06 October 2009

KingCast seeks independent review of all sound files in the Franconia tragedy to hear the Floyd gunshot sequence.

KingCast note: I specifically voiced my concerns about evidence tampering or destruction back on 21 March 2008 in "RSA 91-A request and KingCast explains why the original Bruce McKay dash cam video of 5/11 with Liko Kenney may have been altered." Read that post to see how I wonder why it was taking so long to get to hear the original VHS after Judge Vaughn ordered Kelly to produce it. And read in these comments (#3) a copy of a comment made back then.

Another note: Forensic specialist Paul Erwin Kish (Principles of bloodstain pattern analysis) determined that evidence in the Michael Paulhus police shooting (settled for $85K) -- in which unlawful use of force was alleged -- was destroyed under Kelly Ayotte's auspices. Read his report right here:

Another note: Police altered audio in Durham, NC so don't say that it doesn't happen.

"Durham County Assistant District Attorney Jim Dornfried said the original tape was intact, but admitted police handed over a copy as evidence with some audio edited from it."

What a difference a little time (18 months) and reflection provides: Today I am in touch with some top-notch acoustic forensic specialists in order to see if we can figure out exactly why one cannot hear the Gregory Floyd shot sequence, given that the back seat mic on the Tahoe was on for the relevant period of time. When Bruce McKay's hip/shoulder mic cuts out and you hear things more faintly, that is the back seat mic of the Tahoe that McKay forgot to turn off while he was flying stealth on 5/11.

Why on Earth would he fly stealth when dealing with Liko Kenney, one would logically ask, given their history if McKay was on the up and up he should want total transparency, right?

Take a listen to three separate clips
that my film maker took from Bruce McKay's original VHS dash cam after I won that right in RSA 91-A Right to Know litigation, and see if you can explain why we can't hear any of the six (6) shots that (thankfully) former NH AG Kelly Ayotte admits were fired, read the ballistics report.


So anyway, one can hear sirens, a couple of odd clicks and -- gasp -- SILENCE during the one minute interval it took for Gregory Floyd to murder Liko Kenney, after Liko Kenney shot Bruce McKay out of apprehension for his own safety, in my opinion.

We need to get this analysed because then, and only then can we truly know when Floyd (or McKay, but I doubt it) fired the windshield bullet into Liko's car. Look at the angle of the windshield bullet, below. It DID NOT happen with Floyd standing at carside, allegedly telling Liko Kenney to put down his gun. That's because that entire story is poppycock as Floyd, Floyd's son and Caleb Macaulay ALL said that Floyd shot without saying a single word. That doesn't fit Kelly Ayotte's official story though so that's why she never conducted any analysis of the windshield bullet, even though she analysed the bullets in a barn and in Connie McKenzie's house -- where NOBODY DIED for Pete's sake.

Note: The last two are the same except that I had a local sound expert filter out the engine noise from the Tahoe -- you know the one that left the tire tracks we see above that Bruce McKay left as he violated 7 OC Spray and Pursuit policies to bash Liko's car and OC Spray him and Caleb without any comment, direction or warning.

As a former Assistant Attorney General it pains me to say this,
but it echoes what State Rep Sorg said last year (Caledonian Record, read comments for excerpt). Small wonder he got shot and small wonder Kelly Ayotte left office before Casey Sherman's book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" was published last week. Here's what Casey said:

p. 212-213
"One could argue that the evidence to warrant such an (new) investigation against Floyd had been there from the very beginning. Kelly Ayotte has been and will forever be roundly critized for her rush to judgement regarding Greg Floyd. The Attorney General painted herself in a corner in her apparent need to paint Floyd as a hero. Had Ayotte shown the proper patience in the case, she would have discovered quite early the serious questions surrounding Floyd's alleged heroic deed." [KingCast observation: She is in charge of the investigation and such knowledge is imputed to her]

1. "Greg Floyd's initial testimony that he never warned Liko Kenney before he fired the fatal shot. (This detail was corroborated by Kenney's passenger Caleb Macaulay)."

2. "Floyd's bizarre behavior and statements," including killing as many as "43 people for the government" and current legal drug use vis a vis his conversation with Caleb "Sir you can't shoot me you'll be charged with murder," to which Floyd responded "I'm on medication so it won't matter."

