12 October 2009

KingCast and Brad Whipple say Chronicle show soft-pedals the issues in "Bad Blood" review.

First off the segment did not mention the FACT that Casey Sherman called for further investigation into this case.

The segment does not show Bruce McKay's tire tracks or address the 7 OC Spray and Pursuit Protocols that Bruce McKay violated even though local media (Littleton Courier "McKay clearly violated policy") recognized these violations. Look at those tire tracks and read the policies here.

In the segment: "Not long after the incident, Floyd was cleared," says the narrator. Yah, like 24 hours later guys. Come on just say it. You can't clear a simple assault in 24 hours, much less a complex double homicide case.

Further, the show did not document any of Bruce McKay's history of complaints and transgressions as I have linked repeatedly. Then Mark Taylor, interviewed says "Most people who didn't like him were violators of the law."

What about his peers on the Fire Department, huh? Were they violators of the law?

Of course veteran Franconia and Sugar Hill Officer Brad Whipple had told Taylor to fire Bruce McKay 5 years before the tragedy. Watch him say as much in this KingCast YouTube video.

Sherman states that Liko Kenney "Ran him over twice" but that is not what Caleb or Greg Floyd Jr. said at p.745 of the investigative materials. Read more. The show did not mention the crucial windshield bullet that Casey documented in his book, noting that Veteran Franconia Officer Brad Whipple and I took him there, but at least one could see it, however briefly.

Sherman claims that McKay was a 2003 Model of Restraint -- Brad and I vehemently disagree. The show did not play the video where Liko Kenney properly stated, "You cannot keep me here without good cause," Brad points out in the YouTube videos in this post.

The story did not mention other Fox Hill cases thrown out by Judge Cyr because of Constitutional (Fourth Amendment) violations: You cannot block egress without probable cause, and being in a suspicious place is not probable cause. McKay asked Judge to go easy on Liko because of the Unconstitutional Nature of the 2003 arrest.

The story mentions "conspiracy theories" and 7 seconds of missing audio but that is not the real battle. The real battle is over the MISSING SOUND from the back seat mic, so one cannot hear the Floyd gunshot sequence.

there was no mention of all of the felony and drug history surrounding Gregory Floyd that Kelly Ayotte willfully concealed for no legal reason. Read it here. Also no mention of the drug cocktail he was on, and his delusional statements about "43 kills" for the government.

But what would I expect from a station affiliated with WMUR (Hearst). That's okay, throughout my correspondence with the show's producer I figured they would not get into the nitty gritty, so I'm not disappointed, even though I helped source photos from Davey and Michele that they were going to use. Brad and I will continue with the nitty-gritty and you can hear our interpretation of the facts on TouchFM.org, stay tuned for dates and times.

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Christopher King said...

A comment from the YouTube vids:

"Thank you for posting this, probable cause is everything in situations like this . I have complete respect for officers - however this officer went too far. In history the kid requested not only why he was pulled over (must be provided when requested), and this time requested another officer. My God - he was just a kid. I'm sorry for the officer's child/families - but what was he thinking?"

Anonymous said...

"You can't clear a simple assault in 24 hours, much less a complex double homicide case."

Nothing complex about to anyone else BUT you. The kid shot the cop in the back and ran him over, WTF is so hard for you to understand about that.

Anonymous said...

He was an adult 24 years old not a kid.

Christopher King said...

To the folks still seeking an honest and thorough review:

Brad and I are scheduling interviews and other multimedia presentations as I write this. Details at a time appropriate.

Best regards,

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

7:09 and 7:10

You are quite wrong, Bruce McKay was shot in the side, read the investigative files.

Regardless, Liko deserved a TRIAL to EXPLAIN why McKay's actions put him in fear of his life, and we don't need Kelly Ayotte LYING to Attorney Burbank and to the World public about Floyd's actions, got it pal?

Also, at 24 Liko was a kid compared to Bruce McKay, (twice his age) who was VIOLATING SOP like the SOB he was.

What are you now telling me that McKay was NOT violating SOP?

The Littleton Courier wrote that McKay "clearly violated" the protocol.


Anonymous said...

Are you really going to argue semantics of where he was shot, the officer had turned his back to the kid who shot him. If your contention/argument is Liko deserved a trial, what abut the cop he shot? Are you saying he didn't deserva a fair trial, it seems to me the kid decided to be judge and jury himself that day and you sir can't have it both ways. You also have no problem passing judgements on people when you yourself are a suspended attorney in contempt of court from what I have read. Considering you were also indicted for a class B felony in New Hampshire a few years ago I don't think you have any place making such issues about SOP violations, especially when no one from Franconia Police Department or the NHAG's office ever stated that the officer violated any SOP. You are an angry bitter man and that is how you come across continually. I don't blame Mr. Sherman one bit from distancing himself from you. One has to wonder what is the real motivation for this former officer Mr. Whipple to publicly trash a fallen fellow officer.

Christopher King said...


You attack me but you have nothing to say about Brad Whipple. This is known as an ad hominem argument.

Yes I was indeed indicted under the same corrupt Kelly Ayotte administration that lied and refused to allow me to come before the Grand Jury as I had offered, so you better get your facts straight on that.

And all charges were, what's the magic word.... DISMISSED.


Of course nobody said that McKay violated SOP because they were covering for him, but he clearly violated those processes that are designed to de-escalate situations.

"Do not use OC Spray without warning or when people may feel trapped because they may act out violently" is in the damn SOPs what part of that did you miss dude?

There was absolutely no report or investigation into the propriety of the stop, and if that doesn't bother you then I don't want you carrying a gun and a badge, dude.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


Oh, I see Casey "distancing himself" from me by inviting me to his book launch next week and by thanking me in his book and noting that I have had my victories despite a major media that disdains me, because I call them on the mat.

