19 October 2009

KingCast says the Jason Vassell/John Bowes/Jonathan Bosse UMass case raises questions of prosecutorial, institutionalised racism.

Honestly, what's it going to be folks? Stop your racial violence and your set-trippin' and start uniting against oppression, which knows no color. Damn people, THINK!

One of my readers (an alumnus of a very highly-esteemed school in the Eastern Seabord) pulled my coat tail to this case, in which two white youth with multiple criminal backgrounds and known substance abuse issues got off easy for starting a fight. Meanwhile the black UMass student who defended himself with a pocket knife after getting his nose broken is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon & facing 30 years in prison. Vassell has no known criminal record, zip, zero zilch.

Here is an excerpt from 8 October 2009 story from Smith College:
As recounted by two witnesses in Vassell's room on the night of the altercation, John Bowes and Jonathan Bosse had been shouting racial slurs at Vassell and soon after broke his window. Vassell fled his room and called two friends for support, in addition to notifying Campus Security. The attackers forced entry into the dorm lobby and punched him numerous times, eventually giving Vassell a concussion.

Vassell's defense has attempted to show through video camera footage and testimony by numerous witnesses that he had told his attackers he did not want to fight them, but after being hit was forced to use a pocketknife in self-defense.

The prosecutor soft-pedaled a broken nose clearly motivated out of racial animus into a disorderly conduct conviction against Bose, while Bosse wasn't even charged.

Thing is, however, the victim Jason Vassell has now secured the right to review prior related cases for symptoms of racial bias in terms of prosecutorial discretion. See the Daily Hampshire Gazette story of 3 March, 2009.


PS: Before folks come and start accusing me of race hating, I don't tolerate racial insensitivity from anybody, read this post on Yick Wo v. Hopkins and this post on Caucasian & Jewish, and this post to see me called a spear-chucker. Then read this post about a bad cop named Marty Dunn, who failed to make blacks feel safe in Jaffrey, NH. He got fired (and his prosecutor Bill Albrecht got run out of town under an ethics investigation) and former NH AG John Arnold, acting as Chesire County Judge, affirmed the Decision. Hope you enjoy the KingCast corporate logo in this post, and most definitely read the comments.


Christopher King said...

From justiceforjason.org

The charges against Bowes stemmed from an onslaught of vicious racial slurs he unleashed at Jason last February. Jason’s dormitory neighbor, Barbara Rutman, was called on Thursday afternoon as a prosecutorial witness, and testified that she heard a male voice outside Jason’s window yell “Your family was slaves” and “I’m gonna whip you”, along with ample usage of the word “nigger.” Other eyewitnesses Ashley Clancy and Lindsay Toper, both of whom were present in Jason’s room when the attack took place, also testified to hearing the word “nigger” again and again from Bowes.

A statement from Committee for Justice for Jason member Joe Mirkin claimed that “A prosecutor that seriously wanted to get the conviction for the civil rights violation could have done a lot more than Mr. Desroches did in this trial. We can safely assume that the District Attorney’s office will not attempt such weak arguments in their case against Jason Vassell.” The statement continued to attack the District Attorney’s office for pursuing such a watered down set of charges against Bowes. “To drop the assault and battery charge against Bowes is to completely ignore the fact that after violently intimidating and threatening Jason because of his race, Bowes went on to break his nose. To me this represents an interest in letting Bowes off so as to better frame up Jason on felony charges of aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.”

Anonymous said...

Not making excuses for anyone but maybe if blacks like you stopped using the N word in any form others would follow suit. Have a listen to half the rappers who still use the word, they are the ones who make the impression on young kids. I guarantee Dr. Martin Luther King never walked up to another black man and said "what's goin on nigga"

Christopher King said...


I haven't said the N-word on this blog in years except to quote or to portray what I perceived the thought process was behind Officer Morrison's nasty attitude toward me in March, and that's a fact.


Speaking of Officer Morrison, have you read my second post this morning?

20 October 2009

KingCast waits for Boston Cop Internal Affairs investigation of Officer Morrison; Denver gets serious on racial profiling.

Here's a USA Today feature on a progressive effort from Denver that I heartily applaud.

In light of the court decision allowing Jason Vassell to obtain racial records, and in light of the fact that the Boston area give more tickets to black males than anyone else, and in light of the fact that a certain white police officer acted like a complete jackass to me back in March, prompting a public records request, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share the results of my public citizen inquiry into Officer Morrison's on-the-job reprimands.

