03 October 2009

YouTube: KingCast, Casey Sherman and veteran officer Brad Whipple call for new, open and honest Franconia investigation.

Among other things I discuss the 2003 Constitutional violations at Fox Hill Park, and at precisely 4:20 I note that "being in a suspicious place at a suspicious time" does not provide Probable Cause to detain anyone. Listen to more on WKXL Concord 1450AM/103.9FM.

Here is a random yet on point post from 26 July 2007, just 10 weeks after the tragedy.


Kimberly said...

I don't know why I can't let this case go. Just finished 'Bad Blood'..kept me up all night. I've been to the scene, on a drizzly April morning last year...can't say what brought me there, but suddenly I was on 93 North out of Manchester...please keep working on this...Liko deserves justice too...if I can do anything to help...please let me know...

Christopher King said...

Dear Kimberly,

I understand your sentiments, believe me.

I will email you with something else that is particularly troubling about this case.

Let's talk.



Christopher King said...

Oh, hey Kimberly your profile is not visible so you have to email me at



Anonymous said...

Someone needs to be held responsible for this !

Anonymous said...

"I practice Civil Rights Law" how can you practice any type of law you are suspended from practicing law and have been 7 years.

Christopher King said...


Listen carefully, I said I "practiced" Civil Rights Law, which I did for the AG's office and on my own.

And I still work for several highly respected attorneys.

Now do you have a point about the substance of the book or regarding what Casey or Brad or I have to say because otherwise you've just wasted more bandwidth.



Anonymous said...

No matter what anyone posts if they disagree with you all you ever have to say is some profanity riddled derogatory comment.

The staged "interview" was a sham ex LEO Mr. Whipple stating that Liko was right in questioning Cpl. McKay is suggesting nothing short of anarchy.

You continuing to bring up the 2003events which were already ajudicated in a NH court of law is rediculous.

Casey Sherman a resident fo Massachussetts stating that Liko Kenney should have been allowed to have his day in court is rediculous wasting taxpayer dollars...even he states Liko may have received life in prison if it had gone to trial. More waste of taxpayer dollars, the kid knew the law kill a cop pay with your life PERIOD.
Are you, Mr. Sherman, and Mr. Whipple so niave as to think that Liko Kenney (had he not been shot by Gregory Floyd) would have still been killed in a shootout with police or more than likely turned the gun on himself and blown his head off.

If the three of you are an example of what liberalism stands for GOD help this country. His association with you is indicative of his tainted biased view of the events, and I will never read or recommend to anyone that they read the book.
How pathetic that none of you minds making a buck off the memory of a dead cop killer, while you tarnish the memory of the officer.

What good did Liko Kenney ever do for society or his community...there are a hell of a lot more negative pictures painted of him as a disturbed, mentally unbalanced drug user. Even his own family had numerous issues with him and his own parents turned their backs. You want to speculate lets put the guilt where it belongs, not on Cpl. N. Bruce McKay but on Liko's parents. MYBE IF THEY HAD RESPONDED TO AN Attorney's letter when he told them Liko needed help May 11, 2007would have never happened.
There is a time and a place for civil disobedience May 11, 2007 wasn't one of them. Liko Kenney took the law into his own hands the minute he fired the first shot at a uniformed police officer performing his duty end of the story.

Anonymous said...

PROBABLE CAUSE - A reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime. The test the court of appeals employs to determine whether probable cause existed for purposes of arrest is whether facts and circumstances within the officer's knowledge are sufficient to warrant a prudent person to believe a suspect has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime. U.S. v. Puerta, 982 F.2d 1297, 1300 (9th Cir. 1992). In terms of seizure of items, probable cause merely requires that the facts available to the officer warrants a "man of reasonable caution" to conclude that certain items may be contraband or stolen property or useful as evidence of a crime. U.S. v. Dunn, 946 F.2d 615, 619 (9th Cir. 1991), cert. Denied, 112 S. Ct. 401 (1992).

It is undisputed that the Fourth Amendment, applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment, prohibits an officer from making an arrest without probable cause. McKenzie v. Lamb, 738 F.2d 1005, 1007 (9th Cir. 1984). Probable cause exists when "the facts and circumstances within the arresting officer's knowledge are sufficient to warrant a prudent person to believe that a suspect has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime." United States v. Hoyos, 892 F.2d 1387, 1392 (9th Cir. 1989), cert. denied, 489 U.S. 825 (1990) (citing United States v. Greene, 783 F.2d 1364, 1367 (9th Cir. 1986), cert. denied, 476 U.S. 1185 (1986)).

When there are grounds for suspicion that a person has committed a crime or misdemeanor, and public justice and the good of the community require that the matter should be examined, there is said to be a probable cause for, making a charge against the accused, however malicious the intention of the accuser may have been. And probable cause will be presumed till the contrary appears.

In an action, then, for a malicious prosecution, the plaintiff is bound to show total absence of probable cause, whether the original proceedings were civil or criminal.

Anonymous said...

I'm a local blogger, I PRACTICE civil rights law I used to be an assistant attorney general in Ohio and a reporter"
YOU did not say "practiced" past tense....secretaries work in law firms as well they don't go around telling people they practice law. You use J.D> after you name and now once again you have claimed in your video to practice law. GOTCHA

Christopher King said...


Dude I said "practiced" and the video on my own website discussed my BS suspension and I host tenured Law Professor Lou Jacobs' letter on my blog about it.