Whatever dude keep on picking at Brad Whipple, and anyone else who dares to question the Franconia coverup.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

hey why ya stretchin the truth about Brad Whipple
Russian Intell Officer
dats like 44 years ago durin da cold war and whilst you was still a seed in ya daddys sack.
ya ol pal
anonymous boy

Anonymous said...

Christopher King said...
"Yes I was indeed indicted under the same corrupt Kelly Ayotte administration that lied and refused to allow me to come before the Grand Jury as I had offered, so you better get your facts straight on that.

And all charges were, what's the magic word.... DISMISSED."

No your case was Nolle Prossed, not dismissed.
A 'dismissal" is what the word implies - the charge is dismissed and it 'goes away.' WHEREAS when a charge is Nolle Prossed it means only that the prosecutor (for whatever reason) declines to prosecute it. The charge does not 'go away' and the Nolle is entered in the records as the disposition of the charge. The terms are NOT synomymous.

If you have documents that are issued by a judge who heard the case and dismissed it feel feel to post them and I will apologize in your blog.


Anonymous said...

Kenney was facing a Felony charge for fleeing what part of that don't you understand. he would have been charged with a Felony for being in possession of a concealed weapon...the list goes on of other charges as well, all which you don't understand. EXACTLY what I would expect from someone who doesn't have any respect for the law or court decisions.
Attorney Pope proved he was more intelligent than you and he is legally practicing law because he made the right decision, he didn't run like you.

According to you the world is a conspiracy against you, how many times have you accused me of being bought off by the man.

I don't need to have a badge to carry a gun, and I have had a PPLTC for over 35 years.

Your brand of "justice" can be viewed by anyone who reads the lies you spew forth in this blog and everywhere else you post. You are a BIG man behind a computer, to bad in real life you are more of a girly girl than Rebecca.

Christopher King said...


Oh, it's Bill.


Thought you were "through with me" yet you keep on coming back and I keep on making you look stupid.

Your schtick is an old one, Bill, pop a Ritalin and focus my child:

1. Did Kelly Ayotte lie to Harold Burbank when she said "all witness statements were consistent?

Yes, she did lie. To the extent that the stories were consistent, they contradict the Official Report, as Casey noted in the YouTube video. Thanks for allowing me to point that out again.

2. Look at her legacy and Right to Know violations.

3. Was there any analysis of the Constitutionality or propriety of the second traffic stop, based on the town's own protocol or Brendlin v. California?

No, there was not.

4. Did Bruce McKay make his own peers uncomfortable and threaten them, and did the Police Department fail to take action?

Yes and Yes.

5. Facing a felony charge is not as bad as being dead, you idiot. And after the jury reads the protocol that McKay clearly violated (as your meathead self refuses to admit) Liko would have likely copped a pass on that, you tool.

Sam took a different route and I'm cool with that.

Now I'm the big man behind the computer and in front of lecture halls:

Whether you like it or not Bill, I am coming into the realm of public influence. I have Senate testimony tomorrow, a certain University has emailed me to conduct a Franconia presentation before the ENTIRE Criminal Justice program and I have a radio show coming.

As such, I have MORE INFLUENCE than most licensed attorneys. Eventually I will earn more money and pay my fees off.

Then you will still trash talk, but even less people will care.

I don't know if you're bought off or just stupid (and I really don't care) but you STILL haven't given the World any reason why you accuse me of misleading you before you wrote and I edited "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and people can see that, so you panic and keep writing me and I keep handing your behind to you each and every time. Same thing with Mary Jo Kilroy, I beat her 2 out of 3 times as an AAG and in private practice, and the only reason I lost the 3rd time was a protective Judge that granted Summary Judgment to protect her.


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

He-heh facing a felony charge?

Nope, under Brendlin Caleb still has a Constitutional violation under the Fourth Amendment, excessive force, Monell, 42 U.S.C. 1983 -- I know a little bit about that have successfully sued under it when I allegedly didn't know what I was doing in Ohio.

Isreal v. Hamilton.

Later hater.


Christopher King said...

1:17 Bill

Bill, the State backed out of the case in such a way that I could not sue them for the bullshit that they had set forth.

It never would have happened if that lying dirtbag prosecutor -- fired under an ethics investigation -- had granted my request to come before the Grand Jury, read it right here and weep, Bubba:

And as I told you in the comments to this post, which contains the hot links:


Nol-Pross, dismissed, same difference dude they will NEVER bring those charges back and don't forget, it was not I -- but rather Kelly Ayotte and her buddies who ran like puppies that peed themselves after I stood through voir dire, ready to go to trial and that's a FACT.

As to your Topix postings, I see that the main hangout for you idiots "King bash here" was REMOVED after I wrote them and informed them that y'all were being defamatory.

So keep on posting there, and I'll keep on posting here, opening my radio show and speaking to a giant lecture hall before Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays.

-The KingCaster

PS: And the prosecutor and police chief in on the indictment were both what?

Fired, with former NH AG John Arnold affirming Marty Dunn's termination (read all about Dunn in this post) and the prosecutor taking a powder pursuant to what?

An ethics investigation. Read the Concord Monitor, you jackass.


Christopher King said...


There's no Truth-Stretching on Brad, he's still got a security clearance higher than 99% of the U.S. population, and he is still heavily-involved in International politics and he is trusted and respected.

What he DOES NOT have, is a checkered past, littered with civilian and professional complaints, like Bruce McKay.

Remember, even Franconia Fire Department folks complained that Bruce McKay threatened them and that they were disappointed with Franconia PD for not doing a damn thing about it.

Read it again, fool.

Why Casey does not discuss any of this, it is not my issue. Brad and I are going to discuss it though, and in turn so will thousands of other people in the Criminal Justice field.

Peace Out, My Friend.