09 October 2009

KingCast notes "Bad Blood" on Chronicle, Monday, 12 Oct 2009; Bill Christy is still a ranting fool.

Here's the teaser:
It was a horrific crime. On a spring day two years ago, a 24 year old man shot, and then ran over, a police officer in Franconia, New Hampshire. Then a passerby shot the assailant dead. More shocking – many people in Franconia were not surprised. Tonight, Mary Richardson reveals the events that led up to the fatal confrontation, and she talks to townspeople who believe it might have been avoided.

I would have gone with "a[n] horrific crime" but yah veteran Franconia Officer Brad Whipple says it could have been avoided because he specifically told them to fire Bruce McKay 5 years ago. Watch him say so in no uncertain times in this YouTube video.

As far as Bill Christy goes, I told him to meet me at the Boston Public Library on Wednesday, but he'll punk out. He's not worth front page anyway so you can read about this tool in the comments section on the jump page :)


Christopher King said...

Meanwhile there is a man who is a former JAG, and ostensibly an intelligent being, who wrote the lions' share of "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" who has since lost his mind and fancies Bruce McKay and Gregory Floyd as heroes. Since Topix removed the Defamatory thread that he and some other idiots created to "bash" me, he now posts here incessantly to talk about anything other than the specific facts of this case, making ad hominem remarks, lies and accusations and false statements about people like Mary Jo Kilroy (watch her demeanor in this video and read how she condoned gang rape as Columbus Schools Superintendent in this post) and making up names of my sisters (I don't have one named Cheryl, dude). He also accuses me of popping Vicodin and having car crashes, etc. etc. and says he would "kick my ghetto ass."

What a strange man. Makes me wonder if Kelly Ayotte paid him to be such a freak show to try to divert attention away from the fact that she never conducted any real investigation in this case.

Anonymous said...

Chris here we go right YOU were the one who said you would "knock your fat ass out".
But being the balless little puke I'm finding out you really are you once again removed the post with the comment you made.

False statements about US Rep Mary J Kilroy ? I have all the information on you from Ohio you are a stalker and a very sick and disturbed man. I spent the day yesterday conversing with a number of different people in Ohio who know about all of your shenanigans including one of the jusrists who tried to help you get back on the right track, and meet the requirements of your suspension..

Really Chris you don't have a sister in Colleyville TX?

I guess that's just another one of your lies because you told a number of us you lived with your sister in Colleyville TX.

Let's talk about your friends Bill Moss an Loretta Heard that you claim were on your side in Ohio.

Or how about why you had 2 LOA's or why you resigned your postion.
8/10/92 LOA 8/10/92-10/1/92
11/28/92 LOA 10/30/92-4/30/93

See excounselor your information is all relevant because those who don't agree with you become your target of attacks filled with unfounded insinuations, innuendos,and lies examples of this behavior pattern a over a 10 year period like US Rep Mary Jo Kiloy (who recommended you be suspended in Ohio), NHAG Ayotte, Rep. Martha McLeod, Marty Dunn, Ditmar Kompt, and me.

How much do you "investigate" before you post what you call your "FACTS" all over the Internet. You wouldn't know a fact if it dropped in your lap, your distorted maniacal viewpoint has seriously marred you ability to clearly see what is fact and what is fiction. There is no difference to you because you are filled with such hatred for anyone who has made something of themselves. We did so instead of making excuses and blaming everyone else for any shortcomings we have.

You cling to anyone that has any fame like a lovesick puppy look at the way you are bragging all about how Casey Sherman and Brad Whipple agree with your assertions.

See I've already been on this rollercoaster ride with you, I was the best thing to come along when I agreed with you. When I disagreed with you, YOU accused me of doing illegal drugs, being a "teabagger" a person who condones spousal abuse, and a myriad of other ludicrous accusations.

You lack any honesty what so ever, you post anonymously in your own blog and create other screen names in forums to make posts in agreement with your rediculous claims you make about people and situations like (voice of truth)in Topix last night.

