02 October 2009

KingCast applauds WKXL 1450 Concord radio for airing Casey Sherman talk on "Bad Blood" release.

The folks at WKXL inform me as follows:

It might air today at 2pm and then again at 6pm on WKXL 1450 AM and 103.9FM. Or listen live on WKXL 1450.com... However, the producer/host has not yet downloaded the file so it may not air today but may instead air on Monday (2pm and 6pm).

You can download the WKXL MP3 right here; it starts off with veteran retired LE Brad Whipple describing how and why he told Franconia police officials to fire Bruce McKay a long time ago, no edits:
"He was a rogue in every sense to other law enforcement and to people, particularly young men and women... the weak, the ones that hurt.... and anyone in law enforcement who says he's one of them, is getting on the wrong side....the investigation needs to be reopened, the wound needs to be washed out, it needs bright lights, sanitized, sterilzed and the truth be known."

I'll give you a synposis of the book and why I wrote it and turn it over to these men who really worked the case.... many more supporters of Liko Kenney than there were of the officer in this case... Liko Kenney should have been allowed to give his defense in a court of law, Greg Floyd robbed him, his family and the people of Franconia of that."

I discussed the Michael Paulhus case as a parallel and the missing ethics complaint against Bruce McKay as well as the 7 OC Spray and pursuit violations, and the knife to the privates involving Ms. B.

Here's a KingCast segment I captured last night on YouTube with Casey talking.


Anonymous said...

Is Floyd out?

Christopher King said...


As noted in this post the other day I could not verify that Floyd has been released.

I telephoned both area courthouses.

I cannot explain how someone might have allegedly seen him, either.