25 October 2009

KingCast, the iPhone and the Kawasaki 650R present: Fall in New England, part deux.

It was a fine, fine day, basically just riding the 650R around decreasing-radius curves of the Fellsway and through Greater Boston all day. I actually ran into Mayor Menino and his driver, who pulled up beside me and we rapped for a bit about stuff, 'nuff sed about that, no need to tell the tools too much :)

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Christopher King said...

The American Motorcyclist Association
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by Richard Ried

"As I heeled the little 650 over into the next bend, following the twists of Engineers Road through the brown hills just south of Julian, California, Karl Edmondson's words echoed in my head.

"We built this bike for the sheer enjoyment of riding," said Edmondson, Kawasaki's sportbike product manager, at a press conference earlier that morning. "We started with the rider, not the bike. We studied the rider interface and riding positions to determine what postures instill confidence. It's designed to be fun for people of all ages and all abilities."

He was right. I was having a blast on Kawasaki's newest bike, the Ninja 650R, as the nimble 649cc twin happily carved its way through the mountains, responding eagerly to a twist of the throttle or a push on the tubular 'bars.

And thanks to the bike's neutral riding position, my wrists and back weren't screaming bloody murder like they would after a few hours on a full-bore sportbike."


KingCast say: Ride quick, not hurt.

Anonymous said...

hey nigger what's with ripping off pictures of other peoples bike and Saab

Christopher King said...


What in the hell are you talking about?

Note that I still post your worthless, hate-filled drivel even though I am by no means required to do so by any law.

-The KingCaster