17 September 2009

KingCast sees Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and friend waiting for Justice.

Chuck's hearing was delayed and rescheduled today because his lawyer has a murder case that went to Jury. When the hearing resumes it will hopefully address the Unconstitutional Gag Order ((Gag (out of) order by Globe Columnist Kevin Cullen) the State is trying to put him under, same as the BS that Derrick Gillenwater went through until Chuck and I got the ACLU involved and they -- by and through Proskauer Rose et al -- wrote Supreme Court briefs and the underlying case settled. Newbies just visit dennerlaw.blogspot.com and kevinbarronesq.blogspot.com to see what's up. Barron is still up on charges of heroin smuggling at the Walpole Prison, but we haven't heard squat about THAT lately, Good Lord. Also read the Harvard-sponsored Citizen Media coverage.

Also, from my experience as an NH NAACP Legal Chair I know what's it's like to be wrongfully accused of a crime and have the State run away with its tail between its legs when you stand firm through voir dire. Innocent until proven guilty is the legal maxim that applies, I believe.....

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