3. Greg Floyd's penchant for violent behavior had been well established by police before the May 11, 2007 shooting.
"There is no question in my mind that Greg Floyd's actions in the case should have been examined more closely."

I'll concur and point you to the documents that Kelly Ayotte withheld for no lawful reason about Floyd's criminal past and his military lies. I retrieved said documents from the Department of Safety via Attorney Marta Modigliani. If she lied about that who can safely put it past her to alter audio tapes?

Not me. Best to have someone take a look-see so we can at least clear her name on that piece. As to the rest of her coverups, those will follow her for the rest of her life, including her specious run for U.S. Senate.


Christopher King said...

From the Calendonian Record
19 Jan 2008

Parkway Tribute To Cpl. McKay "Has Awakened A Dragon"

Amy Ash Nixon
Staff Writer

Said Rep. Gregory Sorg, R-Easton, "I hate to say this ... but if Cpl. McKay had acted in a more professional manner, and not been so gung-ho to yank the chain of young Mr. Kenney, they would both be alive today," he writes in a posting on an Internet blog run by Chris King.

Christopher said...

Tell you what:

They were really nervous when my film maker and I were downloading this audio.

What is the clicking?

How on Earth could there be ANY silence during this because the back seat mic was on the whole time?

They couldn't wait to get us out of there.

Perhaps now I know why.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

From the 21 March 2008 comments referenced and linked on the cover page:


no, no chris. i don't need to see the video and listen to the audio, again. i heard it the first, second and third times. we all did.

that's what this case is about. layer by layer, peeling back to the core of the matter which is this tape.

we have yet to view the original, accurate recording of the events of 5/11.

judge vaughn, we appeal to you to be certain the truth is revealed by processes of the law, whereby this dash cam video be released for public access by your order; and let said video be in its original form and condition.

if it has been altered, please join us in holding responsible and accountable the individuals, at every level, who have violated the matter and spirit of the law.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:11 AM

Christopher King said...

And before anyone starts saying:

"What if the tape is NOT altered Mr. Smarty-Pants?"

I'll offer you this:

In order to quell fear of evidence tampering or destruction, have the new AG give us a thorough analysis of the windshield bullet that does not exist to this day (or at least it has not been produced to the public to this day).

Kelly's failure to address this issue, when coupled with the rest of her documented history of lies should be a criminal offense.

Remember how she started out lying on 15 May 2007 in the Res Ipsa One post to former AAG and U.S. Congressional Candidate Harold Burbank? She wrote in an email he shared with me:

"All witness statements are consistent in describing Mr. Floyd's actions," when in fact the only thing consistent about the statements of Caleb Macaulay, Gregory P. Floyd (son) and Gregory W. Floyd's (initial) statement is the fact that Floyd did not say anything to Liko Kenney before he fired.

But that doesn't fit Kelly's official whitewashed version of the facts, so now she's fortunate to be out of public office for a while since Casey's book is out, and we have him on YouTube pointing out this same set of lies by New Hampshire's last AG, the one and only Kelly Ayotte.

-The KingCaster


Anonymous said...

wheres your crystal ball boy Sorg now... You should concentrate on getting your own personal legal matters that you callously and cowardly walked away from in Ohio straightened out before you pass judgement on anyone elses actions. You know your suspension and over $20,000+ in fines and penalties accrued since 1998. I'd bet you hold the record for the Ohio attorney with the shortest number of years practicing before suspension. DB

Anonymous said...

Floyd felt his life was in emminent danger given the fact that Kenney had just shot and mortally wounded Cpl. Bruce McKay, and he saw Kenney still trying to unjam his gun. You do the same thing as Kenney and I guarantee you someone would shoot you as well. I know I would, without a second thought or a moments hesitation. Kenney the cop killer got what he deserved and Floyd saved the state of NH a whole lot of tax money which you don't mind wasting with your frivilous non effective court filings. how come you don't talk about the points that Casey Sherman doesn't agree with you about...oops never mind I know because you are never wrong. DAN

Christopher King said...


DB = Dumb Bunny

I see... still nothing regarding the SUBSTANCE of the post, because you are incapable of staying on point. Thank goodness Casey Sherman is not afflicted with your case of terminal myopia.