What a pathetic human being and little man you are. You have a well documented pattern and history of targeting anyone who doesn't agree with you about everything especially women.

Did mommy abuse you as a child or was it because she and your daddy got divorced, is that why you hate women who have any power.

Anonymous said...

I watched the videos to appease you and now here is my honest response. You came across as n arrogant jackass who thinks that the seas should part when you enter a room. I saw the look on the judge's fce as you wer struting around his courtroom like a proud peacock. I also understand the whole story about Jerry Doyle as well.

In case you didn't know it Robert's Rules of Order are the generally accepted way business is conducted at any meeting, whether it is a school board or any town/city municipal meeting. That is all I heard Ms. Kilroy trying to do keep some sense of decorum in a meeting you and jerry Doyle were hell bent on disrupting. Rules were put in place specifically in regard to Mr. Doyle because he like you could not control his own actions and refused to adhere to the allotted time allow for speakers to address the board. Why the hell should he or anyone else get to monopolize the meetings so that others couldn't speak. For the record I had residents removed from Selectman's meetings I oversaw for the same EXACT reason,and it was well within my right to do so as it was Ms. Kilroys.

Christopher King said...


Bill, you need help. Who says I was not a good journalist, in fact I'm being courted right now as a journalist. Just because I do and say things that most major media journalists won't -- and I actually sue to get information -- doesn't mean you have a right to talk me down, dude.

You're just a hater.

Algenon Marbley is the same judge who issued improper jury instructions in Belcher: Lou Jacobs and I had crafted Jury instructions that the government could not unfairly hinder someone's right to earn a living, it was a NON RACIAL category because we did not have overt racial reasons why they State never provided access to Title XX monies for the black daycare provider.

But Marbley ONLY ALLOWED US TO ARGUE RACE, so that the Jury was left with nothing to grant her an award on. Interestingly, that case is no longer on Lexis, just checked for it.

He was also part of the whole scheme to get Jerry Doyle's case against City Council dismissed so they didn't have to pay my attorney fees, even though I won him the right to speak again, and you can see part of that on video "American Lawyer" at KingCast.net

You told someone I was a stalker?

Good. Because I am going to call Mary Jo Kilroy and verify it. I am not a stalker, stalking is a crime of moral turpitude and you have just committed a per se act of Defamation, you ignorant tool.


I have two sisters, you do not have either of their names correct.


LOA is a term for lawful vacation when I was an AG. I resigned to open my own firm after Bloody Betty Montgomery was brought in to office, a Republican Administration replacing a very progressive Democratic Administration. It's not her womanhood fool, it's her politics that I found offensive. Unlike Senator Tarr, with whom I'm working right now, she's not progressive.

Tell you what, fool: Come to the Senate Hearing on Robert Taylor's Law SB 1813 on Thursday the 15th, sign up and publicly discuss your issues with me there!

Back when I was an AAG (picture) I was winning cases over Mary Jo Kilroy:

Bill: Are you talking about the same Kilroy who condoned gang rape, and who didn't make it to Congress after I -- along with a few others -- swiftboated her?

Yah she made it this time but I'm ROTFLMOA too!!!

I also defeated her firm when I was an AG, and that's a FACT, JACK.

Watling v. Kroger, No. 94APE05-718
1994 Ohio App. LEXIS 4642.

Handelman & Kilroy, Robert K. Handelman and Cathy J. Levine, for appellant.

Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur, and Christopher C. Russell, for appellee The Kroger Company.

Lee Fisher, Attorney General, and Christopher King, for appellee Administrator, Ohio Bureau of Employment Services.

Also, Kilroy had zilch to do with my suspension dude, you are a sick man and need mental help.

Christopher King said...

Oh, Bill as to my sister in Colleyville no you did not get her name correct and no I did not live with here, I lived in corporate housing but being a Good Uncle I was always over there hanging out, being a role model to my three nieces and nephew.

And no, my white brother-in-law out there does not think I'm a racist in the least :)


Ditmar Kopf, isn't he the same tool who lied about what the money and the video, and he appears in the video at KingCast where he says there was a rush to judgment and to portray Liko as some sort of serial killer.

