28 October 2009

KingCast TOUCH Beat 106.1 FM radio segments from 21 Oct. and 28 Oct.

21 Oct. is here. Topics covered include: S 8013 "Robert Taylor's Law" and the Jason Vassell case.

28 Oct. is here. Topics covered: Citibank's failure to produce videos they claim support their position in refusing to open a bank account for me as they opened one for my Caucasian girlfriend, and Monitoring police abuse in Boston and Franconia, vis a vis Casey Sherman's book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."


ScootOnUp said...

On an unrelated note: All Scooters Day - Movement this Sunday November 1st 12pm - 4pm at the Boston Common!! Come celebrate and provide some news coverage! more info: http://bit.ly/16R4Ak

ScootOnUp said...

hey whats your email so I can keep you informed as to updates for Scoot Om UP events!!?? email scooterrocket@scootonup.com

Thanks king!

Christopher King said...

The writer is referring to the scooter regulations and no-angle parking ban issues I noted along with my interview of Transportation Commish Tom Tinlin.

The event looks like a riot, but a riot with a purpose. Some laws will be changed.

In a free country, what more could you ask?

-The KingCaster