27 October 2009

KingCast presents: Racism alive and well in cyberspace, "nigger this, nigger that...."

Update: What former JAG Attorney Bill Christy, operating under the pseudonym "Lower Slower Delaware" wrote on a Topix forum that shows his racist tendencies. The forum will probably soon be removed like the first two:
Lower Slower Delaware wrote:
Hey KingCast be a man for once in your life. Step up to the plate and drive yourself down here to Delaware, and take me on. I'll hand you your balls and arse on a platter. Big man picking on a white woman.....you coward.

So now I'm supposed to drive down there so this jackass can call the police on me and have me arrested for criminal menacing. Balls and arse on a platter, ewwwww.... sounds like something he likes to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner that's cool that you're gay Bill, the girly girl and I both have gay friends we can hook you up with, especially because you're apparently a bottom LOL ;)


So the other day I posted a nice piece "Fall in New England Part Deux" about a fall ride, and tied it in with a post from 2006 "Fall in New England." I included a picture of my current two-wheeled whip (a Kawi 650R) in the new post, and the old post had a pic of my old Yamaha FZ750 (The Clydesdale, RIP) and my SAAB 900 Turbo Convertible outside my sister's house in a certain city on a certain street in CT.

Here then, is the response, wonder if it was Carlo Carmanna over at Citibank, whose response to MCAD Complaint No 09BPA02502 is due today:
hey nigger what's with ripping off pictures of other peoples bike and Saab
By Anonymous, at 4:03 PM

Nice. But not as nice as this post.
nigger, spear chucker, jungle bunny, jig, spook, o ya dumb fucking black ass bitch....

Whatever, man, I'm headed out for a ride before the rains come in, might need to pick myself up a new pair of winter bike/ski gloves as I've misplaced mine :(

Yes, they let us black folks on the slopes these days, isn't that something? Photo at Wildcat, 2003, working on a Tuckermans, of course!


Christopher King said...

What's interesting is that despite a 40hp advantage, the Yamaha was no faster around town, and by the time you get to speeds where the Yamaha could pull away from the 650R, you're about to go to jail so the point is moot.

That's what 20 years of technology and a twin vs. inline 4 will do for you.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

You perpetuate the hatred you thrive on it because you can't accept that you are a FAILURE so you have to make excuses this is in your own handwriting mf: "they turn around and fuck me in the ass raw-dog no lube niggas."

Your blog has 4 years worth of you vile hatred and racism and it's all there for everyone to see. Just like Lou Jacobs never said the courts decision to suspend you was racially motivated as you claim:
"My strong sense is that Chris has matured tremendously throughout his ordeals, come to terms with what portion of his experience can be attributed to racism, ignorance, and reactionary politics and what portion to his own DEFICIENCIES.........."

YOU ran with the racism comment just like Al Sharpton.

Christopher King said...


Mheh.... I've done quite well in my life.

As to the lies of the NAACP I proved that they lied under Oath and that's why the bigot Kelly Ayotte and Chief Dunn dropped their bogus cases against me you hater.

"The NAACP does not sue, or threaten to sue," said Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons.

Who in the hell believes THAT?


As to Lou Jacobs and the FACT that he wrote that racism, ignorance and reactionary politics played a role in my suspension, print the whole letter you maggot, and remember that in sentence construction he LED with that, and put my "deficiencies" second, therefore the reason was MORE because of illicit purposes.

Furthermore, leave out the racism part, is it okay that Civil Rights lawyers are subject to ignorance and reactionary politics?

No it is not, duh.

"[King's] solo practice ill-prepared him to observe the conventions of local practice"

READ: He didn't know when to shut up even as he was getting screwed.

"All of the allegations deal with his unconventional style as he struggle to secure a beneficial outcome for his clients."

"His energy, courage, creativity and attention to detail were immediately impressive."

I have the attention to detail to note that you My Friend are a race hater.

Stay tuned for the video that purportedly shows Citibank to be correct in its assertion that it had legal imprimatur to refuse to open a bank account, git yer popcorn ready fool.

