21 October 2009

Hey KingCast, what will you talk about today on your TOUCH 106.1 FM segment?

See: justiceforjason.org. Here's the teaser about this horrific case:
"In today's KingCast cases segment Mr. King will address legislation designed to protect renters from unsafe living conditions and the UMass altercation in which two white non students harassed and attacked a black student in his own dorm building. One of the white men wasn't even charged with a crime, while the black student is facing up to 30 years for defending himself with a pocket knife."

I might add that today I verified with Jason Vassell's attorney David P. Hoose that:

a) The State never even charged his assailants John Bose and Jonathan Bosse with malicious destruction of property (they broke his window from the outside before they rushed inside the door to attack him) or criminal trespass even though he did not invite them in and they were not UMass students. They were heavily drinking (probably drunk but alas not charged with public intox) and, unlike Vassell, they have criminal records;

b) He agrees that this is a Castle Doctrine case that never should have been brought in the first place. Read MGL 278 8A here. Jason Vassell was sitting at home, minding his business when two drunken, angry white men broke his window and then entered his building and hit him, breaking his nose. He counters with a pocket knife and now faces an assortment of charges that potentially total 30 years in prison.

Judge Carhart ordered several years of racial data released but the Prosecutor appealed that to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court demanded further findings.

I have a call pending to District Attorney Scheibel's office; she is attending meetings in Boston today so I will post up when she returns my call.


Folks, Racism is not part of the Franconia shooting tragedy (YouTube video), in my estimation. Similarly, racism is not part of the abuses sustained by the tenants in Gloucester who lived in that uninspected, unlawful building, prompting me to conceive S 8013 "Robert Taylor's Law" legislation (YouTube video) forwarded by Bruce Tarr (r).

But racism sure is at play here. Lieutenant Thrasher (his real name) opined of Vassell on the night in question "I think he is a drug dealer... you gonna get a story out of this asshole... what does this donkey say?" but at least Sergeant Moore was rational enough to say "There's more to this.... There's a hate crime involved." In any event, Jason Vassell was not a drug dealer, he was a tutor and community volunteer.

It will be interesting to see the election challenge for County DA, with the Republican racist incumbent (in my opinion) Elizabeth "Betsy" Scheibel, facing a challenge from Hampshire County Probate Chief David E. Sullivan, a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama -- who will be in Boston on Friday. I'll say this: If the situation were reversed and two black men did what these white men did they would have both been vigorously charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and had the book thrown at them.

KingCast and TOUCH 106.1 FM: We'll tell you what mass media won't.


Christopher King said...




Chapter 278: Section 8A. Killing or injuring a person unlawfully in a dwelling; defense

Section 8A. In the prosecution of a person who is an occupant of a dwelling charged with killing or injuring one who was unlawfully in said dwelling, it shall be a defense that the occupant was in his dwelling at the time of the offense and that he acted in the reasonable belief that the person unlawfully in said dwelling was about to inflict great bodily injury or death upon said occupant or upon another person lawfully in said dwelling, and that said occupant used reasonable means to defend himself or such other person lawfully in said dwelling. There shall be no duty on said occupant to retreat from such person unlawfully in said dwelling.

Christopher King said...

* must believe that the intruder intends to do serious harm;
* must believe that the intruder intends to commit a felony;
* must not have provoked the intruder or threat of harm;
* may be protecting himself or any other within the residence; and
* may need to announce his presence and intention to retaliate.

In all cases, the occupant must legally be in the residence, and the intruder must be there illegally. Additionally, Castle laws may extend these rights to a workplace, car, or other residence where the occupant is legally.

In some states, the Castle Doctrine provides complete immunity, including from future civil suits brought forth by the intruder and/or the intruder's family


[KingCast note: I do not believe that there is complete immunity in Mass, have to look into that one but at a minimum, this is a sham prosecution, remember Mike Nifong???]

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is some profoundly biased coverage, a cartoonish send-up of what really happened.