Chief Dunn, you mean the guy who got FIRED and UPHELD that termination by former NH AG John Arnold? Read about all of that here, plus him laughing about the hate mail I got hoping I get gang raped in Prison. Maybe THAT is the rape thing you are thinking of, you jackass.


Fascinating the degree of interest in trying to discredit me now that (inter)nationally-respected people agree with me, isn't it?

Then when I point out that such people agree with me, I'm "fame seeking."

And to think that we as taxpayers subsidized this man's tenure as a JAG?

Was he just as stupid there and we paid for it, the same way we paid for the State to lie about and cover up the Franconia shooting tragedy?

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Don't watch anything to appease me, you jackass. "Strutting around" I was??? So that's a sanctionable offense now, is that right?

Did I say anything sanctionable, hell no.

And you know nothing about Jerry Doyle's case because it was not a time place manner restriction, as I explain in the KingCast video "American Lawyer."

Or you can let Mark Hatch explain it, tool:

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Former Council President Kennedy admitted the real reason for the unlawful, obviously content-based First Amendment restriction. Here he is in the Columbus Dispatch:

"In 1996, he tangled with the Columbus City Council when then-council President John P. Kennedy barred him from speaking. Kennedy complained that Doyle kept protesting two things: the city paying for police protection at a Ku Klux Klan rally, and his mistreatment by the school board.

Doyle filed a federal lawsuit over that. A judge dismissed that case in 1997, and a judge threw out a similar suit in 1999. "Jerry Doyle coming in with a white suit, accusing (Mayor) Mike Coleman of being a slave on the white man's plantation" was too much, Kennedy said."

Bill, that's content, Bubba. Not time, place or manner. Pure content. C-O-N-T-E-N-T. CONTENT. Oh, did you notice it was content?


As to Kilroy, the decorum that was upset was because of her unlawful actions of calling the police and having them threaten and arrest.

Here's what Loretta Heard told her:

"What are you going to do, Mary Jo.... have everybody arrested?"

and she also dressed her down for calling the police on us, so I suppose you hate Loretta Heard for being a bright BLACK woman standing up to Mary Jo Kilroy.

Remember who won that 4 day criminal trespass trial in State v. Doyle?

I did.

Watch that at KingCast.net too, you stupid tool.

Bill if it's you say something about me being from the ghetto again.

I like that one.

Christopher King said...


You hate it when I prove that I have worked constructively with people to change First Amendment Law and policy in New Hampshire, and have a Mayoral Commendation because of it, and because of the Franconia case.

You hate it when I prove that Senator Bruce Tarr agrees with me on Robert Taylor's Law (S 1813) that I conceived and drafted.

You hate it when well-respected people like Casey Sherman and Brad Whipple agree with me too.

Query, is your U.S. Security Clearance higher than Brad's? Because if it is, you shouldn't be wasting your time on this blog, you should be the Pentagon, you stupid jackass :)

Anonymous said...

You posted earlier you DID NOT have a sister in TX, I have your post printed off as a screen shot.So which is it you do or you don't either way it's just another lie, added to the ever growing mountain of lies you tell.
You are so predictable you will claim I'm a hater again or a racist as your lame excuse.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if mine is higher than Mr. Whipples or not nor do I care.

You mentality is nothing more than his is bigger than mine.

Christopher King said...



Whatever dude Brad Whipple has twice your brains and analytical ability.

Are you coming to the Senate Hearing on SB 8013 so you can introduce yourself and tell everybody why I'm such a douchebag for introducing the legislation.


Christopher King said...

For Gosh sake man give it up.

You have posted another 14 rambling comments, replete with misspellings and profane comments and just outright stupidity.

It's not worth me posting, Bill. Either you meet me at Senator Tarr's office or at the library as mentioned or I won't post anything else you have to say.

Your move, Counselor.


Christopher King said...


This ranting fool now claims to have called the Massachusetts AG and Senator Tarr to badmouth me and blah blah blah blah blah.

