14 October 2009

KingCast iPhone observes: Flaherty, Yoon, Flynn and King practice politics of inclusion; decry Menino's divisive monarchy rule.

All four of these men came together to make it clear that it is time for a change, despite the fact that Mel King previously supported Mayor Menino. King now believes the Mayor has failed the city in a most crucial way: A dereliction of its children -- Boston's most valuable resource.

They did not shy away from the racial divisiveness that in many ways continues to cripple Boston at an almost innate level at times, and Councilor Flaherty derided Mayor Menino for his recent public statement that there was no racial tension in Boston. He then reiterated his position noted in this 29 September 2009 KingCast YouTube post:
"This Adminstration has only two (2) people of color in cabinet level positions. My cabinet will reflect the true face of Boston."

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