08 October 2009

KingCast hosts TouchFM radio segment discussing racism at Citibank and "Bad Blood" Franconia double homicide.

The 25 minute show segment is below, but for now here is veteran Franconia LE (and U.S. Intelligence officer -- for real -- not like what Gregory Floyd claimed he was) Brad Whipple's 4-minute phone call to the station this morning. As noted, Casey Sherman will be rescheduled because his publisher had booked him on a RI Fox TV show this morning.

Here is part one and part two (Citibank -- http://citibankisracist.blogspot.com) and part three (Franconia). I will put them on YouTube for quicker access after I learn the conversion process. It was too short to really delve in to Franconia so that will come in a subsequent interview, and there will be updates on the Citibank case when the bank issues its Position Statement and ALL of the relevant audio-visual materials. I sincerely doubt that MCAD is going to accept anything less than that, especially since their cock-sure lawyer boasted about having such purportedly damning videos in his possession.

More YouTube video of Casey Sherman, Brad Whipple and Yours Truly.

Crucial: See why we are conducting an independent analysis of the audio files in this post: You cannot hear any of the Gregory Floyd shot sequence even though the back seat mic was on the whole time. And there are moments of silence and several odd "clicks" in the audio sample, to boot. That sequence, if found, could tell us if Floyd, Floyd Jr. and Caleb Macaulay were telling the Truth when they all said Floyd shot Liko without saying one word, through the raised passenger seat window of Caleb Macaulay.

Somehow (thankfully former) NH AG Kelly Ayotte's official version has Floyd talking to Liko and all of that -- which is what Floyd LATER said in his interview -- and which is contradicted by the only other two witnesses. Ayotte of course is unavailable for comment, but it will hit her like a Mack Truck in her specious Senate bid.


Christopher King said...

Says Whipple:

"Chris King came out of nowhere, and he's been a shining example of a guy seeking Justice, and has brought many of us together to better understand what happened on the facts leading up to the case and what's happened since then, and I'm impressed as hell. Chris has become a great friend, and I'm on his team as they say."

Anonymous said...

Chris King in reality is a drifter who was susended in Ohio from the practice of law. He has been drifting from Ohio, to Texas, Pittsburgh to CT, NH to MA panhandling off eveyone family and aquaintences alike. He has been pulling the same scam since 1998 until people catch on and he leaves town under the cloak of darkness, like the coward he really is.

Christopher King said...


Again, absolutely NOTHING to say about the substance of the issues, i.e. what happened to the audio from the back seat mic that I figured out with the folks who made the Kustom Signals equipment, nothing about the windshield bullet, nothing about nothing, you are one helluva bandwidth waster and the ONLY reason I bother posting everything you write is to show what a jackass you really are, and how wrong you are on the issues.

Plus that way you can't accuse me of the same sort of censorship that was and is still practiced by ABC News 20/20 and the Union Leader.

I have the emails and captured pages to prove it, so when you Topix trolls talk about how NH media is not covering Casey's book, I'm not surprised because most of them are complete douchebags to start with.

Further, you are a coward who won't even share his or her identity.


You mean:

Suspended as a lawyer, yes.

Suspended as a Journalist, no.

Suspended as a Citizen, no.

Convicted and disbarred ad imprisoned like Mike McLaughlin, who is now somehow of counsel with Shaheen & Gordon, no.

"Racism, Ignorance and Reactionary Politics played a role in my suspension" according to someone on the disciplinary committee -- Tenured OSU Law Professor Lou Jacobs -- so if you're going to come in talking noise about me taping a landlord in 1996, you might as well acknowledge that :)

You mean people like Bruce Tarr, who is forwarding my bill, Robert Taylor's Law?


Christopher King said...


.....more like working in wireless as a zoner or contracts manager, fool.


....you should have panhandled a damn Webster's Collegiate from somebody 'cos gawl-dang you sho' is ignunt.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

My son is 19 yrs. old. He is an honor student with a full scholarship. He doesn't drink or smoke pot. He is staying at home his first year of college.