Then he says I'm still practicing law so he's warning Coakely about that. Too bad I only practice law through duly licensed attorneys or for my own cases, sorry Bill there's nothing you can do about that My Friend :)

There is something chemically imbalanced about Bill Christy, and it is unfortunate.

What could otherwise be an intelligent man (he was when he wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" cannot now understand that the wrongs committed by Kelly Ayotte are bigger than me, bigger than him and bigger than Casey Sherman or Brad Whipple.

His last email to me insinuates that I'm not in Seneca because of the time stamps on the posts I've sent, but that's because I never changed by time stamp from PST.

Of course now he won't meet with me anywhere despite his previous statements I published on this blog where he says he wants to meet me and have public discourse about these issues. Therefore I will no longer be posting his incoherent rants, and he can continue to post up on other Internet forums -- until they purge their systems of his nonsense as they recently have, because of Defamatory statements.

And to think that we as taxpayers are subsidizing this man's retirement as a former JAG, the thought makes me ill.

Peace to all, even Bill.

Anonymous said...

Mr. king,
Is there ever a point in your life where you don't tell untruths?

1. I never refused to meet you, I stated I unlike you have responsibilities and can't just drop everything to drive 10 hours up to Boston without enough lead time. I also stated I had no intention of debating anything with you on a T platform. You won't discuss the Franconia case with me on live radio or TV because you can't control the situation and you and I both know you will come unglued. Mr. Dunn and I would be more than happy to accomodate your request with a reasonable lead time.

2. I did not state I called any Senator or anyone else "to bad mouth you". I stated I called and informed them of the fact you are a suspended lawyer in Contempt of Court since 2002 in the State of Ohio in regard to an Ohio Supreme Court ruling in which your license to practice law was suspended.

3. I have a chemical imbalance, here is what I suggest both you and I will go to the same clinic (of your choice) and have a complete chemical and blood workup done and we will see who has an imbalance.
4. I never suggested you were not in NY due to timestamps what I did say is I belived and still do you were posing as you have in the past as a topix forum member using an alais name.

5. In order for you to subsidizing anyones retirement you would have to gainfully employed and earning an income which you are not according to your posts.

6. Nobody subsidizes my retirement, sorry once again your asumptions become your truth when in fact they are nothing more than baseless assumptions.

7. I have no defamed you in any way and IF you really thought I had you would have already filed a lawsuit like you always do that's your MO.

Fix you email address at kingcast.net 2 emails I sent have been returned and your phone number you had is disconnected. Who are you hiding from this time.

Bill Christy

Christopher King said...

A comment from the YouTube vids:

"Thank you for posting this, probable cause is everything in situations like this . I have complete respect for officers - however this officer went too far. In history the kid requested not only why he was pulled over (must be provided when requested), and this time requested another officer. My God - he was just a kid. I'm sorry for the officer's child/families - but what was he thinking?"

Christopher King said...


You have still not issued a list of things I wrote that were allegedly not true that led you to write "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder," so anything you have to say is worthless but yet I'll engage you for a few minutes, to the extent that your lil' pea brain can handle it:


Tell you what: You email me at kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com and YOU name the time to meet at the public library. Get out of control, don't worry if anyone gets out of control it will be you or that jackass Marty Dunn. Just like you thought I lost it at the bank, but really the bank manager had lost it already when he threatened to call the police and have me arrested.

As for Marty Dunn, I made him lose it at his deposition, laughing about gang rape and all of that, remember Bill? Read the transcript right here.

Other people have continually found my number it is 617.543.8085 and I said as much on the radio show that you allegedly listened to.

You claimed to have telephoned Mary Jo Kilroy and told her I am a "stalker." Stalking is arguably a crime of moral turpitude, My Friend.

Do you have any court decision that says as much, or just the allegations made by a lying former NAACP President that was DISMISSED by a Court of Law, same as the allegations made by American Tower as I was reporting them to Federal Wage and Labor, resulting in a $290K settlement.

