14 October 2009

Hey KingCast, "What do your 42 U.S.C. 1983 victories for Michael Isreal in 1998 have to do with Casey Sherman's 'Bad Blood?'"

Well as I say, Civil Rights Law is a complicated area that I know my way around pretty well, despite what some say about my legal acumen, he-heh..... It's important to be experienced in successfully litigating and prepping these kinds of cases for Attorneys like Friedman and Gilbert when I was in law school before you comment on them.

Here then, is Isreal v. Hamilton. Before an all-white jury reviewing the fate of a black man, I won the traffic/assault/resisting case and settled the Federal case after that.

My point here is that some tool I schooled in this post wrote me to say that Liko Kenney would have been facing felony charges for fleeing from Bruce McKay out of his fear. I wrote him back in this seminal YouTube post about the Chronicle show to tell him that Bruce McKay would have been facing Constitutional challenges under Brendlin v. California for his treatment of Caleb Macaulay, and in fact Caleb has until 5/11 2010 to file such charges. I don't think that he will, only because he's so injured by the entire event, but the case can certainly be made.

Remember the best documentary film ever? Read the KingCast classic posts "Thin Blue Line #1" (from 27 May 2007) and "Thin Blue Line #2." I know a certain set of students and faculty/administration is reading them right now, details to follow.

Read the comments for more about Kelly Ayotte and the Franconia "investigation" but any tool can look at the picture and see that Gregory Floyd started shooting at Liko Kenney's car WELL BEFORE he ever spoke to him, LOOK AT THE PLACEMENT OF THE SPENT CASINGS and remember the windshield bullet, therefore Try Gregory Floyd for Murder.


Christopher King said...

From a response to the tool:


Oh, it's Bill.


Thought you were "through with me" yet you keep on coming back and I keep on making you look stupid.

Your schtick is an old one, Bill, pop a Ritalin and focus my child:

1. Did Kelly Ayotte lie to Harold Burbank when she said "all witness statements were consistent?

Yes, she did lie. To the extent that the stories were consistent, they contradict the Official Report, as Casey noted in the YouTube video. Thanks for allowing me to point that out again.

2. Look at her legacy and Right to Know violations.

3. Was there any analysis of the Constitutionality or propriety of the second traffic stop, based on the town's own protocol or Brendlin v. California?

No, there was not.

4. Did Bruce McKay make his own peers uncomfortable and threaten them, and did the Police Department fail to take action?

Yes and Yes.

Christopher King said...

For the students and lecturing professor:

Look at the Kelly Ayotte Deviations from accepted protocol, not even a full list, just from the top of my head.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

I'll be dead and buried long before you EVER school me in anything. As far as whupping me I've survived cancer and everything else GOD has thrown my way it will be a cold day in hell before you ever whup me but you keep telling yourself that, because you are the only one who believes your crap.

OBVIOUSLY your head is so firmly planted up your ass you haven't noticed NO ONE responds to your blawg or your posts in any forum. That's why you took your dog and pony show to another state.

Don't forget to tell those students you are a suspended attorney in contempt of an Ohio Supreme Court Order, you were indicted for a felony in NH that is still on your record, and have been terminated from most of the jobs you have held since 2002.

(F)ranconia(U)uninterested CKING

Anonymous said...

I see a judge dismissed the case in regard to the Lorraine building today.

Christopher King said...

3:46/Bill, who is still busy being "done with me."

Bill have you EVER won a criminal civilian trial?


Have you ever settled a 42 U.S.C. 1983 case?


Have you ever had LE found to have made your client a victim of violent crime?


Have you defeated Mary Jo Kilroy 66% of the time in court skirmishes?


I have done ALL of those things and more My Friend, so odd that I allegedly didn't know how to effectively practice law in Ohio, not that the complaints came from any of my clients.


Anyway, I missed you today at the Senate hearing, where I conversed with Mass AG Martha Coakley and State Rep Renny Cushing, Senator Bruce Tarr and the entire Judiciary panel. You said you might come up, but then I knew you were full of dookie as always.

Nobody cares Bill, yet Brad and I are about to speak before about a thousand people and my blog averages close to 200 hits a day during the week. Not huge, but decent considering that I don't promote it.

My suspension has been duly-noted in my own KingCast short film, I've hosted on line for 2 years now you idiot, and in my bio I delve into the actual circumstances surrounding it. Soon I will upload the bit from the disciplinary hearing where I ask that certain conservative black jurist what I did that was unethical and he had NO ANSWER.

I have no qualms about telling anybody anything about being indicted by a lying Ayotte administration and her cronies but that bit about being fired from most of my jobs is complete crap Bill.

You are on hater-filled man and you need to seek some help, bro.


Try Gregory Floyd for Murder.

Your own words, bro, and about the ONLY intelligent thing you have ever said or written.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

Oh, I almost forgot Bill:

Do you have anything of SUBSTANCE to say about the four points I made in the top of the comment section?

Hell no, as usual.

You get soooo upset with me you never stay on point and I so worry about your mental, emotional and physical health My Friend.


Christopher King said...


Yes it was dismissed Bill, and there will be an appeal. This is what I told the Gloucester Times because the Defendant produced no evidence that they ever had any inspections done on this rental property.

Here is some video from today's Senate Hearing.


Yes we plan an appeal on the breach of contract and promissory estoppel claims given the clear mandates from the high court's body of decisional law that you have repeatedly referenced in Times storie. We don't know how the court could have applied that law in a manner to find that the defendants were not liable in contract for providing an uninspected building to tenants

I am here now to testify on S 8013 to make certain more innocent people are not harmed by unscrupulous landlords

Joint statement from Ana Crnilovic, Esq. and Christopher King, JD.

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