The two guys weren't trespassing: they were signed-in to stay in a friend's dorm room. Vassell didn't call the cops and had no reason to confront them in the dorm room lobby. Vassell put on a mask to disguise his identity before coming out with a knife and an iron. He caused enough damage to send both those guys into emergency surgery.

Yeah, they were drunk and said some bad words. That doesn't give Vassell the right to stab them.

This case will NEVER go to court: Vassell's lawyers are just angling for a better plea bargain. Mark my words.

Christopher King said...


Let's see here... you left out a few things, like the BROKEN WINDOW, for starters.

Said some bad words... what KIND of bad words.... you mean racial epithets and taunts to fight, is that what you're talking about?

Who said they were signed in to a friends' room?

Drunk and said some bad words maybe doesn't give Vassell the right to stab them you are right.

But rushing him when the door is opened to allow Vassell's friend in, and breaking his nose, yah that gives him the right to defend himself with a pocket knife, you betcha.'

And oh, you say they were drunk, why weren't they CHARGED with PUBLIC INTOX.


And does any of this make Lt. Thrasher's attitude permissible?

Is that you, Lieutenant?


-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...


"The two men, according to their later statements, drove from Milton (they were not UMass Amherst students) to attend a party in their friend's dorm earlier that night. They left the party drunk around 4am in search of two female friends living on the upper floors of Vassell's dorm, whom they had arranged to stay with earlier that night."

Oh, yeah, they broke a window, said hateful things, and Vassell nearly killed them. There's a video showing Vassell waiting in the lobby for a full ten minutes. There's no retreat to his dorm room, or an inner room (there are two security doors) and he didn't call the police.

These are FACTS. He'll plead out.

Christopher King said...

Even if those FACTS are as you say, you make legal conclusions that excuse you buddies behavior, and you fail to address the blatant racism of Lieutenant Thrasher.

You yourself BOLD the fact that these tools -- with PRIOR RECORDS and that's a FACT -- caused the entire scenario.

And you ignore the FACT that they ran in the door and struck FIRST, you stupid tool.

He will plead out, just like I did.


So cute, you defending these hatemongers. And you know damn well if black boys pulled that same stunt they would be fully prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the "Law."


Christopher King said...


What do you call a Jamaican immigrant, student tutor, community volunteer with no criminal record, working hard to better himself?




* Those are your friend's words, Lieutenant "Thrasher"

"Trasher" is more appropriate, ruining the name of plenty of good Law Enforcement officials.

Christopher King said...

Plus, I love this bullshit you say:

"according to their later statements....."

Yah, just like Gregory Floyd and HIS "later statements."

Watch the video on the lower right with Casey Sherman talking, all of which was already proved on this blog.

You are a complete tool.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Wow, man, you are out there.

Good luck with your blog. I won't be back again until the day that Jason pleads out for a reduced sentence. Then I'll just write "told you so" but you'll probably block it anyway.

Christopher King said...


I post all of your worthless drivel, don't worry.

And if he does plead to anything, the fact remains it's because the bigoted Prosecutor built about 40,000 ham sandwiches for him and sought indictments on all of them, some people get scared and take a plea against that wall of oppression.

Once again, fool: If I get a black friend of mine and go do to a white boy what happened to Jason, we would be up underneath the jail and you know it.

I'm "out there?"

Screw you pal, I stood tall and went through voir dire when the bigots in New Hampshire came after me and they ran away like a puppy that peed itself, and that's a FACT.

So there, fool.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


I'm "out there" for disbelieving these "later statements" when they leave out material issues like being invited to the building by someone else?

You must have been smoking that same stuff Gregory Floyd was selling back in the day, you know that PCP-laced marijuana.

Christopher King said...

Those "later statements" that came out at trial indicated that they knew someone in the building but she was asleep and there was no specific invite for them to come in.

No witnesses recounted them ever even asking to get into the building to meet them.

Just sayin'

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Also, soon I will post the audio from this segment as well as the Judge's second order noting that the video supports the version of facts set forth by the Defense.