Bill you have Defamed me but I'm not worried about it because nobody believes you.

Who says I wasn't gainfully employed, jackass I've told you repeatedly I am a wireless consultant and I told you what my salary range is. Are you saying that you get no Federal Monies in your retirement pacakage, Mr. JAG because if that's the case then you were one sorry soldier!


Even the Littleton Courier recognized that McKay violated the OC Spray and Pursuit policy My Friend.

-The KingCaster


PS: Ask yourself this:

If Marty Dunn and Kelly Ayotte and Bill Albrecht are Gloria Timmons are such good LE Officials, and citizens, how come ALL of their cases against me were DISMISSED after I stood through voir dire and said: "Bring it on, My Friends."

Muuaaaaahhh..... Just sticking to the FACTS Mr. Bill.


Christopher King said...

Bill still writes in, but he's so stupid there's no point in posting any of it.

I told him today:


Bill you are a complete and utter liar.

You never produced anything detailing what I allegedly misrepresented to you before you wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder," now you back down from meeting me at the State Senate or at the Public Library under the guise that I am going to do something inappropriate. You are a completely spineless and dishonest individual.

And yes, Citibank is acting in the manner of a racist pig, so I say that.

And no, you cannot point to a single Civil Right that I have taken from someone nor can you effectively impugn Brad Whipple, who warned Franconia to fire Bruce McKay back when he was still threatening the good folks at the Franconia Fire Department.......

Anonymous said...

You want to threaten me go ahead get the restraining order, I welcome the opportunity to go before a judge.

Just remember who you threatened to "give a third eye" to, who's firm you called up in an attempt to get the person fired, and all the other people who have felt threatened by your behavior.

Citibank is a private institution and you were making a scene, the person who told you they would call the police had every right to do so, and futhermore calling a woman a Motherfucker or uttering the phrase in front of a woman is a sexual crimes offense in Massachusetts.

And it typical Christopher King style you fled the scene like you did in Ohio, and everywhere else you have had isues with the law. You then cowardly file a discrimination lawsuit wasting more taxpayer money with yet another frivilous lawsuit.

Christopher King said...

9:58 Bill

As usual, you are wrong, Bill.

The reference to a third eye was strictly rhetorical and that's why Ditmar -- the lying sack of bones that he is, just ask Jeff Jesseman about the money issue -- never said or did anything about it.

I don't run from scenes, dude I hold good jobs in the wireless industry then I move to the next one, that's how it works, fool. Often I erect

Citibank? You should wait to see the videos before you jump to conclusions about my behavior, My Friend. Also, Motherfucker was not said in front of any female bank personnel, if you could read straight the guy's name is Carlo Caramanna. Furthermore, it was made AFTER the discriminatory conduct. You just hate being wrong to me so much the red mist gets in your little beady eyes and you just want to blow a stack, makes me laugh.

Like you think I care what Mary Jo Kilroy says or does, all I know is I dated a friend of hers for years, we are still friends and I beat Mary Jo 2 of 3 times I faced off against her in Court. And if she had anything to do with my suspension, it would have been on the Down Low and unethical because I never received any complaint from her.

Also, I see you still haven't sent me an email Bill, so I won't move for a restraining order. The difference is, this blog I leave open to the public.

But go ahead, try me on it, My Friend.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing for my Senate Testimony tomorrow, while you finish work on your Ph.D, Playa-hatin'-Dumb bunny.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


Bill you are wrong again. I have two sisters. I might have written that I wasn't going to see my sister in TX, certainly not that I don't have a sister in TX, fool.

That is all.

-The KingCaster

PS: It's okay for you and Ditmar to change your minds about things but not me? Remember I was praising Kelly Ayotte on 5/11 and I most definitely was not sour on Bruce McKay initially. My views on all of that changed once I saw his history and reviewed the totality of his actions on 5/11 and on other occasions, including the 7 or 8 SOP violations.

My history, even if you were to assume that the State of Ohio didn't railroad me, is wholly irrelevant, that's what you can't get through your numb skull.