01 October 2009

Casey Sherman discusses "Bad Blood" with retired area officer Brad Whipple and KingCast pt.1

This is Author and investigative reporter Casey Sherman (recall: A Rose for Mary/Boston Strangler investigations) discussing his new book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" with retired area LE Brad Whipple, who successfully performed Franconia and Sugar Hill rotations without major incident or citizen complaint.

In one of the videos recorded this evening at Concord New Hampshire's Gibson's bookstore, he notes that he told Bruce McKay's Franconia police superiors that he should be fired and discusses some of the reasons why. I'll post that in Due Course. The three of us said a lot of things that the viewers and store staff are thinking about right now, of that I am certain.

For now, enjoy Casey Sherman and his commentary regarding Kelly Ayotte's investigation of Gregory Floyd vis a vis Mr. Floyd's contemporaneous statements under investigation. Says Sherman, after discussing the 43 kills Floyd claims to have made for the government:
"Floyd may have wanted to feel what it felt like to kill somebody, here was an opportunity to do it....." whereupon he continues to discuss how Floyd told Caleb to pick up Liko's gun and "kept on urging him to pick up the gun..."

Whereupon Floyd would have murdered Caleb Macaulay and then he could have told any kind of tall tale he desired and got away even cleaner than he did.

As to Floyd, remember that lying under an investigation is a crime in and of itself, specifically RSA 641:3 Unsworn Falsifcation (read it here) as Ayotte predecessor Peter Heed pointed out in the Manchester Catholic Diocese investigation.

And speaking of Peter Heed, you know that his "Officer Deadly Force Protocol" Section IV Policy E(9)(e) that I reviewed pursuant to my litigation proves that the clothing of all individuals should have been maintained for testing. Yet when I asked for the results of the testing that would have proved muzzle-to-target range and when and where and who shot the windshield bullet and other things, Kelly Ayotte told me that there were no tests. You can read more right here. Time for an independent lab to come in and test that clothing.

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Christopher King said...

Time to start picking the posts to go to Washington. This is one of them, along with the windshield bullet post linked herein.

Here is another with the pictures of the spent casings that shows Floyd started shooting from much further away than he claims.

And here is her 15 May 2007 email to Attorney Harold Burbank, in which she completely lies and writes that "all of the witness statements were consistent as to Floyd's actions."

As Mr. Sherman and I discussed -- and will discuss again next Wednesday -- Even Gregory Floyd's own statements were not consistent, and his son said the Liko Kenney's car did not strike Bruce McKay untial AFTER his daddy shot the car, at pdf p745 of the investigative files.

Also the summary of investigative interviews must be included.

And then too there are the military and police record documents about Gregory Floyd that Kelly Ayotte intentionally did not release that proved he lied on 5/11 about his background and show his criminal background in much greater detail.

Then we'll throw in a copy of "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" authored by a retired JAG attorney after he read all of the salient investigative files (many of which I hosted online unlike the major media), this introductory letter and the list of complaints about Bruce McKay over the years and the (7) OC Spray and Pursuit policies that were never analysed by Franconia or Kelly Ayotte, and there you have it.

Welcome to the Senate race Kelly Ayotte. By your lies, deceit and continued refusal to reopen this case, you have shown that you've already left the Human Race.
Time for a fresh set of eyes.

-The KingCaster