08 October 2009

KingCast proud to see S. 1813 "Robert Taylor's Law" headed for first reading 15 Oct. 2009 via Senator Bruce Tarr's office.

Whoopieeeee..... this is one of the moments I've been waiting for since I conceived of it two years ago, getting Robert Taylor's Law enacted. The Senator's Office telephoned me to see what my thoughts were on a concession to raise the standard on reporting to make it a life or health issue only, to which I agreed. I don't really care if a landlord has a hole in a screen and the building is out of code on that.

I do care if the building has, for example, only one egress for someone like Robert Taylor, who died because of it. The Lorraine litigation, which was my brainchild, is pending a decision on Summary Judgment brought by both sides. One way or another, or both, Robert Taylor cannot die in vain:
Hey, Chris; S. 1813 will be having its hearing next Thursday, October 15, at 1:00 p.m. in Hearing Room A-1. Feel free to bring anyone you want to testify; I believe we’re sending a press release out in the next few days to let everyone else know.

Skip from the Small Property Owners’ Association, which is the relevant landlord lobby group, called today with some concerns about the bill. Some of them go to the heart of the bill and are things we wouldn’t consider changing, but I want to talk to you about one of the others, so if you can give me a call in the next couple of days to talk about it, I’d appreciate it.



Daniel Pawson
Legislative Director
Office of Senator Bruce E. Tarr

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