At any rate I do still practice Civil Rights Law on my own, because Right-to-Know litigation involves Fundamental Rights penumbral to the First Amendment, if you can handle that "jive talk" from the U.S. Supreme Court.

You "GOT ME" the same way Kelly Ayotte and Chief Dunn did with their bullshit prosecution of me for "Extortion" when I was NAACP Legal Chair.

Cases dismissed when I sat through voir dire after I sat through it and the State ran away as a puppy that peed itself. Hahahaaa....

I actually what happened was I got Kelly now, because everywhere she goes in a few weeks Casey's book and my blog posts will be waiting for her, and everyone will know that Brad, Casey and I are calling for a new impartial investigation.

Kelly thought she and Floyd could get away clean but really she stepped in it Big Time.


-The KingCaster
(Just practicing Journalism today)

PS: Watch for Casey on Emily Rooney tonight.

Christopher King said...

3:22, 3:35

Boy you sure do put up a lot of jive talk. Where is the profanity of which you speak? Jackass is not profanity, it is what you are.

As for your Mickey Mouse case citations they have all been interpreted and adjudicated by Judge Cyr to mean that Franconia LE Modus Operandi (that's not a swear word dude that's Latin you jackass) constituted a Constitutional Violation.

Go luck up the cases yourself, fool:

State v. Nathan Wright 03-CR-109

State v. William Miller 03-CR-012, 013, 029

State v. Kenney 03-CR-197


And read State v. Pelicci, 133 NH 523 (1990)

You need an informant or some type of witnessed behavior before you can call in the dogs or constitute probable cause.

Liko was just sitting in a car. McKay did not articulate anything, you read his report, didn't you?

But the report I'll bet you didn't read was his Use of Force Report in 2003 because he never filed one, in violation of Franconia policy just like those 7 OC Spray and Pursuit policies he violated, GOTHCA!


Here's the standard in NH, fool, from Pelicci:

"PROCEDURAL POSTURE: Defendant appealed the judgment of the Rockingham County Superior Court (New Hampshire), which denied his motions to dismiss the charges against him or, alternatively, to suppress evidence. Defendant was convicted of multiple drug offenses.

OVERVIEW: Police officers used a canine to sniff defendant's car, which was stopped after the police were informed that defendant was selling drugs from his car. The police had also observed defendant's behavior, which was consistent with the sale and use of cocaine. The dog alerted the officers to the possible presence of drugs, and defendant was directed to exit the car. A pat search revealed cocaine and marijuana. The court found no grounds for reversal. The investigative stop was supported by reasonable and articulable suspicion and was not a mere pretext. The canine sniff, although a search, was nonetheless a reasonable search under the circumstances. The officers made a permissible investigatory stop, and the sniff lasted no longer than the permissible questioning. The intrusion upon defendant's protected interests was, thus, sufficiently limited, and the legitimate state interest was sufficiently great to justify the search on the basis of less than probable cause. The facts established the dog's reliability. Therefore, the combination of the evidence that justified the stop in the first place and the dog's alert clearly established probable cause for defendant's arrest.

OUTCOME: The court affirmed defendant's convictions and the denials of his motions to dismiss and to suppress evidence."

Christopher King said...

I like this quote at 3:22 by an anonymous tool:

"There is a time and a place for civil disobedience May 11, 2007 wasn't one of them. Liko Kenney took the law into his own hands the minute he fired the first shot at a uniformed police officer performing his duty end of the story.

Bruce McKay stopped performing his duty when he violated those 7 OC Spray and Pursuit policies documented herein. At that point he became a rogue, just as he was when he stuck that non-spec, penis-shaped knife near Ms. B's privates.

Once you start doing that, all bets are off, fool.

But I guess you agree with Chief Montminy that it was OK not to even investigate that complaint.

Also your perfunctory "analysis" is devoid of any mention of Gregory Floyd's role, and his actions of shooting at Liko's car before it struck McKay, according to Floyd's own son at p. 745 of the pdf files.

I might be suspended, so you can try to hate on me for that but at least I was an Assistant Attorney General, supporting LE dude. And I still change laws, witness the Nashua First Amendment School Board Policy, that's got to annoy the living daylights out of you.


I am not a cop hater, nor is Bradford Whipple, who worked Franconia and Sugar Hill without any of the drama that Bruce McKay brought to the area so whatever man, just keep on hating.

It clouds your senses and judgment, raises blood pressure and increases stress.

It will kill you one day.


Anonymous said...

Chris King's 1st Amendment Page:
The rantings and opinions of a suspended lawyer, under the guise of the Freedom of Speech.

Don't hold yourself in such high regard where it relates to your preconceived notion of your "importance" to me. In the grand scheme of life you are absolutely insignificant.
Like I said before my walls are lined with the same type of .10 commendations as you received from Nashua...so what. Only a has been wanna be puts the importance that you do on them.

Christopher King said...


Your fragile ego is cracking.

Why spend so much time here if I mean nothing to you?

Why do you never have anything of substance to say about the content of what Brad, Casey or I discuss?

When you try, you submit stale case law that has nothing to do with NH decided cases like the ones I posted from Judge Cyr's gavel.

Suspended Attorney I am, Lawyer and Attorney I STILL am.

I am not, however, a suspended citizen or journalist, and that is what kills you.

Go jump off the nearest bridge and start saving all of us some bandwidth.


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


Where the fun is in the comments.

Oh, wait:

That was that Evan dude's tagline.

Sorry Evan, you've got your own blog, LOL.