11 October 2009

Hey KingCast did Franconia Fire Chief Flanders and Firefighter George Whitcomb feel threatened by Bruce McKay?

Yes they did. As the letter reads,
"I felt threatened by your Officer and still feel the same way....I feel let down by the Franconia Police Department."
-Franconia Firefighter

Funny no mainstream media has published this letter but it is highly relevant to understand how and why so many people feared Bruce McKay as a totally rogue cop. A "rogue, classic bully hiding behind his badge," according to a Fish and Game Supervisor. Read the Bruce McKay legacy post and listen to veteran Franconia/Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple discuss the fact that he told Franconia to fire Bruce McKay five years before 5/11.

PS: Did you know that NH LE wants standard testing results held private? Why is that? We pay these officers to carry guns, knives, and give the discretion to kill using our money. Brad Whipple and I agree that some of these records, such as those presented here in redacted form regarding Bruce McKay, should be published and open records.

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