13 October 2009

KingCast smiles as Gloucester Times covers Thursday's hearing on S 8013, a/k/a "Robert Taylor's Law."

Senator Tarr's Office is issuing a press release later today or tomorrow, and they told me that the Gloucester Times' Award-Winning coverage of this tragedy will continue with a story on S 8013, my brainchild. I told you about this hearing a few days ago in this post. Now I have spoken with some of Robert Taylor's closest friends and they will be in attendance to offer comment. And I have a few minutes every week on a local radio station to talk about this and many other issues -- we are finalizing the details about that so stay tuned for "KingCast Case Corner!"

Anyway, this is what I noted and predicted back on 15 Feb. 2008, relative to a Gloucester Times editorial in support of the measure:
"The residents of the Lorraine were apparently never notified of their building's hazards. But they — and other residents of such buildings around the state — would have that right if this new proposal were to become law.

Now that would be a fitting legacy for Mr. Taylor."

We have good support for the bill as shall be noted in Due Course.

Read Tenant Bryan Carignan's Affidavit seeking criminal charges.

This is what one can do as a citizen, to make our cities and states more human. I'm not a licensed attorney. I'm not a Statesman. I don't have a lot of money. But what I've got is an education, a soul and a conscience and I am not afraid -- nor will I ever be afraid -- to use them in any combination I see fit to get something good going for "little people," Joe The Plumber, you get the picture. In fact, Robert Taylor was a handy man for his landlords, making him the REAL Joe-the-Plumber, I say.

PS: The top pic is the only known photo of the Lorraine before it burned down, it being a totally unremarkable edifice, except for its deadly balloon construction of course.

That's a Good Day in my book. Time to ride the little 650R:

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