled either, they sued Morgan Lewis for legal malpractice. You can read the Complaint at Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

It's not going to work here, either buddy. Moreover I'm going to file an ethics complaint on you relative to your willful misrepresentations that the decision maker was black and that your client has no idea who the "unidentified woman" was, considering her name is on your own Exhibit C that you filed with MCAD. Now I understand why Landmark sued you for Fraudulent Concealment at 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 102579.

And JP Morgan Chase brokers smoked Attorney Shaulson too.

Anyway, of course mediation is always an option.


KingCast, the 650R, the 1200 Sportster and the iPhone present: Ponemah Bog, fall, 2009.

It was a beautiful day for a couple of rides, so I got up with my Nashua crew and did just that yesterday and today. I might post up some video but I really should buy a tank mount for the camera, not happy with the results. Anyway, the Ponemah Bog Sanctuary story is interesting and you can read it for yourself in the photo, and here is the website. The tree lights are courtesy Penuche's Ale House.

BTW that's my friend Pat, she has a 100-year Anniversary 1200 Sportster, a great bike even though yah, it leaks. It's a Harley whaddya' want! It was her birthday 2 years ago when I posted up about what someone noted about Norman Bruce McKay:
"He was such a ridiculous hard-ass for no reason. 'Your light's too bright', or whatever he had a hair across his ass about, they gave him carte blanche up there."

"Wow," I said.

"And one time I saw him get 22 people kicked out for no reason, just a family there with young kids, no Harleys or nothing. I hate to say he should have been killed, but........"

Just the facts.