He just got his first car. He actually got an old Toyota Celica. A white one and he loves it.

He had a cold for a few days. When the weekend hit he woke up with a craving to make bean soup so he jumped in his new car and headed to the grocery store just a quarter of a mile from our home. He's a really slow driver and is really big on driving the speed limit. A cop pulls him over. My son was clueless as to why he was being pulled over but never questioned the cop - he did whatever the cop asked. It went like this:

Cop: Where ya headed?
Son: To the grocery store.
Cop: You got the munchies?
Son: No, I've been sick and I want to make soup.
Cop: Stick out your tongue.

My son sticks his tongue out but he is clueless as to why the cop asks him to do this.

Cop: Do you have cotton mouth?
Son: Excuse me?
Cop: License and registration please.

My son never questions the stop, just hands everything over. The cop comes back and gives him a 150. ticket for not pulling over in a timely manner!!!! WTF!!!! My son sits in the car dumbfounded as the cop pulls away.

I'm going to the police station to ask to see the dashcam. We are definitely fighting it. Total profiling and I find it appalling. I live thousands of miles away from NH. It is everywhere.

What's my biggest concern? How this is going to effect my son that has up until this point had no adverse feelings toward police officers. How nervous will he be when he gets pulled over for something else?

He's only had the car for 6 weeks and has been pulled over twice. The other time he was having trouble finding a parking spot at an office building he had an appointment at. There was a police cruiser in the parking lot that pulled him over and asked what he was doing. He explained and the cop told him to find a spot and get to his appointment. How weird is that?

Weird, considering the fact that our son drove our VW Passat for three months with no problem but apparently a little white old model sport Toyota Celica is a 'suspicious' vehicle.

I live thousands of miles away from NH.

Anonymous said...

I said plenty about the substance of the issue which has always been your underlying need for vlidation and self promotion hench the Mr. Charmin quote repeated over and over in every blog and forum you post in.

One person who spoke up claiming your suspension was racially motivated does not make a majority in agreement. You play the race card all the time, because you refuse to face up to your own shortcomings, and change your behavioral patterns.

BTW I saw and spoke your "friend" VP Biden on September 30th at a ceremony welcoming the troops of 261st Signal Brigade back home from the war. Don't count on hearing from him anytime soon.

Christopher King said...


Bill, once again my suspension has nothing to do with this case (even though Lou Jacobs is one of the most respected lawyers in Columbus) and I most certainly do not expect to hear from VP Biden any more than I expected the Feds to answer the request from Grafton Superior Court (or mine, 10 years later) about Gregory Floyd's violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

You, Big Man meathead lack the balls to stand by your own writings "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and I will meet you at the damn Back Bay T-Stop and publicly discuss anything with you AFTER you publish the specific things that I allegedly misrepresented to you.

That will help frame the debate, rather than just you shooting your ignorant mouth off.

Your move, counselor.

Anonymous said...

No Chris I am not meeting you on the tracks of the T in BackBay. I don't need to slink around in dark alleys or doorways I have nothing to hide.
Furthermore your suspension as an attorney by the Ohio Supreme Court is relevant and it is the crux of your vendetta against government in general. You are like the child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. You try to rat everyone else out whether or not they are actually guilty.

You were given ample opportunity to get yourself reinstated and you weren't man enough to just do it and accept that your actions were wrong.
In the two years I have known you not once have you ever publicly stated you were wrong about anything or apologized for any of your actions including posting the first information I ever told you.

I don't lack "balls" it takes a bigger man than you could ever hope to be, to admit when he is wrong. That's what infuriates you because I won't back down from you and all your hatred you spew forth about me.

There are no violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).....just because you believe there are doesn't make it so.

If you want a government to run according to Christopher King then go buy a damn island somewhere and start your own government of one.

By the way how's you sister Cheryl, your dad Cecil and your mom Betty.

Anonymous said...