State Rep Sorg is just fine....Query, where's the Bruce McKay highway bill now?

It's not just fine, and it will never happen.

I practiced for nine (9) years before I was suspended, I'm quite sure many attorneys are suspended before a decade of practice. Oddly enough I never had any problems when I was an AAG all of those started when I started suing the hand that used to feed me, see Doyle v. Columbus Council 41 F.Supp.2d 765 S.D.Ohio,1998.

(We won Jerry's right to speak again before City Council as you can watch in "American Lawyer" at KingCast.net)

Anyway, I was never accused of a crime, nor did my clients issue the complaints, they all came from Big Business lawyers.

In New Hampshire, how long was Michael McLaughlin a licensed attorney before he was convicted of U.S.Mail Fraud and incarcerated and DISBARRED (not merely suspended, mind you) before he somehow became of counsel now with Shaheen & Gordon?

Let me know if you care to research that, because I don't really care how long it was.

Only that it happened :)

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

4:01 Dan

Floyd never said he was in fear of his life until prompted by his interviewer, who also took Floyd's second and third statements to heart when he said "that's pretty cool, you were giving him time to put the gun down" when in fact all of that is a total fabrication.

Casey Sherman agrees with me on that 100% My Friend.

Apparently you don't know how to read because I have CLEARLY stated that Casey and I disagree on the 2003 traffic stop Constitutional violations and how they applied to Liko, and on audio I've published you can hear us disagree as to how Liko's car struck McKay.

The only LE with experience to publicly state his opinion is Bradford Whipple, and he agrees WITH ME, thank you.

As to the major substance, we BOTH -- along with Brad Whipple -- agree that Floyd should be investigated and charged, and a new investigation open.

Why is it so hard for you to handle that?

Why have you ignored the sound issues I'm pointing out in the audio samples?

Why is is so important for you to write in, if this blog is of no consequence to you?

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

What about all the LE (retired or otherwise)that have disagreed with you they certainly by far out number Mr. Charmin.

Don't try blow smoke up my ass about what you and Mr. Sherman disagree about he already informed me.

Whya are you so obsessed with former NHAG Ayotte because we both know thats what this whole charade of yours is really about.

As far as why I comment in this blog or anywhere else about you and your "cases" is because it is my right to do so under the First Amendment.....you know the same one you hide behind to do your dirty work. SFB

Christopher King said...


Actually, Bill, you are (as usual) wrong. You have absolutely no First Amendment right to post here.

This is a private blog, owned by a private citizen, but unlike the Union Leader and 20/20 I post every comment and never strike them, because I'm a fair man.

So too is Brad Whipple:

09 October 2009
Veteran Franconia and Sugar Hill Officer Brad Whipple discusses Franconia and NH AG Kelly Ayotte's "culpability" and "malfeasance."

"These were complaints that were filed with the Chief of Police, with the Board of Selectmen, with Kelly Ayotte the Attorney General and the amazing thing was nothing seemed to have been done....there are several people who are culpable of malfeasance because with the information they had on this guy they had to say, get him out of uniform, get him out of service, he doesn't belong in it.... Five years almost to the day before this happened I met with his superior in Franconia police department and said 'get rid of this guy he's a danger to your community.'

If the facts had been allowed out by the Attorney General at the time, I think a lot of people would have fallen to the other side of the opinion poll and seen McKay for what he was."

You haters -- especially the NH media -- want to keep this message down, well we're not keeping this message down. Unlike Floyd's specious (and false) claims about making "43 kills" and being in a special "NSA -- No Such Agency" branch of the Marines (he was a water boy at Camp Lejuene) Brad really WAS a special ops/intelligence officer, and he and I agree on about 95% of everything I write here.

Writes Casey in the photo credits: "Chris King and Brad Whipple -- two men who refused to let this case die."


PS: I am indeed obsessed with Kelly Ayotte's proven patterns of lies and deceit, including juvenile DNA reporting, the Michael Paulhus case, and this one. She was obsessed with me for a while, bringing bogus charges against me that were, what's that word again I'm looking for.... DISMISSED.

So what's your point, meat head?

Meet me outside Casey Sherman's book opening as soon as you write down all the things I allegedly misled you on.