I got notice last week, paid my $53.80 yesterday in person (rode the 650R down to the Station, yah) so if I'm lucky I can retrieve the 119 page investigation and result today, but whether it be today, tomorrow or the next day it will go right here in this post.

I told Boston PD this guy wouldn't have spoken to a professional white person the way he spoke to me, and he certainly wouldn't have spoken to me the way he did if he knew I was a former Assistant Attorney General over a minor speeding ticket when I was completely polite with him and merely asked "is there a problem, officer?"

I was on a job assignment and just paid the ticket, but the real issue was this cop's attitude and demeanor, so I'll bet the other complaint is similar. If he is a bad apple he needs the heave-ho and I'll put him out on Main Street in my upcoming radio segments at 5:30 p.m. on TOUCH 106.1 FM's new show, "TOUCH Beat." Listen in. Police have a tough enough job as it is without jerks like him (or Franconia's Bruce McKay who can't get a road named after him, unlike Good Cop Michael Briggs, RIP) soiling their reputations. Therefore it's time to start policing the police.

Next up: The five (5) cases that are supposed to be re-investigated in Boston. Here's the Globe Story link with the full Official Report and Official Report excerpts. In Boston, as opposed to New Hampshire, there actually is a Civilian Review Board, something I argued for in New Hampshire, only to have legislators like Martha McLeod ignore my phone calls and letter supporting HB 58.

Christopher King said...

But since you're speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King, another thing he never did was the the NAACP tuck its tail between its legs and claim "The NAACP doesn't sue, or threaten to sue."

Back then the NAACP did sue and threaten to sue, for Pete's Sake. NAACP v. Button is why the case against me as NAACP Legal Chair was dismissed, because of First Amendment protections, duh.

But King #1 lived and died well before the NAACP changed its mission statement and watered it down a few years ago. All the links are on this blog, fella'.

Just the facts.


Anonymous said...

Dr. King never misrepresented the facts like you do to promote a reverse racism. I met Dr. King and you and he have absolutely nothing in common as far as beliefs about equality or making society a better place for everyone.

You and Al Sharpton have the same agenda and use the same play book remember the Twana Brawley case.
That's FACT.

Christopher King said...


You can name drop all you want, but have you changed any laws yet, son?

I have, and I will continue to do so. Go ahead and spin S 8013 into a racial matter will you, given that Robert Taylor is a white man.

Go ahead and spin Franconia into a racial matter, given that all of the participants were white.

Al Sharpton?

How about that white guy -- the Keene family and their flying escapades?

(CBS) The Heene family's saga of a loose balloon and a 6-year-old boy riveted the nation last week. The boy was found unhurt, but the saga continues as new questions surface -- this time of child welfare -- amid police statements that the entire balloon incident was a hoax.

Follow the Balloon Boy Saga at CBSNews.com:
Cops Seek Possible Balloon Boy Hoax Cohort
Lawyer: Balloon Boy Parents will Surrender
Sheriff: Balloon Boy Saga Full of Hot Air
Balloon Boy Dad: "Absolutely No Hoax"
Balloon Boy Gets Sick on National TV

Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor, addressed on "The Early Show" a growing concern for the family: Can they stay together?

Murphy said parents, Richard Heene and his wife, Mayumi, don't have to be charged with a crime in order for Protective Services to come in and take their children away.

"All they have to have is evidence of neglect or abuse," she said. "And boy, I think they've got plenty of that here."

She said that's because the Heene parents seem to have subjected their children to participation this fraud.

Falcon Heene, the so-called "balloon boy" was believed to be inside a silver flying-saucer shaped homemade balloon last week as it flew across 50 miles across two counties.


Christopher King said...

From an anonymous source:

With that being said...do your investigative journalism! This DA's Office has an Election coming (1st time Opposed in 20 Years...Conservative Republican, vs. the Chair of Barack Obama's campaign in Hampshire County).

The Citizens of Hampshire County need to EXPOSE the RACISM and CORRUPTION in this DA's Office. Your investigation will make a significant impact and CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

id be careful about what i say about betsy. you may end up with charges. pottygate.

Christopher King said...


Won't be the first time I faced bogus criminal charges, hahahaaaa....

Whatever, I'm too busy with the President and the Governor to worry about any of that nonsense.

-The KingCaster.