I made my move a had a great conversation with US Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (you remember her from your Ohio days).
I find it interesting that you are using the same tactics with Ms Ayotte as you used with Ms. Kilroy, over 10 years ago. I also learned quite a bit more including the FACT that there were prominent BLACK jurists willing to help you starighten out your suspension and YOU refused to do so.

Don't go laying the racially motivated card down anymore as a lame ass excuse for your fuck up.

I have zero tolerence for liars especially ones who promote racial hatred.

Christopher King said...


This case is bigger than my suspension, fool:

Brad Whipple is not suspended and he and I agree 95-99% and he is one of the brightest LE in New England dude, military clearances, he was an intelligence officer you idiot.

Casey Sherman is not suspended and he and I both agree that the case needs to be re-investigated.

I am not a suspended journalist.

You continue to fail to elucidate how I allegedly misled you before you wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder."

Then you ask me where to meet to publicly discuss this and I tell you I will meet you outside Casey Sherman's book launch, or at the Back Bay T stop, now you go sideways.

Tell you what:

Walk your lazy butt down one city block from the Back Bay T stop and meet me at the Boston Public Library, fool. Wednesday, 14 Oct. 10:30 a.m.


Bill: Are you talking about the same Kilroy who condoned gang rape, and who didn't make it to Congress after I -- along with a few others -- swiftboated her?

Yah she made it this time but I'm ROTFLMOA too!!!

I also defeated her firm when I was an AG, and that's a FACT, JACK.

Watling v. Kroger, No. 94APE05-718
1994 Ohio App. LEXIS 4642.

Handelman & Kilroy, Robert K. Handelman and Cathy J. Levine, for appellant.

Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur, and Christopher C. Russell, for appellee The Kroger Company.

Lee Fisher, Attorney General, and Christopher King, for appellee Administrator, Ohio Bureau of Employment Services.

Also, Kilroy had zilch to do with my suspension dude, you are a sick man and need mental help.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

BTW there absolutely was another 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violation last summer when Floyd turned in another gun, pursuant to his charges and conviction for criminal threats to his neighbor, A.J. Boisvert.

See U.S. v. Ruckman, dude. Floyd exercised dominion and control over that gun, just as he exercised dominion and control over a whole mess of OTHER guns years ago.

You do of course remember that the Grafton County Courthouse asked the Feds for their position on Floyd's similar situation ten (10) years ago and the Feds never responded.

Read the docket sheet.

If you think that's cool, that's on you, bro.

I don't.


Christopher King said...

Lastly, as to the BLACK jurists in Columbus, one of them was Dwayne Maynard who came to my disciplinary hearing to show his support for me.

And your myopia is showing up again.

Remember what Lou Jacobs wrote:

"Racism, ignorance and reactionary poltics" played a role in that suspension bro, not just RACE.

You want to make me saying it was only race so you can try to weaken my position.

Won't work bro. Casey, Brad and others who know the Truth about this case know I'm right.

And you hate it.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Journalist??? You suck at being a reputable journalist as much as you did an Attorney. You don't even follow the basic rule of thumb of verifying information before you post it all over the Internet. I know that for a FACT.
Remember Algeron Maberley?

Christopher King said...

PS: But thanks for reminding me Bill -- I have my entire disciplinary hearings on VHS and when I ask that BLACK jurist Guy Reece "what did I do at the Stewart trial that was unprofessional" he had no answer whatsoever. In point of fact that judge had intentionally misapplied the Dead Man's Statute to try to shut my case down. I also heard that judge talking with opposing counsel ex parte about my probation, all ridiculous and potentially unethical activities. That's what tenured Professor of Law Lou Jacobs (who has a cafe named after him at Ohio State's Law School) was writing about in his recommendation letter. When I gave a copy of my trial to Shirley Mays -- another BLACK sell out jurist -- for review and professional critique of what or how I was allegedly unprofessional she threw it out and never reviewed it.

So there you go. Videos coming up!