18 October 2009

KingCast presents: The 650R at top speed and 0-60/0-100 mph.

Nope, not mine. No Statements Against Penal Interest here, pal :)
0-60 in 3.6, 0-100 in 10.3. And the roll-on is even better.


Anonymous said...

Wow..You're my HERO!! I can ride my bike fast...!!! (Get a real bike, pussy). I love coming back and checking this blog every so often...whenever I need a good laugh. Same ol' merry-go-round I see!!

Anonymous said...

"Blog owner approval"....*lol* For a guy that's all into free speech I really get a kick out of this. Awwwww...can't handle the pressure?? *lol* loser.

Christopher King said...

When you stop in you should take time to read.

These are not my bikes.

But if you want to ride fast, meet me at Loudon, get some kicks. Bring your real bike that you don't own :)

Oh, BTW, once again, unlike WMUR and ABC News 20/20, I actually post everything that does not contain profanity. Keep on getting your kicks, I'm getting mine.

Tune in to my radio show and come visit with Brad Whipple and me as we address an entire Criminal Justice Program, too.

More kicks for you.

Christopher King said...

BTW it's not so important how fast I ride my bike but rather where I ride it:

"I got notice last week, paid my $53.80 yesterday in person (rode the 650R down to the Station, yah) so if I'm lucky I can retrieve the 119 page investigation and result today, but whether it be today, tomorrow or the next day it will go right here in this post."


That's what make me your hero, tool.