20 September 2009

Touch FM, Tito Jackson and Kevin McCrea attend Academy Homes Community Party, Yoon, Flaherty, Menino conspicuous by their absence.

Boston Councilor-at-Large candidate TIto Jackson and Mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea -- and no other Mayoral Candidate -- were in attendance at today's Second Annual Academy Homes Community Party.

Tenant's council president Abass Dieng, explained that there are five areas within the community involved -- Academy Court/Academy Terrace/Slayton Way/Weaver Court/Weaver Way, and the whole point is to have people from diverse backgrounds meet and enjoy each other's company.

"We're fostering community integration," he says. Pictured l-r are President Dieng, Property Manager Migna Colon and Community Organizer Katie Provencher from Urban Edge.

To me, growing up as one of the only black children in Cleveland Heights community integration and sharing was what life was all about. My family was very active in the block parties and that's a large reason why I take people as individuals regardless of race, ethnicity or religion, etc. until or unless they treat me or someone else unfairly. Then, and only then do you start to unpack possible racial or other unlawful or unreasonable discriminatory issues.

I know Boston Mayoral candidate feels the same way and that feeling is reflected in the diversity of his company. He's got blacks and Asians in actual decision-making capacities, unlike folks like Sam Yoon, whose cabinet of advisers is the same old same old white upper middle class, Mercedes-driving folks, none of whom even get out in the streets to actively campaign in many of Boston's neighborhoods.

This point was made quite emphatically by people in attendance yesterday -- including a U.S. Marine (still waiting on his benefits mind you) as you can see in this video:
"I don't see Sam Yoon out here.... I don't see anybody else out here....."

Kudos to Touch FM for co-hosting this event, and to Ray Diamond for singing.

You've got a good voice and you reach for your vocals well my brother.

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