28 October 2009

Citibank provides no videos to MCAD on case no. 09BPA02502 as KingCast prepares today's TOUCH 106.1 FM radio segment.

UPDATE: Hahahaa....12:52, spoke with MCAD and guess what, NO VIDEOS.

So they brag about the videos they have to my lawyer (in a letter I naturally filed with MCAD) then they fail to deliver any video whatsoever to substantiate their position.

Yep, I knew this would happen when I set up this post two days ago. No videos despite this 29 June 2009 promise from their lying, scumbag corporate counsel Attorney Benjamin Velella:
"What we will do is respond appropriately when you seek the legal redress that you have threatened to pursue."

Benjamin D. Velella
Vice President and Senior Counsel

....they indeed have not responded appropriately because they know they are a bunch of lying, scumbag racist pigs, just as my citibank blog suggests. Here's a hint Counselor: Getting off on the wrong foot with MCAD is deleterious to your client's best interests.

To remind everyone of what Citibank claimed and my lawyer's response:
MCAD 09BPA02502.

"Please be advised that we do have video from the South End Branch from March 24 that captures interaction between staff and your clients and have also taken statements from the affected employees."
"Sir, I couldn't care less about the self-serving employee statements. The proof is in the video from that day and all other days that you have maintained and that the court will compel you and your client to produce."

One would think they would have their act together to produce these videos, since they've only had about 4 months to do so since their lawyer wrote mine back on 18 June, 2009 and bragged about them ;)

I'll take these dirtbags for a ride they will never forget.


Christopher King said...

I'm about 99% certain that MCAD will now find probable cause and then there will be local attorneys lining up to take the case, or I will push it myself through MCAD, whichever.

I've seen it all before, dirtbag corporate counsel thinking they can lie and cheat their way through the legal system, then I trip them up with their own lies and they have to pay.

This is exactly why I became so despised in Columbus, Ohio -- you won't find a single complaint regarding me from my clients, all from lying corporate scum like Attorney Velella.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

And when I get my Probable Cause and get local counsel, these tools can go ahead and get ready to pay his or her attorney fees too.

That's what they get for being jackasses.

-The KingCaster