-The KingCaster

PS: My bike, my car, black folks can own stuff these days even though you don't like it, you maggot.

Christopher King said...


Here's your Gloria Timmons lies Under Oath, what notarized Affidavit did she have and when was it notarized, Muuuuuaaaahhh.....

Here's Chief Dunn (fired and dismissal upheld by former NH AG John Arnold, thank you) lying when he said I made my assessment of the Willie Toney matter without having gathered any facts, when the annotated Demand Letter I printed and produced for you right here shows that I had clearly read what.... the POLICE REPORTS and NARRATIVES showing that they put 3 drawn guns in a black man's face and body cavity searched him for what.... LOITERING.

But that's cool for you, because to you, apparently black folks can't own nothin'.


-The KingCaster

PS: Now was my use of profanity 3-4 years ago during that stressful time something that I am proud of, no it is not. But am I proud of the fact that my use of the FACTS and my constant blogging and video chased away a bogus prosecution for me daring to write a Demand Letter to Good Ol' Chief Dunn, yah I'm pleased as peaches, now I don't have to resort to profanity to slam a stupid jackass like you.

Jackass not being a swear word, but being an ignorant, stupid animal, like you :)

Christopher King said...

PS: Here's what I thrive on, exposing people like Chief Dunn who condone gang rape, read the transcript.

And remember MASS COPS called Dunn a "slimebag," that's cold-blooded when you own mostly-white peers hit you with THAT.

Hahahahaaa.... thanks for reminding me about this sorta stuff that went on under Kelly Ayotte's watchful eye.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

PS: The guy writing in is none other than Bill Christy, a retired JAG Attorney who wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and I edited it, before he became a coward and put his widdle tail between his wegs and wan away like a puppy that peed itself.

I know this because I did some reading this morning and he and a couple of other tools have created forums over at Topix that were so defamatory and vile that Topix has now removed two of them and they had to start a third this morning ;)

Bill said he wanted to engage in public discourse about Franconia and why he changed his mind, but he refuses to meet at the public library or at an upcoming Criminal Justice seminar, or anywhere, just wants to trash talk online and get his forums yanked for Defamatory content, America the Land of the Free.

KingCast: Just the facts, please.

Anonymous said...

Mr. King,
The TOPIX forum was removed because of your defamatory comments about Bill Christy. They were also removed due to your repeat spam links you posted linking your Chris King's 1st Amendment Page. After receiving several complaints including proof that you posted stolen copyrighted photos of Bill Christy with defamatory comments about this person the topic was removed. Please refrain from further posting of this nature or they will also be removed. Please review our Terms of Service which you agreed to when you joined the community.
The Topix Community Management Team

Christopher King said...

Nice try, Bill, just like you tried to make it look like I had a car crash and totaled my car on 24 January 2008.

Topix would not write me in a blog entry you fool, they would send me an email with a point of contact and a contact information.

BTW Citibank didn't provide any videos to the MCAD, even after trying to threaten my lawyer with the presence of said videos.

They are full of dookie, just like you.

Sorry about your popcorn evening, but hey, you know that's life.

Anonymous said...

You little paranoid jackass prove I wrote the post. I was with 3 state officials from DNREC all morning long.
As far as myspace prove that as well, I can't be bothered to hack into your pathetic little myspace page or any other site. You are the king poseur who writes to himself in his blog and in forums when no one agrees with you.

Christopher King said...

Bill, you telling me you didn't write this as your Lower Slower alter ego?


Lower Slower Delaware wrote:

Hey KingCast be a man for once in your life. Step up to the plate and drive yourself down here to Delaware, and take me on. I'll hand you your balls and arse on a platter. Big man picking on a white woman.....you coward.


What on Earth does Kelly Ayotte's color have to do with anything. Glenn Beck is a white Republican just like Kelly Ayotte and even he knows she is a lying sack, that's why he endorsed Paul Hodes.

You also wrote:

"I hate everything you do and stand for."

To that I'll say:

"Great, because you can't do a damn thing about it."

-The KingCaster

PS: I keep on asking you, are you coming to Casey Sherman's book launch tomorrow night for a fireside chit-chat or not?